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Recent Publications & Resources

BQA – Components of Superior Cattle Handling Facilities > PDF
Well-designed and effectively run cattle-handling facilities help to decrease cattle injury, illness, and death; ensure high-quality beef; and improve consumer perceptions of the beef cattle industr . . . . . more details

BQA – Feedstuff Guidelines > PDF
Beef producers must document the safety of their product by keeping accurate records of the feedstuffs they use in their operations, including records of pesticides being applied to feed crops. This . . . . . more details

BQA – Guidelines for Culling Beef Animals > PDF
Having a plan for identifying cull animals is key for maintaining a safe and healthy cow herd. This publication explains how to identify animals that should be removed from the herd, when to cull th . . . . . more details

Pacific Poison-oak and Western Poison-ivy: Identification and Management > PDF
Pacific poison-oak and western poison-ivy are both native to the Pacific Northwest. All parts of these plants contain urushiol, an oily toxin that can cause an allergic reaction of contact dermatitis. . . . . . more details

Pregnancy Testing in Beef Cattle > PDF
Pregnancy testing in beef cattle is a tool to optimize heifer management and can identify candidates for culling or removal from the herd. Some methods of pregnancy detection can also provide addition . . . . . more details

Applying Adaptive Grazing Management > PDF
Grazing management requires flexibility to adapt to ever-changing climatic conditions, and changes in grazing management for public lands may be required because of endangered or threatened species. I . . . . . more details

BQA – Cattle Processing and Injection Site Management > PDF
Successful beef producers know that beef quality assurance requires keeping cattle healthy throughout their lives. Since cattle can get sick, preventing and treating disease means processing cattle . . . . . more details

BQA – Guidelines for Calving Management > PDF
Good calving management practices can increase animal health and beef product safety by reducing the need for antibiotics and other pharmaceutical treatments. This publication discusses numerous hel . . . . . more details

BQA – Guidelines for Preconditioning and Weaning > PDF
Preconditioning calves involves a number of practices that prepare calves for the next production phase and includes acclimating calves to a new diet, vaccinating and weaning calves, and teaching th . . . . . more details

BQA – Proper Euthanasia for Cattle > PDF
Termination of an animal's life should be taken seriously and done in the most humane manner possible. This brief publication discusses making euthanasia decisions, methods of proper euthanasia, and . . . . . more details

BQA – Record Keeping > PDF
Keeping accurate records on a consistent basis is important for maintaining beef quality assurance and a healthy herd, and to protect a beef operation from litigation regarding drug residue. This pu . . . . . more details

Conservation Tillage in a Winter Wheat - Fallow System, Ron Jirava (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
Ron Jirava's approach to conservation tillage helps his farm to remain economically viable. Learn more in this farmer-to-farmer case study. 20 pp. Authors: Georgine Yorgey, Kristy Borrelli, . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Alfalfa Variety Testing Report > PDF
Thirty-three varieties of alfalfa were field-tested in in U of I Extension variety trials conducted in northern Idaho during 2013–2016 crop seasons. The variety trials were located in cooperators’ fie . . . . . more details

Planning and Implementing Cross-boundary, Landscape-scale Restoration and Wildfire Risk Reduction Projects > PDF
This guide describes the process the Klamath-Lake Forest Partnership (KLFHP) has used to plan and implement cross-boundary restoration projects to achieve improved forest health conditions on large la . . . . . more details

A Field Guide to Grasses and Grass-Like Plants of Idaho
Grasses and grass-like plants are key to the productivity, function and diversity of Idaho's rangelands, wetlands and forests. Learn to identify almost 100 plant species and understand the value of th . . . . . more details
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Bio-swales for Natural Stormwater Treatment > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from roads, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces in urbanized areas. Bioinfiltration swales offer a natural stormwater treatment solution in many are . . . . . more details

Elements & Principles of Design > PDF
Created to be part of a 4-H art curriculum, this informational card will provide a continuous visual reference for both youth and adults learning about visual art. The Elements & Principles card provi . . . . . more details
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Ethanol in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Ethanol: Where does it come from? How is it used? Learn the background of ethanol as a transportation biofuel and the important role it plays in the PNW. 19 pp. Authors: Noelle M. Hart, Kea . . . . . more details

Freezing Fruits and Vegetables > PDF
This publication describes how to freeze fruits, vegetables, and juices, and how to refreeze frozen foods. Includes freezing fruit without sugar, with ascorbic acid, in syrup, and packed in sugar; and . . . . . more details
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Highway Districts Protecting Clean Water > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from roads, including tire wear dust, drips of oil and other fluids, and plastic trash that’s tossed aside. But Idaho's Kootenai County regional highway dis . . . . . more details

Urban Forests and Protecting Lakes and Streams > Video
Urban Forests have a large positive impact on stormwater pollution and volume. In this University of Idaho Extension video, we will explore how cities' street trees can absorb pollution and slow down . . . . . more details

Urban Greenspaces for Clean Water > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from parking lots and other impervious surfaces in urbanized areas. Greenspaces offer an opportunity to filter and treat stormwater through natural processe . . . . . more details

Protecting Streams and Lakes in Idaho: A Landowner's Guide > PDF
“Riparian” lands along the edges of lakes and rivers are home to many plants that, together, act as a buffer and first line of defense to protect local waterways and lakes. This brochure-style guide d . . . . . more details
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Rattail Fescue: Biology and Management in Pacific Northwest Wheat Cropping Systems > PDF
Mitigating rattail fescue has become easier: this publication addresses this increasingly common weed in Pacific Northwest cropping systems. Authors: Drew J. Lyon, Daniel A. Ball, and Andre . . . . . more details

Contribution of Agribusiness to the Magic Valley Economy, 2013 > PDF
Agriculture in the Magic Valley has grown from family farmsteads into a giant agribusiness industry, providing jobs for the valley’s residents and food for national and international markets. In 2013, . . . . . more details

Deficit Irrigation of a Diverse Irrigated Rotation: Jake Madison (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
In our Farmer-to-Farmer Cast Study Series, explore innovative approaches that regional farmers are using to increase their resilience in the face of a changing climate. In this case study, . . . . . more details

Strip-tillage for Onions and Sweet Corn, Lorin Grigg (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
Lorin Grigg grows onions and sweet corn under sprinkler irrigation in Quincy, Washington. In this publication, Grigg discusses his strategy for cover cropping to protect seedlings from windblown sand . . . . . more details

Teff Grass for Forage: Nitrogen and irrigation requirements > PDF
Teff is an ancient grain, made popular recently as more growers turn to teff for its high yields of high-quality hay. New research outlined here shows that teff requires less nitrogen fertilizer and i . . . . . more details

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