Submit Soil Test Results for 0-12 Inch Soil Depth     Submit Yield Goal and Previous Cover Crop        
    Excess Lime %           Potential Yield (cwt/acre) *required      
    Ammonium - N (ppm)           Enter approximate amount of grain,straw          
                  or mature corn stalk added to the soil (tons/acre)      
    Nitrate - N  (ppm)          

                  Enter the approximate amount of alfalfa added to the soil.        
    Phosphorus (ppm)           Select light, medium or heavy incorporation.
    Potassium (ppm)                     
                  Nutrient Recommendations         
    Calcium (ppm)                    
                  Total Nitrogen (Ib N/acre) to  
    Magnesium (ppm)                    
                  Preplant N (lb N/acre) to  
    Sulfate (ppm)                    
                  In season N (lb N/acre) to  
    Zinc (ppm)                    
                  Phosphorus (lb P2O5/acre)       
    Manganese (ppm)                    
                  Potassium (lb K2O/acre)      
    Boron (ppm)                    
                  Calcium (lb Ca/acre)      
    Soil Texture (required for nitrogen)
                  Magnesium (broadcast) (lb Mg/acre)      
    Nitrogen supplied in irrigation calculation       Magnesium (banded) (lb Mg/acre)      
    Nitrate in irrigation water (ppm)           Sulfur (lb SO4S/acre)      
    Inches of water irrigated           Zinc (broadcast) (lb Zn/acre)      
    lb N/acre supplied           Zinc (banded) (lb Zn/acre)      
                  Manganese Neutral to acid soils broadcast (lb Mn/acre)      
                  Manganese Calcerous soils banded or foliar (lb Mn/acre)      
          Boron (lb B/acre)