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General (Gardening) Publications & Resources

Blossom-End Rot in Tomatoes > HTML
Any gardener gets discouraged when they see a dark, leathery patch develop on the bottom end of their vine-ripened tomatoes. The blemish indicates blossom-end rot, a calcium-deficiency disorder that o . . . . . more details

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Idaho: Seasonal Eating Week by Week > PDF
How to find Idaho food producers who share their crops with subscribers via a program known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is focus of this publication. Some 60 food producers in Idaho offer . . . . . more details

Composting at Home > PDF

To order, please visit our online Marketplace: UI Ext . . . . . more details


Conduct Your Own Garden Research > PDF
Want to know whether a new potato variety yields more than an old standard? This publication explains how to run scientific experiments in market or backyard gardens and interpret your results. Five r . . . . . more details

Designing an Edible Landscape in Idaho > HTML

A successful edible landscape results from good planning, thoughtful design, and regular maintenance. Edible yards can be eye- catching while expanding the capacity for home . . . . . more details


Encouraging Beneficial Insects in Your Garden > PDF
Discusses how to use beneficial insects for controlling garden pests, including how to protect beneficials, create habitat for them, and buy and release them. Includes drawings of common beneficials . . . . . more details

Fertilizing Gardens > PDF
This publication covers organic fertilizers, commercial inorganic fertilizers, application methods, specific elements (iron, zinc, and sulfur), and general tips. Authors: Robert L. Mahler, . . . . . more details

Growing Food Safely in Idaho School Gardens > HTML
This guide is created for teachers, parents, volunteers, school administrators, food-service professionals, and everyone else engaged in youth gardening projects in Idaho. It is meant to serve as a gu . . . . . more details

Growing Peppers in Short-Season, High-Altitude Idaho Gardens > HTML
Peppers are difficult to grow if you garden or farm at high elevations (above 4,000 ft). This publication will help you to improve the odds by choosing the best type of soil; implementing season exten . . . . . more details

Idaho Master Gardener Program Handbook, 19th Edition > HTML

Gardeners throughout Idaho use this basic gardening handbook as their text in the increasingly popular Master Gardener classes. The 25 how-to chapters cover everything from . . . . . more details


Idaho Plant Quarantines and the Home Garden: Understanding the Laws > PDF
What farmers know but many home gardeners are just learning is that the shipping, sale, and planting of some 70 food crop or nursery species in Idaho are governed by state quarantine laws overseen by . . . . . more details

Low Input Landscaping > PDF
Gardening inputs are materials and resources brought in from outside the borders of a yard or garden. This publication shows management strategies that use less of these inputs and how these same pr . . . . . more details

Native Plant Landscaping: Curb Appeal and Low Water Use > HTML
Many property owners don’t fully realize that native plants are economical and effective solutions for use in landscape design, particularly since Idaho’s climate is so weather-dependent. This guide g . . . . . more details

Natural Insecticides > PDF
This publication addresses the common misconceptions associated with products labeled "natural" and "organic," and describes related insecticides intended for home gardening. Categories include biolo . . . . . more details

Organic Management of Flea Beetles > PDF
Flea beetles are common garden pests found throughout the Pacific Northwest. Flea beetle feeding on plants in the Brassicaceae and Solanaceae families can scar foliage and potato tubers, leading to re . . . . . more details

Ornamental Grasses for Idaho Landscapes > PDF
Ornamental grasses are becoming irreplaceable landscape elements in many parts of the United States and are increasingly popular in Idaho. This 6-page publication lists the best grasses for Idaho's US . . . . . more details

Propagating Plants from Seed > PDF

The enjoyment of growing plants can be enhanced by using successful methods. This 20-page booklet covers seed selection, starting plants indoors, planting seeds outdoors, and . . . . . more details


Propagation of Plants from Specialized Structures > PDF
Most plants reproduce from seed, but some—especially those that produce specialized stems, roots, and leaves—grow or multiply from their own parts. Potato tubers or rooted runners generate . . . . . more details

Spring Vegetable Planting Guide for Idaho > HTML
Idaho's diverse climate makes it a challenging place to grow vegetables, so if you’re planning to start a vegetable garden this spring, this planting guide is for you. It provides basic, crucial infor . . . . . more details

Start Seeds Indoors with Success > HTML
Starting plants at home from seed is economical and rewarding. There’s more variety from which to choose, which allows you more flexibility in planning your garden. Part of the Idaho Green Thumb How-T . . . . . more details

Using Soil Test Results For Garden Fertilization - A Guide for Fertilizing Home Landscapes and Gardens in Idaho > PDF
Once home gardeners test their soil, what should they do with the results? This 8-page publication demystifies the numbers on most fertilizer labels—such as 15-15-15 or 21-0-0-24—and helps you to make . . . . . more details


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