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Managing Nutrients for CORN production

Nutrient Management for Field Corn Silage and Grain

Nitrogen and Corn


Nitrogen sufficient corn (left) and nitrogen deficient corn (right). Kimberly, ID. August, 2012. Amber Moore, University of Idaho.



Nitrogen deficient corn leaf. Parma, ID. July, 2012. Amber Moore, University of Idaho.


Phosphorus and Corn


Phosphorus deficiency in corn. Phosphorus deficient plant showing purple discoloration on leaves advancing along the leaf margins (IPNI).


Potassium and Corn

  • Stevens, G., Motavalli, P., Scharf, P., Nathan, M., and Dunn, D. (2002). Crop Nutrient Deficiencies & Toxicities. Plant Protection Programs College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. Published by MU Extension, University of Missouri, Columbia.

Kdefcorn    Kdefcornleaf

Potassium deficiency in corn. Potassium deficient corn plants exhibit chlorosis along the leaf margins and tips of the older leaves. This spreads from the tip to the base then turns to necrosis. In severe cases, the leaves appear dry and scorched along the edges and tips (Left). Potassium deficient leaf showing marginal chlorosis and necrosis starting from the leaf tip (RIght) (IPNI).


Secondary and Micronutrients and Corn

Bdefcorn Cudefcorn

Boron deficiency in corn--symptoms showing in young leaves in corn (Left).Copper deficiency in corn (Right) (IPNI).


Fedefcorn Fedefleafcorn

Iron deficiency in corn. Iron deficient corn plant. Deficiency symptoms first appear on younger leaves while older leaves remain normal (Left). As Fe deficiency persists, prominent green veins fade and become light green to pale yellow (Right) (IPNI).


Zndefcorn      Zndefcornleaf

Zinc deficiency in corn. Zinc deficient corn compared with Zinc sufficient corn (Left). White to yellow bands begin at the base of the leaf. The midrib and leaf margins remain green. Close-up of leaf showing the symptomatic white band (Right) (IPNI).


Mndefcorn       Mgdefcorn

Manganese deficient corn plant. Pale green young leaves with pale yellow interveinal chlorosis (Left). Magnesium deficiency in corn. Lower leaves showing reddening or browning of leaf tips and margins (Right) (IPNI).


Cadefcorn   Sdefcorn

Calcium deficiency in corn. Youngest leaves remain rolled and joined together at their tips (Left). Sulfur deficiency in corn. Pale green upper leaves and darker lower leaves (Right) (IPNI).


Tillage Practices and Corn

Manure and Corn