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Recent Publications & Resources

Exploring Organic Grain and Forage Production as a Profitable Enterprise for Palouse Farmers > HTML
Demand for organic grain has outpaced actual US grain production in recent years. Yet little is known about organic grain production in the Palouse, likely because it comprises a small portion of tota . . . . . more details

No Such Thing as a "Murder Hornet:" Asian Giant Hornet, an Invasive Species to Monitor > HTML
In 2019, an Asian giant hornet was spotted in Washington State, as well as in British Columbia, Canada. The invasive insect’s siting, given its appetite for honeybees and its kill strategy (which incl . . . . . more details

Developing a Pathogen Environmental Monitoring Program for a Food Manufacturing Facility > HTML
Regardless of its expense, food manufacturers should install a pathogen environmental program as part of their facility’s commitment to food safety. No one-size-fits-all regimen exists, however. This . . . . . more details

Ensuring Training Effectiveness—Evaluating Good Manufacturing Training > HTML
Food-manufacturing facilities spend a tremendous amount of time developing and delivering training. If employee competencies don’t improve, however, it’s important to know why. Learn the basics about . . . . . more details

Sanitizer Basics for the Food Industry > PDF
Cleaning and sanitation are critical to maintaining quality and safety in your food industry operation. This PNW helps food industry operations make cleaning and sanitizing programs part of their cult . . . . . more details

Pasture Principles for Smaller Acreages > HTML
Ranchettes and small farms are cropping up in rural landscapes across Idaho, spurring demand for information on pasture management. This updated publication addresses the most common concerns (scripti . . . . . more details

Potato Seed Certification and Selection in Idaho > HTML
The selection of high-quality seed potatoes is essential to produce a profitable commercial potato crop. This publication explains the steps you need to take do to get your seed potato certified, as w . . . . . more details

Vermicomposting at Home > HTML
Vermicomposting relies on worms to produce nutrient-dense vermicast from recycled organic food waste and other natural materials. The project takes up very little space, making it a convenient and eff . . . . . more details

Making Jerky at Home Safely > PDF
Jerky is a nutritious, nonperishable, and lightweight protein source, but making it requires a lot of care. If done incorrectly, you can poison yourself or others. This publication shows you how to ma . . . . . more details

Potential of Silicon Amendment for Improved Wheat Production > HTML
Balanced mineral nutrition is essential to grow wheat successfully. Silicon (which helps to form silicate minerals) is the second most plentiful element on Earth, but its effect on plant growth and de . . . . . more details

Different Treatment Options for Russian Olive > HTML
Russian olive is a thorny, small, and highly invasive tree that thrives in southern Idaho’s arid climate. The sometimes shrubby tree often crowds out native vegetation areas along the banks of waterco . . . . . more details

Pasture and Range Plants that Endanger Livestock in Southwestern Idaho > PDF
This publication is a basic guide to thirty-five common toxic plants found in southwestern Idaho pastures and rangelands. Concise plant descriptions, paired with stunning photography, will help you to . . . . . more details

Quick Facts — Idaho Beans > HTML
This two-page fact sheet offers recommendations for growing dry beans in southern Idaho, with pointers on soil sampling and testing, fertilization, irrigation, and insect, weed and disease control. It . . . . . more details

Idaho Environmental/Nutrient Management Program (E/NMP) Basics > HTML
Nutrient management is not a game. It verifies the health of your livestock operation and thus requires a documented plan (called an Environmental/Nutrient Management Program), assembled by a certifie . . . . . more details

H20 to Go—Staying Hydrated Safely! > HTML
Because drinking water is a requirement for human survival, it is important to know the basic facts so you can maintain your general health. Along with telling you how much water to drink each day, th . . . . . more details

Invertebrate Pest Management for Pacific Northwest Pastures > PDF
Several species of insects (arthropods and gastropods) live in pastures of the Pacific Northwest, but unfortunately many of them can reduce its productivity. This well-illustrated publication describe . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 3 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series offers tools . . . . . more details

Improving Weed Control in Dry Bean Using Narrow Planting > HTML
Season-long control of weeds is an important goal when growing dry beans. Hairy nightshade, lambsquarters, redroot pigweed, and green foxtail in particular harm bean yields in southern Idaho. This bul . . . . . more details

Being Financially Aware When Divorce Occurs: An Idaho Guide > HTML
Divorce is a highly emotional experience, one that unfortunately can lead to poor financial decision making. This publication will help you to avoid those pitfalls and more ably navigate this difficul . . . . . more details

Utilizing Barn Owl Boxes for Management of Vole Populations > HTML
Because they consume large quantities of voles, barn owls can help to manage rodent populations in Idaho. This handy publication will help you to attract more of these natural predators with its detai . . . . . more details

Nutrition for Healthy Aging: Four Key Nutrition Messages for the Older Adult > HTML
Nutrition is key to preventing and managing chronic disease, as well as to improving the quality of your life as you age. This publication offers four important strategies to help you make more nutrit . . . . . more details

Grasshopper Management in the Pacific Northwest > HTML
Grasshoppers are common plant-feeding insects in the Pacific Northwest but large numbers of them can devastate crops like alfalfa, cereals, corn, potatoes, and grasses. This publication will help you . . . . . more details

Growing Peppers in Short-Season, High-Altitude Idaho Gardens > HTML
Peppers are difficult to grow if you garden or farm at high elevations (above 4,000 ft). This publication will help you to improve the odds by choosing the best type of soil; implementing season exten . . . . . more details

Cranberry Orange Upside Down Spice Cake > Video
In this video, University of Idaho Extension Educator, Laura Sant, demonstrates how to make cranberry orange upside down spice cake. Including fruit in desserts is a great way to infuse some healthy n . . . . . more details

Roasted Winter Vegetables > Video
Vegetables provide many amazing health benefits and all of us could benefit from including more vegetables in our diets. University of Idaho Extension Educator Julie Buck demonstrates how to make simp . . . . . more details

2014 Farm Bill Crop Commodity Program Payments in Idaho > HTML
The 2014 Farm Bill initiated revenue support programs for crop farmers (ARC-CO, ARC-IC, and PLC). This study determines whether or not the bill functioned as expected. It investigates how ARC-CO and P . . . . . more details

Soil-Testing Procedures for Southern Idaho Soils > HTML
Crops require seventeen nutrients to thrive. To make sure your soil is providing them, soil sampling and testing are critical. This bulletin provides a brief overview of both by discussing how researc . . . . . more details

Monitoring Tools for a Potato Bruise Prevention Program > HTML
Potato bruising is costly. It lowers the quality of a crop, leading to customer rejections or direct waste. It’s thus critical to quickly identify what is causing the injuries in your operation. This . . . . . more details

Bull Thistle: Identification and Control > Video
Bull thistle is a biennial, which means it typically takes two growing seasons to complete its life cycle. This video will introduce you to the life cycle of Bull thistle, how to identify it, concerns . . . . . more details

Integrated Management of Feral Rye in Winter Wheat > PDF
Feral rye (Secale cereale L.), also known as volunteer rye, is a troublesome weed in winter wheat production in the low and intermediate rainfall zones of eastern Washington and Oregon and so . . . . . more details

Soil Testing to Guide Fertilizer Management > HTML
Regularly testing your soil will allow you to accurately spot problem areas and thus provide sustainable soil nutrient management. This updated version of a 1997 bulletin provides the basic informatio . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 2 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series offers tools . . . . . more details

Building resilience through engagement: Brenda and Tony Richards - Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This publication is part of the Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study Series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest. Authors: Sonia A. Hall, Tipton D. Hudson, K. Scott Jense . . . . . more details

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