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pdf order publication Alfalfa Nematodes in Idaho
order publication Alfalfa Stem Nematode
pdf Best Management Practices for Constructing Sand-based Athletic Fields for Football and Soccer
pdf Best Management Practices for Maintaining Sand-based Natural Grass Athletic Fields
pdf Clover Root Curculio in Alfalfa: Identification, Biology, and Management
pdf Double-Cropped Winter Forages
pdf Idaho Forage Handbook (third edition)
pdf Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Alfalfa
pdf Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Grass Pastures
pdf Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Grass Seedings for Conservation Programs
pdf Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Legume and Legume-Grass Pastures
pdf Nutrient Management for Field Corn Silage and Grain
pdf Nutrient Management Guide for Dryland and Irrigated Alfalfa in the Inland Northwest
pdf order publication Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest
pdf Performance of Forage and Conservation Grasses in Northern Idaho
pdf Performance of Perennial Forage Legumes in Northern Idaho
pdf Predicting Alfalfa Hay Quality in Southern Idaho
pdf Procedures for Planting Dryland Grasses for Small Acreage Landowners in Southeastern Idaho
pdf Proper sampling (coring) of hay bales and stacks
pdf Sampling the Moisture Content of Alfalfa in the Windrow: A New Tool Helps
pdf Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Irrigated Alfalfa
pdf Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Irrigated Pastures
pdf What Are Your Forages Worth?
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Contact Information:

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Bannock County Extension Office J Reed Findlay (208) 236-7354
Blaine County Extension Office Lauren Golden (208) 788-5585
Butte County Extension Office Charles Cheyney (208) 527-8587
Elmore County Extension Office Mir-Mohammad Seyedbagheri (208) 587-2136
Franklin County Extension Office Stuart Parkinson (208) 852-1097
Gooding County Extension Office Cindy Kinder (208) 934-4417
Idaho County Extension Office James Church (208) 983-2667
Lincoln County Extension Office Carmen Willmore 208-886-2406
Owyhee County Extension Office K. Scott Jensen (208) 896-4104
Parma Research and Extension Center James Barbour (208) 722-6701