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To The

2007 Idaho Alfalfa and Forage Conference

Red Lion Hotel, Canyon Springs, Twin Falls , Idaho

26-27 February, 2007


On behalf of the planning committee, we welcome you to this gathering of the state’s leaders in alfalfa and forage production. This conference will start with an emphasis on alfalfa and forage crop management and conclude on the second day discussing corn and other forages.  Our objectives are 1) to extend research information; 2) provide continuing education on forage fertility; forage pests, weeds, and diseases; alternative forages; and how to select corn hybrids; 3) learn from producers and consumers about effective ways of producing and using forages; 4) give an opportunity to the forage-related industries to provide information about equipment, products, and services they can provide; and 5) provide opportunity for the Idaho Hay & Forage Association to inform everyone about regulatory, political, and business issues affecting agriculture.


We express our appreciation to the speakers who provide this excellent program and proceedings. These people have generously taken the time to share their knowledge with you. We are also thankful to the many sponsors and exhibitors of the conference. Their contributions have made it possible to keep registration fees low and provide a quality program!

This is truly a cooperative effort between the Idaho Hay & Forage Association and the University of Idaho Extension System .

 Welcome to the 2007 Idaho Alfalfa and Forage Conference!

 Program and Planning Committee

Idaho Hay & Forage Association Board of Directors:

Glenn Meyer, President

Michael L. Larson, Vice President

Dennis Strom, Secretary/Treasurer      

David Olson, District II

Darren Sponseller, District IV

Ken Means, Director at Large

Jim Blanksma, Director at Large

Don Hale, Director at Large

Dan Safford, IDA Ex-officio

Glenn Shewmaker, U of I Ex-officio

RickWaitley, Executive Director


University of Idaho :

Glenn Shewmaker, Extension Forage Specialist

Steve Hines, Lincoln County Extension Educator

Ron Thaemert, Blaine County Extension Educator

Cindy Kinder, Camas County Extension Educator