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***2013 Small Grain and Grain Legume Report***

Program Description

The Extension Cereals program for northern Idaho is based at the University of Idaho, Research and Extension Center at Moscow. The purpose of the program includes the following:

Evaluate and report cereal and grain legume cultivar performance and adaptation for existing and new cultivars for both agronomic and quality characteristics,

Evaluate and report management trials concerning production and marketing of grains,

Provide training and support to county Extension educators, agri-business personnel and grain producers,

Develop new educational information and delivery systems to assist the cereal industry,

Provide support to state and private breeding programs.


Contact Information:

The Northern Idaho Research and Extension Variety-Trial Program funding comes from federal and state sources which are supplemented by grants provided by the Idaho Wheat Commission, Idaho Barley Commission, Idaho Pea and Lentil Commission and private companies.



Kurtis Schroeder
Cropping Systems Agronomist
Phone (208) 885-5020


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