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Idaho Alfalfa and Forage Conference Proceedings

The Idaho Hay and Forage Association

The University of Idaho

Monday, February 26, 2007

Table of Contents  


Exhibitors and Sponsors

Emerging Issues with Forages in the Northwest

Glenn Shewmaker, University of Idaho; Steve C. Fransen, Washington State University; Mylen Bohle , Oregon State University;

Alan Gray, University of Wyoming; Dennis Cash, Montana State University

Idaho Alfalfa Variety Trials 2006

Glenn E. Shewmaker, University of Idaho; Greg Blaser, BYU-Idaho; Ron Roemer, University of Idaho

Recent Advances in P Fertilizer Technologies Polymer Coatings and Avail Technology

Terry A. Tindall, J.R. Simplot Company

Production of Rain-fed Alfalfa

S. Dennis Cash , Montana State University; David M. Wichman, Central Montana Agricultural Research Station

Baled Hay Sampling Protocol

Ron Thaemert, University of Idaho

New Developments in Forage Testing

Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin 

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Handling Manure on Forage Crops

Michael Russelle, USDA-ARS-Plant Science Research Unit

Grasses for Hay and Pasture

Devesh Singh, Barenbrug USA , West Coast Research Center

Annual Forage Production in Drought

S. Dennis Cash, Montana State University; Lisa M.M. Surber, Montana State University;

David M. Wichman, Montana State University

Silage Quality and Pricing

Dan Undersander, University of Wisconsin