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Tree Fruits and Nuts Publications & Resources

Apple Scab > PDF
Particularly troublesome where rainfall and relative humidity are high, and under overtree irrigation, apple scab can defoliate trees and blemish fruit to a point where it is unmarketable. Learn the s . . . . . more details

Cherry Training Systems: Selection and Development > PDF
This publication describes the seven major pruning systems used in commercial cherry tree orchards in Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and Michigan. Download the cherry training systems app (desi . . . . . more details

Cuatro Pasos Sencillos para la Poda de Cerezos Sobre Gisela y Otros Portainjertos Productivos > PDF
A Spanish translation of PNW 592, Four Simple Steps to Pruning Trees on Gisela and Other Productive Rootstocks. Author: Lynn E. Long 2 pages . . . . . más detalles

Four Simple Steps to Pruning Cherry Trees on Gisela and Other Productive Rootstocks > PDF
Provides color photo illustrations and step-by-step instructions for pruning trees on productive rootstocks, techniques that are are completely counter to pruning trees on Mazzard rootstock.
. . . . . more details


Growing Apples for Local Markets in Cold Climates > PDF
Offers the basics for getting started in a small scale commercial apple orchard, including sections on rootstocks, apple varieties, training and pruning, winter protection, fertility and groundcover . . . . . more details

Hard Cider Production and Orchard Management in the Pacific Northwest

To order, please visit our online Marketplace: UI Ex . . . . . more details


Propagation of Plants by Grafting and Budding > PDF
This handbook is well illustrated with clear photographs and drawings. It covers terms used in budding and grafting, tools and materials, grafting and budding factors, kinds of grafts, budding metho . . . . . more details

Seis pasos para calibrar y optimizar los rociadores de aire para huertos y viñedos > PDF
En seis pasos, aprenda a calibrar, optimizer y verificar la cobertura de un pulverizador de chorro de aire para asegurarse de que recibe cada gota en el cultivo. Autores: Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel . . . . . más detalles

Sensor Sprayers for Specialty Crop Production > PDF
Sensor-controlled spray systems can help growers use fewer chemicals and less water while maintaining good pest control. Learn about the pros and cons of different types of sensor sprayers.
. . . . . more details


Sistemas de Conduccion de Cerezos (Cherry Training Systems) > PDF
Esta publicación describe los ocho sisemas de poda de mayor importancia en los huertos de cerezos comerciales en Oregon, Idaho, Washington y Michigan. A nivel mundial, los productores de cerezas utili . . . . . más detalles

Six Steps to Calibrate and Optimize Airblast Sprayers for Orchards and Vineyards > PDF
In six steps, learn how to calibrate, optimize, and verify coverage for an airblast sprayer to ensure that you are getting every drop to the crop. Authors: Gwen-Alyn Hoheisel, Lav R. Khot, . . . . . more details

Sweet Cherry Cultivars for the Fresh Market > PDF
Full-color photographs accompany descriptions of twelve dark red sweet cherry cultivars suitable for fresh markets in the Pacific Northwest. Tablular data succinctly charts bloom and harvest dates rel . . . . . more details

Sweet Cherry Orchard Establishment in the Pacific Northwest: Important Considerations for Success > PDF
Regularly producing sustainable yields of high-quality cherries is possible only when site and other conditions are near optimal. This publication summarizes factors to consider when establishing a ch . . . . . more details

Sweet Cherry Rootstocks for the Pacific Northwest > HTML
Cherry growers have many options when it comes to choosing rootstocks. The combination of new dwarfing rootstocks with high-density training systems leads to earlier production. But growers need to co . . . . . more details


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