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Recent Publications & Resources

Cranberry Orange Upside Down Spice Cake > Video
In this video, University of Idaho Extension Educator, Laura Sant, demonstrates how to make cranberry orange upside down spice cake. Including fruit in desserts is a great way to infuse some healthy n . . . . . more details

Roasted Winter Vegetables > Video
Vegetables provide many amazing health benefits and all of us could benefit from including more vegetables in our diets. University of Idaho Extension Educator Julie Buck demonstrates how to make simp . . . . . more details

2014 Farm Bill Crop Commodity Program Payments in Idaho > HTML
The 2014 Farm Bill initiated revenue support programs for crop farmers (ARC-CO, ARC-IC, and PLC). This study determines whether or not the bill functioned as expected. It investigates how ARC-CO and P . . . . . more details

Soil-Testing Procedures for Southern Idaho Soils > HTML
Crops require seventeen nutrients to thrive. To make sure your soil is providing them, soil sampling and testing are critical. This bulletin provides a brief overview of both by discussing how researc . . . . . more details

Monitoring Tools for a Potato Bruise Prevention Program > HTML
Potato bruising is costly. It lowers the quality of a crop, leading to customer rejections or direct waste. It’s thus critical to quickly identify what is causing the injuries in your operation. This . . . . . more details

Bull Thistle: Identification and Control > Video
Bull thistle is a biennial, which means it typically takes two growing seasons to complete its life cycle. This video will introduce you to the life cycle of Bull thistle, how to identify it, concerns . . . . . more details

Integrated Management of Feral Rye in Winter Wheat > PDF
Feral rye (Secale cereale L.), also known as volunteer rye, is a troublesome weed in winter wheat production in the low and intermediate rainfall zones of eastern Washington and Oregon and so . . . . . more details

Soil Testing to Guide Fertilizer Management > HTML
Regularly testing your soil will allow you to accurately spot problem areas and thus provide sustainable soil nutrient management. This updated version of a 1997 bulletin provides the basic informatio . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 2 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series offers tools . . . . . more details

Building resilience through engagement: Brenda and Tony Richards - Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This publication is part of the Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study Series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest. Authors: Sonia A. Hall, Tipton D. Hudson, K. Scott Jense . . . . . more details

2018 Farm Bill Agricultural Commodity Support Programs > HTML
This publication reports on the 2018 Farm Bill in order to help agricultural producers in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) navigate its policies and programs, including updates on the dairy, crop, and live . . . . . more details

Potato Cost of Production for Idaho: 2016 With Comparisons to 2015 > PDF
Get an accurate estimate of the 2016 cost of producing potatoes in three Idaho regions (southwestern, south central, and eastern) by reviewing annual potato yields (plus historical comparisons), fumig . . . . . more details

Slow Cooking from Start to Finish > HTML
A slow cooker produces a variety of delicious and healthy dishes that saves time, energy, and money. Learn about this versatile kitchen appliance—how to operate it; selecting one that suits your needs . . . . . more details

A Grower’s Guide to Successful On-Farm Research > HTML
Interested in identifying a new crop rotation or adopting a new irrigation method to improve your yield, but worried about the time and money wasted if it doesn’t work? Conduct your own on-farm experi . . . . . more details

Your Rights and Responsibilities: Notario Fraud > PDF
Part of the Your Rights and Responsibilities series, this 3-page fact sheet provides basic information about notario fraud, a common immigration scam. Along with a rundown about how it may affect an i . . . . . more details

4-H Animal Science Lesson Plans > PDF
By providing instruction outlines for adults, this 263-page curriculum delivers animal science education to youth, particularly 4-H members working with beef, sheep, swine, and goats. The thirty-eight . . . . . more details

Buying and Selling Hay on the Stump > HTML
This publication provides a five-step process and lists several online business tools that will empower buyers and sellers to successfully establish a fair price for hay on the stump. The steps includ . . . . . more details

Land Survey and Mapping: An Introduction for Woodland Owners > HTML
Discusses types of plane surveys, including property surveys and cadastral surveys. Briefly sketches the history of the rectangular survey system in the United States and describes how the rectangular . . . . . more details

Spring Vegetable Planting Guide for Idaho > HTML
Idaho's diverse climate makes it a challenging place to grow vegetables, so if you’re planning to start a vegetable garden this spring, this planting guide is for you. It provides basic, crucial infor . . . . . more details

Puncturevine > PDF
With a spiny fruit capable of injuring hooves, feet, and vehicle tires, growers from across the spectrum can learn to effectively manage this weed. Authors: Dale K. Whaley, Robert Parker, R . . . . . more details

Mission Statements and Strategic Goals: Bringing Businesses into Focus > PDF
Focusing a business is a challenging but worthwhile pursuit, one that earns dividends as a business matures. The best way to hone your enterprise’s trajectory is to define your strategic goals and use . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 1 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series addresses thi . . . . . more details

Field Corn Harvest Recommendations for Idaho > HTML
Field corn is infrequently discussed in Extension publications, even though Idaho farmers use the southern-grown crop for livestock feed. Grown along the Snake River Plain in southern Idaho, it’s a wa . . . . . more details

Expanding a Business by Adding Paid Employees > PDF
Part of the Tips for Entrepreneurs series, this 3-page fact sheet provides information on what you need to do when adding paid employees to your business. Such an expansion requires applying for a f . . . . . more details

Dairy Manure Applications in Irrigated Wheat Production Systems > PDF
Discover best management practices for irrigated wheat production systems receiving dairy manure applications. Recommendations are based on field research conducted in southern Idaho. Grain protein co . . . . . more details

The Veterinary Feed Directive: The Why, What, and How Guide for Livestock Producers > HTML
Since 1996, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken regulatory action via the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) to ensure that drugs used to treat bacterial diseases in all food-producing anima . . . . . more details

Core Aeration of Lawns—Benefits and Procedures > HTML
Two issues that commonly reduce the health and attractive appearance of a lawn are soil compaction and the development of a thick thatch layer. Core aeration offers a solution. In this Idaho Green Thu . . . . . more details

Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilization Affect End-Use Quality of Spring Wheat of Three Market Classes > HTML
Water and nitrogen are key ingredients in successful cropping systems, particularly in the challenging climates of the semiarid and arid regions of the western United States. This publication provides . . . . . more details

Pantry Pest Guide: Common Insect Culprits in Homes and Kitchens of the Pacific Northwest > PDF
The purpose of this guide is to help residents in the Pacific Northwest to identify common insect pests that occur in pantries and kitchens. This guide is not meant to be all inclusive, but is meant t . . . . . more details

The Care and Maintenance of Wood Shingle and Shake Roofs > PDF
Wood shingles and shakes can provide years of service if properly installed and maintained. Learn what kinds of wood make the best roofing material; how to protect against fungus, moss and lichen; and . . . . . more details

The Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture: 2019 > PDF
Summary of the financial condition of Idaho agriculture in 2019. Includes net farm income, cash receipts, revenue from livestock and crops, and the overall contribution of agribusiness to Idaho’s Econ . . . . . more details

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