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Food and Nutrition


  All about food thermometers
Child Care Mealtime & Active Play
Diabetes Plate Method
Evaluating Nutrition Information
Extension Nutrition Program
FCS Food Safety
FCS Nutrition Education
Feeding Young Children in Group Settings
Germ City
Southwest Idaho Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Educators

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pdf 4-H Home Food Preservation Series: Boiling Water Canning Project Manual
pdf 4-H Home Food Preservation Series: Drying Project Manual
pdf 4-H Home Food Preservation Series: Freezing Project Manual
pdf 4-H Home Food Preservation Series: Pressure Canning Project Manual
cd/dvd/software order publication Balanced Living
pdf order publication Big Game from Hunt to Home
pdf order publication Canning Fruits
pdf order publication Canning Meat, Poultry, and Game
pdf order publication Canning Seafood
pdf Canning Smoked Fish at Home
pdf order publication Canning Tomatoes and Tomato Products
pdf order publication Canning Vegetables
pdf Controlling Stored-food Pests in the Home
pdf order publication Drying Fruits and Vegetables
cd/dvd/software order publication Feeding Young Children in Group Settings - All four videos.
pdf order publication Freezing Convenience Foods
pdf order publication Freezing Fruits and Vegetables
pdf order publication Harvesting and Storing Fresh Garden Vegetables
order publication Healthy Diabetes Plate Curriculum
pdf order publication Home Freezing of Seafood
pdf Keeping Bones Strong with Calcium, Vitamin D, and Physical Activity
pdf order publication Making Jerky at Home Safely
pdf Options for Storing Potatoes at Home
pdf order publication Pickling Fish and Other Aquatic Foods for Home Use
pdf order publication Pickling Vegetables
pdf Queso Fresco Hecho Saludable
pdf order publication Queso Fresco: Fresh Cheese Made Safely
pdf order publication Salsa Recipes for Canning
pdf order publication Smoking Fish at Home-Safely
pdf order publication Storing and Treating Emergency Home Water Supplies
pdf Storing Food for Safety and Quality
pdf order publication Using and Caring for Your Pressure Canner
pdf order publication You Can Prevent Foodborne Illness
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Contact Information:

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Ada County Extension Office Barbara Abo (208) 287-5900
Ada County Extension Office Maria Schuetz (208) 287-5920
Bannock County Extension Office Tracey Green (208) 236-7308
Bannock County Extension Office Audrey Liddil (208) 236-7310
Bear Lake County Extension Office Sharlene Woffinden (208) 847-0344
Bingham County Extension Office Marnie Spencer (208) 785-8060
Boundary County Extension Office Carol Hampton (208) 267-3235
Canyon County Extension Office C. Shawn White (208) 459-6003
Cassia County Extension Office Grace Wittman (208) 878-9461
Eastern District Office Barbara Petty (208) 529-8376
Family and Consumer Sciences Sandra McCurdy (208) 885-6972
Franklin County Extension Office Laura Sant (208) 852-1097
Idaho County Extension Office Kirstin Jensen (208) 983-2667
Jefferson County Extension Office Lorie Dye (208) 745-6685
Kootenai County Extension Office Shelly Johnson (208) 446-1680
Latah County Extension Office Karen Richel (208) 883-2241
Payette County Extension Office Joey Peutz (208) 642-6022
Twin Falls County Extension Office Cammie Jayo (208) 735-4410
Twin Falls County Extension Office Rhea Lanting (208) 735-4416
University of Idaho Boise - Idaho Water Center Ronda Hirnyck (208) 364-4046
University of Idaho Boise - Idaho Water Center Martha Raidl (208) 364-4056