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Small Acreage Farming Publications & Resources

Affinity Farm: Strategies for Success on a Small-Acreage Farm > Video
At Affinity Farm, a small 5-acre farm within the city limits of Moscow, Idaho, Russell Poe and Kelly Kingsland grow some 40 varieties of vegetables. They are among the first each season with produce t . . . . . more details

Buying Locally Raised Meat for Custom Processing > HTML
Most people who buy meat from a local producer purchase a live animal (or a portion of one) and have it butchered by a "custom-exempt" processing plant. This publication explains how the process works . . . . . more details

Commercial Red Raspberry Production > PDF

A comprehensive guide to commercial red raspberry production in the Pacific Northwest. Includes chapters on cultivar selection, plantation establishment, plantation maintenanc . . . . . more details


Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Idaho: Seasonal Eating Week by Week > PDF
How to find Idaho food producers who share their crops with subscribers via a program known as Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is focus of this publication. Some 60 food producers in Idaho offer . . . . . more details

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): A Marketing Strategy for Small Acreage Producers in Idaho > PDF
For some small-acreage producers, a CSA program is a valuable marketing strategy that contributes to whole farm sustainability. This 7-page publication helps growers think through whether CSA is right . . . . . more details

Creating Farmer Networks: A Toolkit for Promoting Vibrant Farm Communities > PDF
A toolkit for farmers, extension agents, community organizers, and other agricultural professionals interested in starting and maintaining a successful farmer network. The publication is divided into . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: An Overview and Introduction > PDF
This revision summarizes benefits, drawbacks, and requirements of several direct marketing options, including farmers markets, farm or roadside stands, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), U-pick, w . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Costs and Enterprise Selection > PDF
This revision covers how to do a general budget analysis for your farm-direct enterprise. Includes how to identify fixed and variable costs and do a breakeven analysis. Author: Larry Lev . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Financial Management > PDF
This revision looks at several aspects of a successful farm-direct enterprise, including benefits of good farm financial planning, explanation of important terms used in financial planning, keys to su . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Food Safety and Product Quality > PDF
This is the new, eighth publication in the Farm-direct Marketing set. Includes information on aspects of keeping your products fresh and safe, such as proper cooling, handling, and storage, chilling a . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Legal Guide to Farm-direct Marketing > PDF
This is the new, seventh publication in the "Farm-direct Marketing" series. Covers the risks and regulations associated with a farm-direct small business, including choosing and registering a limited . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Location and Facilities for On-farm Sales > PDF
This revision discusses aspects of good location and facilities for a farm-direct marketing business, including location, site selection, parking, and types of facilities (such as a roadside stand or . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Merchandising and Pricing Strategies > PDF
This revision discusses the strategies direct marketers use to make sales. It includes making a merchandising plan, display and packaging, customer service, pricing strategies and techniques, and prom . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Personnel Management > PDF
This revision includes information on complying with labor laws, ways to find good employees, employee orientation and training, employee policies, and employee management. Author: Christy . . . . . more details

Growing Apples for Local Markets in Cold Climates > PDF
Offers the basics for getting started in a small scale commercial apple orchard, including sections on rootstocks, apple varieties, training and pruning, winter protection, fertility and groundcover . . . . . more details

Growing Blueberries in the Inland Northwest & Intermountain West > PDF
Highbush and lowbush blueberries are native to North America and can be harvested 2 to 3 years after planting. This publication covers selecting a growing site, recommended cultivars, preparing the si . . . . . more details

Growing Mushrooms Commercially-Risks and Opportunities > HTML
Learn the basics of what you need to do to grow and sell mushrooms (especially specialty varieties, which are any mushroom species that doesn’t belong to the genus Agaricus). You’ll need to consider w . . . . . more details

Growing Raspberries and Blackberries in the Inland Northwest & Intermountain West > PDF
Raspberries and blackberries have similar growing requirements and offer a market advantage to commercial growers, providing local customers with high-quality fruit. This publication covers, selectin . . . . . more details

Growing Saskatoons in the Inland Northwest and Intermountain West > HTML
Saskatoons are shrubs that bear blueberry-like edible fruit. Popular in Canada, this superfood, a powerful antioxidant, is gaining the interest of US growers, who know it by other names like juneberry . . . . . more details

Growing Strawberries in the Inland Northwest & Intermountain West > PDF
This publication covers selecting a growing site, recommended cultivars, preparing the site, planting, training, irrigation, fertilization, weed control, winter protection, pest and disease control, . . . . . more details

Growing Wasabi in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Describes wasabi cultivar selection, propagation methods, growing environments, irrigation and fertilizer needs, planting requirements, weed control, harvest considerations, storage, and insect and di . . . . . more details

Growing Western Huckleberries > HTML

From a leading huckleberry expert comes the information you need to start your own attempts at growing huckleberries at home or for market. This publication covers plant and . . . . . more details


Integrated Management of Wild Oat in the Pacific Northwest > HTML
In the Pacific Northwest (PNW), wild oat has become a notable weed pest of small grain and rotational crops, including pulse crops, potato, sugar beet, and oilseed crops. It has infested more than 3 m . . . . . more details

Meadowlark Farm: A Case Study of a Small-Acreage Farm > Video
Located on 9 acres near Nampa, Idaho, Janie Burns' meadowlark Farm is home to 70 sheep, 50 chickens, and 30 turkeys (all fed free range). Burns also grows a variety of vegetables on ¼ acre. She . . . . . more details

Nothing but Herbs: A Case Study of a Small-Acreage Farm > Video
Barbara Arnold owns Nothing but Herbs, a 4 ½ - acre farm in the Idaho Panhandle. She shares her expertise on growing and marketing more than 230 varieties of herbs in this video presentation pr . . . . . more details

Pasture Principles for Smaller Acreages > HTML
Ranchettes and small farms are cropping up in rural landscapes across Idaho, spurring demand for information on pasture management. This updated publication addresses the most common concerns (scripti . . . . . more details

Planning Water Access for Small-Acreage Irrigators > HTML
Small acreage landscapes pose unique water-access problems, particularly when they are subdivisions of a larger-acreage property. Improve your navigation of these challenges by learning the basics abo . . . . . more details

Procedures for Planting Dryland Grasses for Small Acreage Landowners in Southeastern Idaho > PDF
Current and future small-acreage owners in southeastern Idaho can use this 9-page publication to help establish and maintain small acreage pastures with reduced irrigation water. With properly estab . . . . . more details

Raising Ratites: Ostriches, Emu, and Rheas > PDF
Ratites are mostly large, flightless birds that exist in the wild in Australia, Africa, or South America. But US growers have been raising them as alternative and likely healthier meat sources for dec . . . . . more details

Riley Creek Blueberry Farm: A Case Study of a Small-Acreage Farm > Video
What does it take to become a small-farm blueberry producer? Stan Urmann, owner of Riley Creek Blueberry Farm, a five-acre farm in the Idaho panhandle, shares his experiences in this 45-minute YouTube . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 1 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series addresses thi . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 3 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series offers tools . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 2 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series offers tools . . . . . more details

Soil Fertility in Organic Systems: A Guide for Gardeners and Small Acreage Farmers > PDF
Managing soil fertility is challenging because it requires considerable focus—you must consistently pay attention to the source, timing, rate, and placement of nutrient applications. This publication . . . . . more details

Specialty Potato Production and Marketing in Southern Idaho > PDF
US customers are increasingly willing to pay higher prices for gourmet or specialty potatoes that come in a variety of colors and sizes. According to marketing surveys, eight specialty cultivars—Carib . . . . . more details

Strawberry Production: Overview > PDF
Strawberries are adapted to many growing regions in Idaho but are a labor-intensive, long-term commitment. This publication provides an overview of the factors involved in growing the popular berry, i . . . . . more details

Sustainable Small Acreage Farming in Idaho: Finding and Evaluating Land > HTML
Small acreage farming allows people to produce their own food and to develop various farm-based business enterprises. Establishing a small farm requires time and attention to many details. Evaluating . . . . . more details

Ties to the Land: Succession Planning for Property Owners > HTML
Whether you own a farm, forest or rangeland, you care about your property and what happens to it. That's why you need a succession plan to help guide its transition to future owners. Ties to the Land . . . . . more details

Understanding Budgets and the Budgeting Process > PDF
Budgeting is crucial to a business’ success. This publication helps you navigate this often intimidating task by discussing the four budget types most commonly used by agricultural producers (whole fa . . . . . more details


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