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Research reports

Extension publications

Trade publications

Technical tips


Research Reports

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Extension Publications

Selected University of Idaho Publications


Economic Feasibility of Growing Colorado Spruce in Northern Idaho

Marketing Nursery Stock  

Nursery Production: Overview  

Planning Your Business

Specialty Farming in Idaho - Is it for Me?

Specialty Farming in Idaho - Selecting a Site

Christmas Trees


Christmas Tree Marketing 

Christmas Tree Production: Is This Crop for You? 

Developing High Quality True Fir Christmas Trees

Growing Christmas Trees in the Pacific Northwest (ordering info)

Managing Weeds and Vegetation in Christmas Trees


Fertilizer Primer: Terminology, Calculations, and Application

Fertilizing Landscape Trees  

Liming Materials

Nutrients Plants Require for Growth

Quality Water for Idaho: Nitrate and Groundwater

Soil Sampling

General Care


Roses—Care After Planting

Using Bark & Sawdust for Mulches, Soil Amendments, & Potting Mixes

Winter Protection for Containerized Nursery Stock  


Water Conservation in the Landscape 

Watering Home Lawns and Landscapes   

Lawns and Turf

Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Northern Idaho Lawns  

Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Southern Idaho Lawns 

Starting a Home Lawn 

Thatch Prevention and Control in Home Lawns

Pests, Diseases, and Disorders

Bacterial Wetwood and Slime Flux of Trees

Beneficial Organisms Associated with Pacific Northwest Crops

Controlling Deer Damage in Idaho Horticultural Crops and Gardens

Controlling Iron Deficiency in Idaho Plants

Controlling Sunscald on Trees and Shrubs  

Management of White Pine Weevil in Spruce  

Weed Control Methods for Perennial Crops

Plant Selection


Black Cherry

Black Walnut

Choosing Nursery Stock for Landscaping, Conservation, Reforestation

Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes (ordering info)

Landscaping and Utilities: Problems, Prevention, and Plant Selection  

Native Plants from Northern Idaho

Plant Materials for Landscaping

Roses—Types, Selection, and Environmental Requirements

Specialty Flowers: Dry Flower Production


Layering to Renew or Multiply Plants 

Propagating Deciduous and Evergreen Shrubs, Trees, and Vines

Propagating Plants from Seed

Success with Very Small Seeds  

Transplanting Native Seedlings


How To Prune Coniferous Evergreen Trees

How to Prune Deciduous Landscape Trees   

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Trade and Research Publications

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Technical Tips


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