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Recent Publications & Resources

Rangeland Outreach Activities Manual > PDF
This guide was designed to prepare 4-H youth for the Idaho Rangeland Skill-a-thon event. This event is a hands‐on, outdoor, science event designed to teach youth and adults about the vast rangeland re . . . . . more details

Rangeland Outreach Activities Manual: Coaches’ Edition > PDF
This guide was designed to help facilitators to prepare 4-H youth for the Idaho Rangeland Skill-a-thon event. This event is a hands‐on, outdoor, science event designed to teach youth and adults about . . . . . more details

Livestock Care for Beginning and Small-Scale Producers > HTML
Owning and caring for livestock involves a lot of responsibility and exposes producers to a steep (and fast) learning curve, especially for those just starting out and/or who run small-scale enterpris . . . . . more details

Spotted Spurge (Chamaesyce maculata; Synonym: Euphorbia maculata) > HTML
Spotted spurge is a summer weed that grows close to the ground in sidewalk cracks, roadsides, gardens, or drought-stressed lawns. Its presence can be helpful, because it often indicates an underlying . . . . . more details

Essential 4-H Club Meeting Planning: The 4-H Meeting Wheel > HTML
Club meetings play a key role in the 4-H experience. The 4-H Meeting Wheel is a helpful guide, displaying the three elements (fun, business, and learning) that leaders should incorporate into every me . . . . . more details

Seis pasos para calibrar y optimizar los rociadores de aire para huertos y viñedos > PDF
En seis pasos, aprenda a calibrar, optimizer y verificar la cobertura de un pulverizador de chorro de aire para asegurarse de que recibe cada gota en el cultivo. Autores: Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel . . . . . más detalles

A Guide to Developing Food Coalitions and Food-Policy Councils in Idaho > HTML
Consumer interest in locally grown food has strengthened Idahoans’ desire to develop community-based coalitions. Although these burgeoning efforts are relatively new, by 2019 citizens had established . . . . . more details

Shelf Life of Food: An Overview > HTML
Food safety is critical, yet surprisingly regulatory bodies do not require shelf-life testing for most products (infant formula being an exception). This bulletin provides all the basics that conscien . . . . . more details

Should Producers Test Solid Dairy Manure and Dairy Manure Compost Before Land Application? > HTML
Idaho’s dairy industry generates substantial amounts of manure each year. Consequently, the state is a prolific producer of natural and nutrient-rich fertilizer. University of Idaho researchers take a . . . . . more details

Consejos para emprendedores: Qué hay que considerar al comenzar un negocio > PDF
Como parte de la serie Consejos para Emprendedores, este boletín informativo de dos páginas proporciona respuestas a algunas de las preguntas más frecuentes al considerar la estructura tributaria de u . . . . . más detalles

Consejos para emprendedores: Regulaciones para vender alimentos preparados > PDF
Como parte de la serie Consejos para Emprendedores, este boletín informativo de dos páginas proporciona información sobre cómo Idaho regula la industria de alimentos preparados. Se indican los tipos d . . . . . más detalles

Know Your Herbicide-Resistant Weeds > PDF
The number of herbicide-resistant weeds continues to increase in the United States. This is a huge concern for farmers, since weeds compete with crops for nutrients in the soil, potentially reducing c . . . . . more details

An Introduction to Third-Party Auditing in a Food-Manufacturing Facility > HTML
If you sell a food product regionally, larger distribution contacts will undoubtedly require that your manufacturing business undergo a third-party audit. This publication tells you the basics of the . . . . . more details

Fruit Pie Fillings for Home Canning > PDF
Learn how to make home-canned peaches, berries, cherries, and apples for use in pies, sauces, or other desserts in this four-color publication. Along with guidelines for what thickeners to use and boi . . . . . more details

Idaho Economic Recovery During COVID-19 > Video
Causing multiple shutdowns, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world economy. In a short informational video, two economics experts from University of Idaho Extension take a closer look. They briefly repor . . . . . more details

Guide to Using and Caring for Your Electric Programmable Pressure Cooker > HTML
An electric programmable pressure cooker (EPPC) helps you to serve meals in a matter of minutes. Learn how to operate and take care of these versatile, one-pot wonders in this wide-ranging PNW publica . . . . . more details

2020 Small Grains Report: Southcentral and Southeast Idaho Cereals Research and Extension Program > PDF
Summary of UI research done during the 2020 growing season on wheat and barley varieties in numerous locations in southcentral Idaho and southeast Idaho. Includes planting rates and sources for releas . . . . . more details

Idaho 4-H Volunteer Manual > PDF
Containing material from in-state and out-of-state 4-H resources, this 32-page handbook provides the basics for 4-H adult volunteers who want to supervise youth-based activities in Idaho. Along with c . . . . . more details

Pollinators in Canola in the Inland Pacific Northwest > PDF
Pollinators play an important role in crop productivity. Unfortunately, myriad pressures are causing their populations to decline steeply. While a single approach to solving the pollinator crisis is u . . . . . more details

The Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture: 2020 > HTML
This comprehensive yet concise annual report, often relied upon by state legislators, summarizes the financial condition of Idaho agriculture. The categories covered for 2020 include net farm income, . . . . . more details

Biodiesel in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
With world demand for green energy sources growing exponentially, alternative fuel is definitely a market worth knowing more about. Biodiesel, an alternative fuel produced from fats like vegetable oil . . . . . more details

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