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  Identification Keys for Insect Pests in Pacific Northwest Field Crops
Pacific Northwest & Treasure Valley Pest Alert Network
UI Pest Management Center

Publications Available:


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web page 2015 Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook
pdf order publication Alaska Field Guide to Potato Pests and Beneficial Insects in English and Russian
pdf Barley Thrips Biology and Control
pdf order publication Biology and Management of the Potato Tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest
pdf Boxelder Bug: Nuisance Management for Homeowners
pdf Cereal Leaf Beetle
pdf Clover Root Curculio in Alfalfa: Identification, Biology, and Management
pdf El control de polillas: Las Bolas de Naftalina y Otros M
pdf Encouraging Beneficial Insects in Your Garden
pdf Fall Pest Problems of Winter Wheat
pdf Haanchen barley mealybug: a new pest of barley emerges in Idaho
pdf order publication Homeowner Guide to Bees
pdf Homeowner Guide to Centipedes and Millipedes
pdf order publication Homeowner Guide to Minor Stinging Insects
pdf Homeowner Guide to Pillbugs and Sowbugs
pdf Homeowner Guide to Scorpions and Their Relatives
pdf order publication Homeowner Guide to Spiders around the Home and Yard
pdf order publication Homeowner Guide to Yellowjackets, Bald-Faced Hornets, and Paper Wasps
pdf Identification and Habits of Key Ant Pests in the Pacific Northwest
cd/dvd/software order publication Identification Keys for Insect Pests in Pacific Northwest Field Crops
pdf Identifying the Corn Blotch Leafminer
order publication Keys to Damaging Stages of Insects Commonly Attacking Field Crops in the Pacific Northwest
pdf Large Raspberry Aphid (Amphorophora agathonica)
pdf Large Yellow Underwing: A New Cutworm in Idaho
pdf order publication Lesser Bulb Flies on Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest
pdf Management of White Pine Weevil in Spruce
pdf Managing Boxelder Bugs Around Your Home
pdf Mothballs: Proper Use and Alternative Controls for Clothes Moths
pdf Natural Insecticides
pdf Organic Management of Flea Beetles
pdf Potato Tuberworm: A Threat for Idaho Potatoes
pdf Sugar beet root aphids: identification, biology, and management
pdf Tuxedo Bug: A New Home-Invading Insect in Idaho
pdf Using Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Crop Insect Pest Control
pdf Wasp and Hornet Control
pdf Western Corn Rootworm in Eastern Oregon, Idaho, and Eastern Washington
pdf order publication Wireworm Biology and Nonchemical Management in Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest
pdf Wireworms in Idaho Cereals: Monitoring and Identification
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Contact Information:

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Ada County Extension Office Susan Bell (208) 287-5900
Franklin County Extension Office Stuart Parkinson (208) 852-1097
Parma Research and Extension Center James Barbour (208) 722-6701
University of Idaho Boise - Idaho Water Center Ronda Hirnyck (208) 364-4046