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Farm/Enterprise Budgets Publications & Resources

Beekeeping Equipment Expenses: Woodenware and Other Components > PDF
Woodenware for a typical honey bee colony includes vertically stackable boxes with removable frames, a bottom board, lid and a queen excluder. The most common design is Langstroth equipment. Langstrot . . . . . more details

Break-even Analysis of Small-Scale Production of Pastured Organic Poultry > PDF
Data from five years of trials at Washington State University were used to compare costs and returns for pastured organic broilers using two strains of Cornish Cross meat birds, the industry standard. . . . . . more details

Business Management Guide for Grazers > PDF
Describes the management process for management-intensive grazing (MiG) as a series of three recurring operations—strategic, tactical, and operational. Provides sample enterprise budgets and informati . . . . . more details

Cost and Returns Baseline for the Dryland Grain Annual Cropping Region of the Pacific Northwest for 2011–2015 with a 2016 Comparison > PDF
How do growers know what to grow — what will be profitable for their operation? This publication provides benchmark estimates for farm-level costs and returns for the dryland crops typically produced . . . . . more details

Economic Feasibility of Growing Wine Grapes in Idaho > PDF
Presents wine grape enterprise budgets for a typical Idaho vineyard and a current economic analysis of growing wine grapes in Idaho. The analysis indicates the typical vineyard would break even in 16 . . . . . more details

Exploring Organic Grain and Forage Production as a Profitable Enterprise for Palouse Farmers > HTML
Demand for organic grain has outpaced actual US grain production in recent years. Yet little is known about organic grain production in the Palouse, likely because it comprises a small portion of tota . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Costs and Enterprise Selection > PDF
This revision covers how to do a general budget analysis for your farm-direct enterprise. Includes how to identify fixed and variable costs and do a breakeven analysis. Author: Larry Lev . . . . . more details

Honey Bee Colony Maintenance Expenses: Supplemental Feed, Requeening and Medication > PDF
Success in pollination, honey production and other aspects of a beekeeping business depends on honey bee health. Strong, thriving colonies require many inputs from the beekeeper, including feed (carbo . . . . . more details

Idaho Environmental/Nutrient Management Program (E/NMP) Basics > HTML
Nutrient management is not a game. It verifies the health of your livestock operation and thus requires a documented plan (called an Environmental/Nutrient Management Program), assembled by a certifie . . . . . more details

Operational Equipment Expenses for a Commercial Beekeeping Operation in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
When developing a business plan for a commercial beekeeping operation, a beekeeper must plan for honey production. Even if other income sources, such as pollination or nucleus/package/queen sales, are . . . . . more details

Pasture Principles for Smaller Acreages > HTML
Ranchettes and small farms are cropping up in rural landscapes across Idaho, spurring demand for information on pasture management. This updated publication addresses the most common concerns (scripti . . . . . more details

Revenue Sources for a Commercial Beekeeping Operation in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Pollination services and honey production are the primary revenue sources for a beekeeping business based in the Pacific Northwest. Those starting a beekeeping operation should focus on two to three r . . . . . more details

Selling Logs from Your Property: A Curriculum Package for Educators in the Western U.S. > PDF
Selling logs is one of the most important decisions a landowner can face. This curriculum package for forestry educators brings together consulting foresters, log buyers and loggers to teach participa . . . . . more details

Southern Idaho Dryland Winter Wheat Production Guide > PDF
Wheat is an important crop throughout Idaho, especially in the dryland cropping areas of southern Idaho. However, the region’s rolling landscape with high- wind and water-erosion potential plus low pr . . . . . more details

Spring Annual Forage Hay Production in North-Central Idaho > HTML
Cattle producers in north-central Idaho need quality feed for their herds. But to satisfy that need, you need to do your homework. This publication helps growers and cattlemen understand how to use nu . . . . . more details

Ties to the Land: Succession Planning for Property Owners > HTML
Whether you own a farm, forest or rangeland, you care about your property and what happens to it. That's why you need a succession plan to help guide its transition to future owners. Ties to the Land . . . . . more details

Understanding Budgets and the Budgeting Process > PDF
Budgeting is crucial to a business’ success. This publication helps you navigate this often intimidating task by discussing the four budget types most commonly used by agricultural producers (whole fa . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: Episode 1, Why Trade and What to Trade? > Video
In this episode, we answer two fundamental but very important questions in international trade: why do countries want to trade with each other and how do countries decide what to produce? To explore t . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: Episode 2, World Supply and Demand > Video
In Episode 1, our friend Joe Vandal exports potato chips to Mars and imports memory chips from Mars. What happens if you own a small farm like Roger and produce potato chips for the domestic market? D . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: Episode 3, What is a Trade Deficit? > Video
In this video, we look at an accounting issue: “What is the balance of payments among countries?” We often hear the term “trade deficit” in the news. But what exactly is a trade deficit? Is a trade de . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: Episode 4, Winners and Losers of Trade > Video
This is the last video in the series on “Understanding International Trade: The Basic Ideas.” If you recall in Episode 1, we showed that countries benefit from free trade. So, if trade is good, why ar . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: The Basic Ideas > Video
Welcome to the video series, Understanding International Trade: The Basic Ideas. This video provides a brief overview and introduction to the video series. International trade affects both consumers a . . . . . more details


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