Enter Soil Test Results  (0-12 inch soil depth)        Enter Yield Potential & Grass to Alfalfa Ratio     
    Nitrogen (N) tests are not reccomended for pastures       Yield Potential (tons/acre)
    Phosphorous (P) (ppm)       What is your grass to alfalfa ratio?
    *Based on NaHCO3 extraction method or Olsen Method                  
    Potassium (K) (ppm)             
    *Based on NaHCO3 extraction or Olsen method         Nutrient Recommendations      
    Sulfate (S) (ppm)                
    *Based on Calcium Phosphate extraction method         *Nitrogen Application rate (lb N/acre)  
    Boron (B) (ppm)                
    *Based on hot water extraction method         Phosphorous application rate (lb P2O5/acre)  
              Potassium application rate (lb K2O/acre)  
    *For grass pastures, split the total nitrogen rate into two or three separate applications. Apply one third to one half of the nitrogen in early spring, one third to one half in June, and the remainder in late August. For alfalfa-grass pasture systems, apply two thirds of the nitrogen in early spring and one third after the hay crop is removed.                 
          Sulfate application rate (lb SO4-S/acre)  
          Boron application rate (lb B/acre) -  
    *Applying Nitrogen at rates of 160 lb/acre or higher at one time to a pasture can cause nitrate toxicity issues in cattle.