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  Idaho Landscapes and Gardens
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Publications Available:


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order publication Choosing Nursery Stock for Landscaping, Conservation, and Reforestation
pdf order publication Fire-Resistant Plants for Home Landscapes
pdf Hardy Roses for Harsh Climates
pdf Herbaceous Ornamentals: Annuals, Perennials, and Ornamental Grasses
pdf How To Prune Coniferous Evergreen Trees
pdf Idaho Plant Quarantines and the Home Garden: Understanding the Laws
pdf Landscaping and Utilities: Problems, Prevention, and Plant Selection
pdf Landscaping with Native Plants
pdf Leaf Spot of Aspen and Poplar
pdf Management of White Pine Weevil in Spruce
pdf Ornamental Grasses for Idaho Landscapes
pdf order publication Plant Materials for Landscaping
order publication Propagation of Plants by Grafting and Budding
pdf Selecting, Planting, and Caring for Trees, Shrubs, and Vines
pdf Trees for Southwestern Idaho Landscapes: Selection and Irrigation
order publication Water Conservation in the Landscape
pdf order publication Watering Home Lawns and Landscapes
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Contact Information:

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Ada County Extension Office Susan Bell (208) 287-5900
Canyon County Extension Office Ariel Agenbroad (208) 459-6003
Canyon County Extension Office Dian Roberson 208-459-6003
Elmore County Extension Office Mir-Mohammad Seyedbagheri (208) 587-2136
Franklin County Extension Office Stuart Parkinson (208) 852-1097
Twin Falls County Extension Office Tony McCammon (208) 735-4417