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Beef Cattle Publications & Resources

Applying Adaptive Grazing Management > PDF
Grazing management requires flexibility to adapt to ever-changing climatic conditions, and changes in grazing management for public lands may be required because of endangered or threatened species. I . . . . . more details

BQA – Cattle Processing and Injection Site Management > HTML
Successful beef producers know that beef quality assurance requires keeping cattle healthy throughout their lives. Since cattle can get sick, preventing and treating disease means processing cattle to . . . . . more details

BQA – Components of Superior Cattle Handling Facilities > HTML
Well-designed and effectively run cattle-handling facilities help to decrease cattle injury, illness, and death; ensure high-quality beef; and improve consumer perceptions of the beef cattle industry. . . . . . more details

BQA – Feedstuff Guidelines > HTML
Beef producers must document the safety of their product by keeping accurate records of the feedstuffs they use in their operations, including records of pesticides being applied to feed crops. This . . . . . more details

BQA – Guidelines for Calving Management > HTML
Good calving management practices can increase animal health and beef product safety by reducing the need for antibiotics and other pharmaceutical treatments. This publication discusses numerous helpf . . . . . more details

BQA – Guidelines for Culling Beef Animals > HTML
Having a plan for identifying cull animals is key for maintaining a safe and healthy cow herd. This publication explains how to identify animals that should be removed from the herd, when to cull them . . . . . more details

BQA – Guidelines for Preconditioning and Weaning > HTML
Preconditioning calves involves a number of practices that prepare calves for the next production phase and includes acclimating calves to a new diet, vaccinating and weaning calves, and teaching them . . . . . more details

BQA – Proper Euthanasia for Cattle > HTML
Termination of an animal's life should be taken seriously and done in the most humane manner possible. This brief publication discusses making euthanasia decisions, methods of proper euthanasia, and w . . . . . more details

BQA – Record Keeping > HTML
Keeping accurate records on a consistent basis is important for maintaining beef quality assurance and a healthy herd, and to protect a beef operation from litigation regarding drug residue. This pu . . . . . more details

Building a Tradition of Adaptive Rangeland Management: Jack Southworth (Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study series) > PDF
This publication is part of the Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study Series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest. Authors: Sonia A. Hall, Tipton D. Hudson, Georgine G. Yo . . . . . more details

Building resilience through engagement: Brenda and Tony Richards - Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This publication is part of the Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study Series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest. Authors: Sonia A. Hall, Tipton D. Hudson, K. Scott Jense . . . . . more details

Business Management Guide for Grazers > PDF
Describes the management process for management-intensive grazing (MiG) as a series of three recurring operations—strategic, tactical, and operational. Provides sample enterprise budgets and informati . . . . . more details

Cattle Vaccine Handling and Management Guidelines > HTML
Recent research indicates vaccine efficacy is at risk due to improper handling and storage by retailers and livestock producers. Following these guidelines will help ensure effective disease immunity . . . . . more details

Country of Origin Labeling and Livestock Producers > PDF
Provides background information on the new Country of Origin Labeling Law, how it might affect sales of U.S. meat, and how producers can track and provide documentation regarding the country of origin . . . . . more details

Estimating Long-Term Idaho Hay Prices Using Multiple Data Sources > HTML
The dairy industry can substantially affect markets for other agricultural commodities, particularly those like alfalfa hay, which is used in dairy feed. In other words, hay and milk prices move toget . . . . . more details

Getting the Most Feed Nutrient for the Dollar > PDF
This publication describes a process livestock producers should use to determine the value of a feed that will provide energy or protein to balance a forage-based ration. Authors: Glenn She . . . . . more details

Grazing management that achieves multiple-use goals, Russ Stingley (Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study series) > PDF
This publication is part of the Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study Series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest. Authors: Tipton D. Hudson, Sonia A. Hall, J. Shannon Nei . . . . . more details

Handling Potato Waste for Beef Cattle Feeding > PDF
Feeding potato waste to beef cattle requires good feed management and certain precautions. This publication covers the storage and feeding of different forms of potato waste including filter cake and . . . . . more details

Idaho Private Rangeland Grazing -- Lease Arrangements > PDF
Although the USDA publishes lease rates for grazing on private rangelands in Idaho, little it known about the leasing details, services provided by landowners, or other critical factors that influence . . . . . more details

Judging Beef Cattle and Oral Reasons 101 > PDF
This publication will help youth and beginning cattle producers to understand the five basic criteria for selecting a beef animal. It will also help beginners in 4-H and FFA livestock judging to under . . . . . more details

Livestock Care for Beginning and Small-Scale Producers > HTML
Owning and caring for livestock involves a lot of responsibility and exposes producers to a steep (and fast) learning curve, especially for those just starting out and/or who run small-scale enterpris . . . . . more details

Measuring Potato Dry Matter Content on the Farm > HTML
This publication describes three on-farm methods for measuring potato dry matter that provide similar results to commercial laboratory tests. Knowing the dry matter of cull potatoes is important to po . . . . . more details

Mineral Supplementation of Beef Cattle in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This bulletin will help ranchers to assess the mineral needs of their beef cattle and to start thinking about where to invest money on mineral programs and where to save a few dollars without diminish . . . . . more details

Mitigating High-Phosphorus Soils > PDF
According to Idaho law, livestock operators must make sure their operations are not dumping excess phosphorus into the soil, which could then contaminate surface water or groundwater. This publicati . . . . . more details

Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest > PDF

The comprehensive resource for anyone who manages livestock on pastures in the Northwest, this 214- page book offers pasture managers information and tools to enable their past . . . . . more details


Pasture and Range Plants that Endanger Livestock in Southwestern Idaho > PDF

This publication is a basic guide to thirty-five common toxic plants found in southwestern Idaho pastures and rangelands. Concise plant descriptions, paired with stunning pho . . . . . more details


Pregnancy Testing in Beef Cattle > PDF
Pregnancy testing in beef cattle is a tool to optimize heifer management and can identify candidates for culling or removal from the herd. Some methods of pregnancy detection can also provide addition . . . . . more details

Premiums and Discounts for Market Beef Cows and Bulls Sold at Auction > PDF
The results of the beef quality audits reported here will help beef producers to optimize the value of their market (cull) beef cows and bulls with the ultimate goal of improving the quality and consi . . . . . more details

Price Indices for Estimating Cattle Prices in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This publication describes trends in cattle prices and explains the use of seasonal price indices to estimate future cattle prices. The indices allow producers to estimate prices for potential sale mo . . . . . more details

Spring Annual Forage Hay Production in North-Central Idaho > HTML
Cattle producers in north-central Idaho need quality feed for their herds. But to satisfy that need, you need to do your homework. This publication helps growers and cattlemen understand how to use nu . . . . . more details

The Role of Agricultural Processing in Idaho’s Economy: Status and Potential > PDF
Idaho food manufacturing accounts directly for 16,000 Idaho jobs (2% of the total), $8.5 billion in sales (7.3% of the total), and $1.2 billion of Idaho's gross state product (2% of GSP). T . . . . . more details

The Veterinary Feed Directive: The Why, What, and How Guide for Livestock Producers > HTML
Since 1996, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken regulatory action via the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) to ensure that drugs used to treat bacterial diseases in all food-producing anima . . . . . more details

Youth Beef Quality Assurance Program Manual for the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Youth Beef Quality Assurance programs help young people in 4-H and FFA to understanding their role as producers in the food supply chain and their responsibility to produce a safe food product while c . . . . . more details


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