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 NTRC > Starting a Nursery

 Thinking about starting a nursery?

The ornamental nursery industry in Idaho has proven highly successful and generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually for the state economy. Enterprises range from production and sales of flowers and other bedding plants to large trees. Production nurseries and greenhouses tend to be localized in several regions, but can be found throughout the state.

As with any enterprise, however, starting and operating a wholesale or retail nursery carries risks. Before investing in land, buildings, equipment, or plants, develop a business plan for your intended operation. Carefully evaluate your intended market. Determine if you have the technical skill and capital to start and run a nursery until it is self-supporting. Ensure that you will have adequate, affordable, and suitably skilled labor to run the operation successfully.

Talk to other nursery and landscape professionals. The Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association is an excellent source of information on the nursery industry in Idaho and holds regular meetings and conferences where you can visit with successful nursery professionals. For those in Bonner and Boundary Counties, consider contacting the Kootenai Valley Nursery Growers. You may also contact a nursery specialist at the University of Idaho.

Here are some resources to help you get started on the planning process.

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