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Nutrition and Health Publications & Resources

Building Healthy Eating Habits through Taste Testing in Early Childcare Centers > HTML
Getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables as part of a healthy practice is difficult, but not impossible. Mostly it’s a matter of introducing these nutritious foods in fun and educational ways. This p . . . . . more details

Canning Timer and Checklist Application > HTML
Select from over 50 popular foods used in home canning—including vegetables, fruits, meats, jams, jellies, pickles, and seafood—to generate a checklist and timer for processing. This app l . . . . . more details

Cranberry Orange Upside Down Spice Cake > Video
In this video, University of Idaho Extension Educator, Laura Sant, demonstrates how to make cranberry orange upside down spice cake. Including fruit in desserts is a great way to infuse some healthy n . . . . . more details

Developing a Pathogen Environmental Monitoring Program for a Food Manufacturing Facility > HTML
Regardless of its expense, food manufacturers should install a pathogen environmental program as part of their facility’s commitment to food safety. No one-size-fits-all regimen exists, however. This . . . . . more details

Fruit Pie Fillings for Home Canning > PDF
Learn how to make home-canned peaches, berries, cherries, and apples for use in pies, sauces, or other desserts in this four-color publication. Along with guidelines for what thickeners to use and boi . . . . . more details

Guide to Using and Caring for Your Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker > HTML
An electric programmable pressure cooker (EPPC) helps you to serve meals in a matter of minutes. Learn how to operate and take care of these versatile, one-pot wonders in this wide-ranging PNW publica . . . . . more details

H20 to Go—Staying Hydrated Safely! > HTML
Because drinking water is a requirement for human survival, it is important to know the basic facts so you can maintain your general health. Along with telling you how much water to drink each day, th . . . . . more details

Healthy Diabetes Plate, 2d edition (38 MB download)
This curriculum trains adults with type 2 diabetes in a simple visual method for planning healthy meals. Who can benefit from using the Healthy Diabetes Plate Method? . . . . . more details
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Holiday Ham and Cheese Quiche > Video
Holiday leftovers are a given, but ham and turkey adapt well into a variety of dishes that will satisfy your family’s appetite. Along with enchiladas or quesadillas, a quiche makes a nutritious and de . . . . . more details

Keeping Bones Strong with Calcium, Vitamin D, and Physical Activity > PDF
Determine your risk factors for developing osteoporosis or other weakened-bone conditions and learn what steps you can take to develop and maintain strong bones. Authors: Marnie Spencer, La . . . . . more details

Making Jerky at Home Safely > PDF

Jerky is a nutritious, nonperishable, and lightweight protein source, but making it requires a lot of care. If done incorrectly, you can poison yourself or others. This publica . . . . . more details


Nurturing Resilience: Interactions are the Heart of Resilience/Las interactions son el corazon del la resiliencia > HTML
One way to nurture resilience in young children is to practice “Serve and Return.” When a child expresses themselves, respond by joining them in an activity and offering encouragement. This practice h . . . . . more details

Nurturing Resilience: Mindful Practices for Resilience/Practicas conscientes parala resiliencia > PDF
Trauma and stress can have physical effects on young children. Learn mindful activities for kids that can help calm the body’s response to stress. El trauma y el estrés pueden resultar en efectos físi . . . . . more details

Nurturing Resilience: Protective Factors for Resilience/Factores protectores de la resiliencia > HTML
Protective factors help children respond to life’s challenges. These factors include supportive relationships, access to quality care and safe places to play. You can nurture resilience by encouraging . . . . . more details

Nutrition for Healthy Aging: Four Key Nutrition Messages for the Older Adult > HTML
Nutrition is key to preventing and managing chronic disease, as well as to improving the quality of your life as you age. This publication offers four important strategies to help you make more nutrit . . . . . more details

Nutrition for Older Adults: Preventing Malnutrition as the Body Ages > HTML
Poor nutrition can cause a cascade of health problems for older adults. This guide lists the nutrients of concern for people over 60—from antioxidants to calcium to water. Learn how eating well . . . . . more details

Roasted Winter Vegetables > Video
Vegetables provide many amazing health benefits and all of us could benefit from including more vegetables in our diets. University of Idaho Extension Educator Julie Buck demonstrates how to make simp . . . . . more details

Sanitizer Basics for the Food Industry > PDF
Cleaning and sanitation are critical to maintaining quality and safety in your food industry operation. This PNW helps food industry operations make cleaning and sanitizing programs part of their cult . . . . . more details

Shelf Life of Food: An Overview > HTML
Food safety is critical, yet surprisingly regulatory bodies do not require shelf-life testing for most products (infant formula being an exception). This bulletin provides all the basics that conscien . . . . . more details

Simplify Dinnertime: A Guide to Make-Ahead Freezer Meals for Electric Pressure–Cooking > HTML
Do you scramble to put something together for dinner after work? Worry no more. With a freezer meal plan in hand and your electric pressure cooker at the ready, you can prepare meals way ahead of time . . . . . more details

Slow Cooking from Start to Finish > HTML
A slow cooker produces a variety of delicious and healthy dishes that saves time, energy, and money. Learn about this versatile kitchen appliance—how to operate it; selecting one that suits your needs . . . . . more details
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There Are Dangers Lurking in Your Flour > PDF
Many don’t realize that raw flour can transmit foodborne illnesses. This PNW publication outlines the risks of flour-based crafts and the steps you can take to keep people safe. Authors: St . . . . . more details


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