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  eXtension Personal Finance: National Extension Resource
FCS Family Economics
Idaho Personal Finance
Latah County Extension Personal Finance
Legally Secure your Financial Future
Madison County Extension Family Finance
Southwest Idaho Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Educators
Talking with Your Family About End of Life Decisions

Publications Available:


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order publication Credit Cents Curriculum
web page Credit Cents: Making Sense of Credit, Debt, and Identity Theft
cd/dvd/software order publication Dollar Decisions (Decisiones de Dinero) Curriculum in English and Spanish
pdf order publication Dollar Decisions: Making a Spending and Saving Plan
pdf order publication Dollar Decisions: Tracking Income and Expenses
pdf Farm or Business Succession Planner
pdf Helping Older Family Members Handle Finances
pdf Letter of Last Instruction: Everybody Needs One
pdf order publication Making Financial Decisions When Divorce Occurs: An Idaho Guide
cd/dvd/software order publication Retirement Ready?
pdf order publication What To Do When Your Income Drops
pdf Your Financial Action Plan for Retirement
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Other Resources:

  eXtension - Investing for Your Future
Facebook: UI Extension, Personal Finance
Financial Security in Later Life
Idaho Financial Literacy Coalition
My Money -- US Federal Government educational website
National Endowment for Financial Education

Contact Information:

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Bear Lake County Extension Office Sharlene Woffinden (208) 847-0344
Bingham County Extension Office Marnie Spencer (208) 785-8060
Coeur d'Alene Extension Reservation Program educator vacant (208) 686-1716
Eastern District Office Barbara Petty (208) 529-8376
Jefferson County Extension Office Lorie Dye (208) 745-6685
Jerome County Extension Office Lyle Hansen (208) 324-7578
Latah County Extension Office Karen Richel (208) 883-2241
Lemhi County Extension Office Katie Hoffman (208) 756-2815
Madison County Extension Office Luke Erickson (208) 356-3191