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Vegetables Publications & Resources

Blossom-End Rot in Tomatoes > HTML
Any gardener gets discouraged when they see a dark, leathery patch develop on the bottom end of their vine-ripened tomatoes. The blemish indicates blossom-end rot, a calcium-deficiency disorder that o . . . . . more details

Choosing and Growing Adapted Vegetable Varieties > PDF
Recommended vegetable varieties for short-season, high-altitude regions, including cool-season hardy vegetables; cool-season tender vegetables; and tender warm-season vegetables. Authors: S . . . . . more details

Grow Your Own: Beans and Peas > PDF
Describes the types of beans and peas that fare well in the Pacific Northwest and how to grow them. Drawings illustrate a variety of bean and pea supports. Authors: James R. Myers, W. M . . . . . more details

Growing Peppers in Short-Season, High-Altitude Idaho Gardens > HTML
Peppers are difficult to grow if you garden or farm at high elevations (above 4,000 ft). This publication will help you to improve the odds by choosing the best type of soil; implementing season exten . . . . . more details

Growing Tomatoes in Cool, Short-Season Locations > PDF
Part of the short-season, high-altitude gardening series, this publication provides tips and strategies for growing tomatoes in harsh climates. Authors: Michael Bauer, Danny L. Barney, Jo . . . . . more details

Harvesting and Storing Fresh Garden Vegetables > PDF
Harvesting vegetables at the right stage of maturity and storing them properly helps ensure top taste, nutrition, and storage life. This publication explains how, covering vegetables from asparagus . . . . . more details

Idaho Plant Quarantines and the Home Garden: Understanding the Laws > PDF
What farmers know but many home gardeners are just learning is that the shipping, sale, and planting of some 70 food crop or nursery species in Idaho are governed by state quarantine laws overseen by . . . . . more details

Management of Vegetable Diseases in Home Gardens > PDF
Gives six practices to help you keep garden plants healthy, from disposing of plant residue at season's end to the occasional use of pesticides. Authors: W. Michael Colt,, S. Krishna Moha . . . . . more details

Options for Storing Potatoes at Home > HTML
Recommendations for consumers on how to store large quantities of potatoes at home. Authors: Lynn Woodell, Nora Olson and Jim Wilson 4 pages . . . . . more details

Pea Shoots > PDF
Pea shoots, the young, tender vine tips of garden peas, are increasingly found in high-end restaurants; learn to successfully grow this delicacy. Authors: Carol Miles, Justin O'Dea, Catheri . . . . . more details

Physiological Leaf Roll of Tomato > PDF
This publication helps distinguish between tomato physiological leaf roll and infectious plant diseases that can cause yield and fruit quality losses. Also discusses leaf roll management strategies su . . . . . more details

Pink Root Disease of Onion — Biology and Control > HTML
Pink root is one of the most significant diseases of onion in the Treasure Valley of Idaho and Oregon. Nearly one-quarter of susceptible onion losses are due to it. Learn what the symptoms are, what c . . . . . more details

Planning an Idaho Vegetable Garden > PDF

Four gardening experts provide successful gardening methods. Discusses site selection, garden layout, weed and insect control, and crop by crop planting instructions. Also co . . . . . more details


Potato Production in the Home Garden > PDF
This publication contains suggestions dealing with potato varieties, planting, rotation, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, harvesting, and storage. Authors: A. Thompson-Johns, S.L. . . . . . more details

Quick Facts — Idaho Sugar Beets > HTML
This compact fact sheet summarizes recommendations for growing sugar beets in Idaho, with pointers or information on soil sampling/testing, fertilization, irrigation, tillage, cropping history, and pe . . . . . more details

Short-Season Vegetable Gardening > PDF
Pacific Northwest gardeners often find the growing season too short to grow vegetables. Two horticulturists detail the special practices (including soil preparations, protective coverings, adaptable c . . . . . more details

Spring Vegetable Planting Guide for Idaho > HTML
Idaho's diverse climate makes it a challenging place to grow vegetables, so if you’re planning to start a vegetable garden this spring, this planting guide is for you. It provides basic, crucial infor . . . . . more details


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