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Video Publications & Resources

Affinity Farm: Strategies for Success on a Small-Acreage Farm > Video
At Affinity Farm, a small 5-acre farm within the city limits of Moscow, Idaho, Russell Poe and Kelly Kingsland grow some 40 varieties of vegetables. They are among the first each season with produce t . . . . . more details

Bio-swales for Natural Stormwater Treatment > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from roads, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces in urbanized areas. Bioinfiltration swales offer a natural stormwater treatment solution in many are . . . . . more details

Bull Thistle: Identification and Control > Video
Bull thistle is a biennial, which means it typically takes two growing seasons to complete its life cycle. This video will introduce you to the life cycle of Bull thistle, how to identify it, concerns . . . . . more details

Continuing to Manage Foreign Material For Quality Idaho Potatoes
Foreign material is any material that is not the potato tuber. It is "trash" or "garbage" in potatoes. Many foreign materials originate in the field, but others enter the product stream through equipm . . . . . more details
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Cranberry Orange Upside Down Spice Cake > Video
In this video, University of Idaho Extension Educator, Laura Sant, demonstrates how to make cranberry orange upside down spice cake. Including fruit in desserts is a great way to infuse some healthy n . . . . . more details

Dollar Decisions (Decisiones de Dinero) Curriculum in English and Spanish
We’re sorry, this item is temporarily out of stock. Please contact us for availability at or 208-885-7982. Thank you. Teac . . . . . more details
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Forest Water Quality
A companion to the book Idaho Forestry Best Management Practices Field Guide, the video contains two parts. Part 1 describes how water moves through the forest, how our forest activities can . . . . . more details
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Highway Districts Protecting Clean Water > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from roads, including tire wear dust, drips of oil and other fluids, and plastic trash that’s tossed aside. But Idaho's Kootenai County regional highway dis . . . . . more details

Holiday Ham and Cheese Quiche > Video
Holiday leftovers are a given, but ham and turkey adapt well into a variety of dishes that will satisfy your family’s appetite. Along with enchiladas or quesadillas, a quiche makes a nutritious and de . . . . . more details

I Want to Log "Selectively" > Video
While many forest landowners are interested in cutting trees to improve forest health, generate income, or other reasons, they are often reluctant to alter the appearance of their forest too dramatica . . . . . more details

Idaho Economic Recovery During COVID-19 > Video
Causing multiple shutdowns, COVID-19 wreaked havoc on the world economy. In a short informational video, two economics experts from University of Idaho Extension take a closer look. They briefly repor . . . . . more details

Introduction to Clean Water Video Series > Video
Want to learn about how you can protect clean water in our lakes, streams and aquifers? This University of Idaho Extension video introduces ways to protect clean water and includes information on ripa . . . . . more details

Meadowlark Farm: A Case Study of a Small-Acreage Farm > Video
Located on 9 acres near Nampa, Idaho, Janie Burns' meadowlark Farm is home to 70 sheep, 50 chickens, and 30 turkeys (all fed free range). Burns also grows a variety of vegetables on ¼ acre. She . . . . . more details

Monitoring Insect Bucket Traps > Video
Learn how to set up a bucket trap for monitoring flying insects. This method allows farmers, gardeners or other pest managers to learn more about insects entering their crops. The method works by fill . . . . . more details

Nothing but Herbs: A Case Study of a Small-Acreage Farm > Video
Barbara Arnold owns Nothing but Herbs, a 4 ½ - acre farm in the Idaho Panhandle. She shares her expertise on growing and marketing more than 230 varieties of herbs in this video presentation pr . . . . . more details

Presenting Online > HTML
Since webinars and other internet-based communication have become more of a standard, it’s become important to know how to present material online. From managing the visual elements, minding nonverbal . . . . . more details

Ranching in Harmony with the Land: Portraits of Stewardship > Video
Interested in running a ranch successfully? Right from the get-go, you need to understand that ranching requires great vision—an ability to balance animal health, plant diversity, and water quality wi . . . . . more details

Reporting Child Abuse: Care Enough to Call
According to the National Children’s Alliance, nearly 700,000 children are abused each year. Because of its unfortunate prevalence, reportage is crucial. Secure the help children deserve by learning I . . . . . more details
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Retirement Ready?
This retirement-planning CD-ROM curriculum helps midlife and older adults manage the financial and the nonfinancial aspects of their approaching retirements. The comprehensive curriculum includes mate . . . . . more details
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Riley Creek Blueberry Farm: A Case Study of a Small-Acreage Farm > Video
What does it take to become a small-farm blueberry producer? Stan Urmann, owner of Riley Creek Blueberry Farm, a five-acre farm in the Idaho panhandle, shares his experiences in this 45-minute YouTube . . . . . more details

Riparian Vegetated Buffers Protect Land and Streams > Video
The best and cheapest way to protect your land from eroding away and protect clean water and fish habitat is to maintain streamside and lakeshore vegetation. This University of Idaho Extension video e . . . . . more details

Roasted Winter Vegetables > Video
Vegetables provide many amazing health benefits and all of us could benefit from including more vegetables in our diets. University of Idaho Extension Educator Julie Buck demonstrates how to make simp . . . . . more details

Scheduling Irrigation with a Pressure Chamber (Part 1) > Video
How to use a pressure chamber as a tool to help you schedule irrigation in wine grape vineyards. The two most important questions you need to answer for irrigation scheduling are “How much?” and “When . . . . . more details

Scheduling Irrigation with a Pressure Chamber (Part 2) > Video
Step by step instruction on how to use a pressure chamber as a tool to help you schedule irrigation in wine grape vineyards. Dr. Alexander Levin walks through the steps of using a pressure chamber to . . . . . more details

Urban Farming For Healthy Water > Video
Community-based agriculture and home rain gardens can help protect water with soil conservation and wise water use. In this University of Idaho Extension video, the Gathering Garden stands as a highli . . . . . more details

Urban Forests and Protecting Lakes and Streams > Video
Urban Forests have a large positive impact on stormwater pollution and volume. In this University of Idaho Extension video, we will explore how cities' street trees can absorb pollution and slow down . . . . . more details

Urban Greenspaces for Clean Water > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from parking lots and other impervious surfaces in urbanized areas. Greenspaces offer an opportunity to filter and treat stormwater through natural processe . . . . . more details

Wastewater Treatment Plants Removing Phosphorous > Video
Small increases in phosphorous, a plant nutrient, can start big changes in aquatic nuisance plant life. This University of Idaho Extension video explains how phosphorous removal by wastewater treatmen . . . . . more details


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