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Collect enough of a representative tissue subsample from the weighed plant tissue to fill a quart-sized plastic bag. Submit sample to a plant analysis lab for total nitrogen (N) and dry matter analysis.

Percent total N for plant tissue typically ranges from 0.5% to 5.5%. If your value falls outside of this range, call your lab for clarification.

We discourage using table values or rough estimates in place of lab results, as tissue N concentration can vary widely within a single plant species.

Go to "Tissue Sampling Instructions" for more information on how to prepare and submit plant tissue samples for analysis.
Percent Nitrogen (N) in Dry Plant Tissue (from lab results)
    Percent Dry Matter (from lab results)    
    Total Nitrogen in Plant Tissue (lb N/acre)    
     Plant Available Nitrogen if Plant Tissue is Incorporated into the Soil (lb N/acre)