Enter Soil Test Results  (0-12 inch of soil)          Enter Yield Goal and Cover Crop            
    Nitrogen (N) soil tests are not required for alfalfa         Yield Goal (ton/acre)  
    Excess Lime %       Enter approximate amount of grain residue
              returned to the soil before planting (tons/acre)            
    Phosphorous (P) (ppm)        
    *Based on NaHCO3 extraction/Olsen method          Nutrient Recommendations            
    Potassium (K) (ppm)                     
    *Based on NaHCO3 extraction/Olsen method          Nitrogen application rate (lb N/acre)      
    Zinc (Zn) (ppm)       *The N recommendation is intended for crop establishment only          
    *Based on DTPA extraction method         Phosphorous application rate (lb P2O5/acre)      
    Iron (Fe) (ppm)                    
    *Based on DTPA extraction method         Potassium application rate (lb K2O/acre)      
    Manganese (Mn) (ppm)                    
    *Based on DTPA extraction method         Zinc application rate (lb Zn/acre)   -    
    Boron (B) (ppm)                    
    *Based on hot water extraction method         Iron application rate (lb Fe/acre)   -    
              Manganese (lb Mn/acre)   -    
              Boron (lb B/acre)   -