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2019 Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook
A comprehensive guide to weed management in the Pacific Northwest. Covers biological weed control agents, pesticide safety and disposal, agrichemicals and their properties, and control of p . . . . . more details
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Cover Crops for Grazing Use in Idaho > PDF
This publication will help crop and livestock producers in Idaho or other high-desert systems to select, plant, and manage cover crop species and mixtures that can also serve as livestock forage. Topi . . . . . more details

Cover Crops for High-Desert Farming Systems in Idaho > PDF
This guide presents optimal cover crops for high-desert farming systems in the intermountain West under irrigated or low-moisture conditions. Species included were selected for cold hardiness, biomass . . . . . more details

Double-Cropped Winter Forages > PDF
Double cropping winter forages with corn silage increases total forage available to livestock operations while also removing more phosphorus from the soil. This 13-page bulletin with 14 figures helps . . . . . more details

Evaluating Adaptability of Alternative Crops in Eastern Idaho > PDF
Cropping systems in Eastern Idaho mainly include cereal, potato, sugar beet, and forage. In order to improve soil health and decrease pest pressure, growers have tried to integrate alternative crops i . . . . . more details

Genetically Engineered Alfalfa and Feral Alfalfa Plants: What Should Growers Know? > PDF
Alfalfa is the world's most important forage crop, and the western US is its most important production area. Feral alfalfa is common and can potentially lower the genetic purity of alfalfa seed and cu . . . . . more details

Getting the Most Feed Nutrient for the Dollar > PDF
This publication describes a process livestock producers should use to determine the value of a feed that will provide energy or protein to balance a forage-based ration. Authors: Glenn She . . . . . more details

Idaho Forage Handbook (third edition) > PDF
This comprehensive information source for anyone who grows forage in Idaho or neighboring states covers topics from species and variety selection to pest control to harvest management, hay storage, . . . . . more details

Large Yellow Underwing: A New Cutworm in Idaho > PDF
The large yellow underwing cutworm, first detected in Idaho in 2005, is a potential threat in Idaho winter wheat and barley, Austrian winter peas, alfalfa, grass forages, winter vegetables and home ga . . . . . more details

Meadow Deathcamas in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Found in all areas of the Pacific Northwest, meadow deathcamas (Toxicoscordion venenosum) is capable of killing livestock whether eaten as forage or in dried hay. Human poisonings have been reported i . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Legume and Legume-Grass Pastures > PDF
This publication offers fertilizer guidelines based on relationships between soil tests and yield responses. Information is offered for established non-irrigated legumes and legume-grass mixtures, e . . . . . more details

Oxeye Daisy Bandana – Red
100% cotton red bandana with white print -- 21"x 21". Designed by Apparel, Textiles & Design students in collaboration with Valley County Extension. White daisies, leaves, and antlers on bold red back . . . . . more details
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Oxeye Daisy Scarf
100% polyester twill scarf with rolled hem -- 36”x 36”. Designed by Apparel, Textiles & Design students in collaboration with UI Extension Valley County. White daisies, green stems & leaves, brown ant . . . . . more details
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Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest > PDF
The comprehensive resource for anyone who manages livestock on pastures in the Northwest, this 214- page book offers pasture managers information and tools to enable their pastures and their livestoc . . . . . more details
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Performance of Forage and Conservation Grasses in Northern Idaho > PDF
This publication summarizes the methods and results of two University of Idaho multi-year grass studies that aimed to evaluate the productivity of various perennial, cool-season grasses for commerci . . . . . more details

Performance of Perennial Forage Legumes in Northern Idaho > PDF
This publication summarizes the methods and results of a University of Idaho study that collected data from three growing seasons and assessed the productivity, seasonal growth distribution, and lon . . . . . more details

Seven Popular Myths about Livestock Grazing on Public Lands, 2d edition > PDF
Provides factual, well-documented information on the harvest of livestock forage on western public lands. Its objective is to aid and promote decision-making based on facts, dispelling seven popular m . . . . . more details

Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Irrigated Alfalfa Seed > PDF
This publication's estimated fertilizer recommendations for irrigated alfalfa seed are based on the nutrient requirements for alfalfa forage with modifications to reflect cultural practices used in . . . . . more details

Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Irrigated Pastures > PDF
This updated guide helps pasture owners learn how to fertilize appropriately to maximize the production of forage grasses and legumes. Author: Brad Brown 5 pages . . . . . more details

Teff Grass for Forage: Nitrogen and irrigation requirements > PDF
Teff is an ancient grain, made popular recently as more growers turn to teff for its high yields of high-quality hay. New research outlined here shows that teff requires less nitrogen fertilizer and i . . . . . more details

The Grazed-Class Method to Estimate Forage Utilization on Transitory Forest Rangelands
Provides background information and instructions for utilizing the Grazed-Class Method to monitor vegetation on transitory rangeland to ensure proper use of the resource and attainment of management o . . . . . more details
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The Western Oregon and Washington Pasture Calendar > PDF
This publication describes—by climatic zone—perennial pasture plant growth and how management actions can affect growth, both positively and negatively. Optimal management of forages by season is the . . . . . more details

What Are Your Forages Worth? > PDF
Designed to help dairy farmers calculate the costs of homegrown forages and compare them to the costs of purchasing forages. Presents typical per-acre costs of establishing, producing, and harvesting . . . . . more details

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