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Publications Available:


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web page order publication 2014 Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook
pdf Alaska Field Guide to Potato Pests and Beneficial Insects in English and Russian
order publication Annual and Perennial Sowthistles
pdf Aquatic Vegetation Management and Control
order publication Biological Control of Mediterranean Sage
pdf order publication Collection and Redistribution of Biological Control Agents of Rush Skeletonweed
order publication Common Crupina: Biology, Management, and Eradication
pdf Costs of Yellow Starthistle Management, The
order publication Dyers Woad: Biology, Distribution, and Control
pdf Eptam for Weed Control in Potatoes
pdf Eurasian Watermilfoil
pdf Field Bindweed Convolvulus arvensis L.: Convolvulaceae
pdf Gorse
pdf Hawkweeds
pdf order publication Herbicide-Resistant Weeds and Their Management
order publication Hoary Cress and Related Whitetops
pdf order publication Idaho's Noxious Weeds 2011 Control Guidelines
pdf order publication Idaho's Noxious Weeds, 6th edition
pdf Integrated Management of Feral Rye in Winter Wheat
pdf Integrated Management of Jointed Goatgrass in the Pacific Northwest
pdf Integrated Weed Management in Dry Edible Beans
order publication Johnsongrass
pdf Jointed Goatgrass Best Management Practices: Intermountain Region
pdf Knotweed Shrubs: Identification, Biology, and Management
pdf order publication Management of Goats for Controlling Noxious Weeds: A Primer
pdf Management Strategies for Preventing Herbicide-Resistant Grass Weeds in Clearfield Wheat Systems
pdf Managing Russian Thistle Under Conservation Tillage in Crop-Fallow Rotations
pdf Matrix in Weed Management Systems for Potatoes
pdf Meadow Deathcamas in the Pacific Northwest
pdf order publication Mustards in Mustards: Guide to Identification of Canola, Rapeseed, and Related Weeds
pdf Nightshade: Biology and Control in the Pacific Northwest
pdf order publication Outlook Herbicide for Weed Control in Potatoes
pdf Oxeye Daisy
pdf Paterson's Curse (Echium plantagineum) in the Pacific Northwest
pdf Puncturevine
pdf Purple Loosestrife
web page Purple Starthistle and Iberian Starthistlle
pdf Rattail Fescue: Biology and Management in Pacific Northwest Wheat Cropping Systems
pdf Rush Skeletonweed
web page pdf Scotch Broom
pdf Scotch Thistle
pdf Squarrose Knapweed
pdf Strategies to Minimize the Risk of Herbicide-Resistant Jointed Goatgrass
pdf Strategies to Minimize the Risk of Herbicide-Resistant Jointed Goatgrass
order publication Sulfur Cinquefoil
pdf Weed and Vegetation Management in Christmas Trees
order publication Weed Control in Lawns
order publication Weed Control in the Home Garden
pdf Weed Control Methods for Perennial Crops
pdf Western Waterhemlock in the Pacific Northwest
pdf White Bryony
pdf White Campion or White Cockle
pdf Wild Carrot
order publication Wild Chervil
order publication Yellow Nutsedge
pdf Yellow Toadflax and Dalmatian Toadflax
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Contact Information:

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Aberdeen Research and Extension Center Pamela Hutchinson (208) 397-4181
Ada County Extension Office Susan Bell (208) 287-5900
Elmore County Extension Office Mir-Mohammad Seyedbagheri (208) 587-2136
Lemhi County Extension Office Shannon Williams (208) 756-2815
Owyhee County Extension Office K. Scott Jensen (208) 896-4104
Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences Timothy Prather (208) 885-9246
Plant, Soil and Entomological Sciences Mark Schwarzlaender (208) 885-9319
Twin Falls County Extension Office Gary Fornshell (208) 735-4419
Twin Falls Research and Extension Center Don Morishita (208) 736-3616
University of Idaho Boise - Idaho Water Center Ronda Hirnyck (208) 364-4046