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Idaho Green Thumb How-To Publications & Resources

Beware Signs of White Rot in Garlic and Other Allium Crops > HTML
White rot is a very serious disease of garlic and onion. This three-page Green Thumb publication will help you to identify the disease and prepare a defense against its growth in your garden, includin . . . . . more details

Black Medic > HTML
Black medic (Medicago lupulina) is an annual or short-lived perennial from Eurasia. It can be found in lawns, pastures, rights-of-way, and other marginal sites. Learn how to manage this summe . . . . . more details

Blossom-End Rot in Tomatoes > HTML
Any gardener gets discouraged when they see a dark, leathery patch develop on the bottom end of their vine-ripened tomatoes. The blemish indicates blossom-end rot, a calcium-deficiency disorder that o . . . . . more details

Broadleaf Plantain (Plantago major L.) > HTML
Broadleaf plaintain is a hardy perennial weed that thrives in lawns, fields, and roadsides and in other areas prone to trampling. Along with a profile description, this Idaho Green Thumb How-To’s publ . . . . . more details

Cómo manejar a los boxelder bugs > PDF
Una plaga molesta común en Idaho, los boxelder bugs (las chinches boxelder) pueden volverse intolerablemente numerosas. Aprenda de su apariencia, portadores, y el ciclo de vida y las maneras que usted . . . . . más detalles

Controlando a las tuzas en Idaho > PDF
Una de las alimañas vertebradas más destructivas y prevalentes de Idaho, las tuzas pueden controlarse restringiendo su acceso a las plantas de alto valor, inundando las madrigueras de tuza, atrapando, . . . . . más detalles

Controlando a los topillos en Idaho > PDF
Los topillos pueden controlarse sin los productos químicos o con los productos químicos llamados "rodenticidas." Las estrategias sin el uso de los productos químicos incluyen eliminando el hábitat del . . . . . más detalles

Controlando los insectos picudos en el césped > PDF
Esta publicación describe los síntomas y las estrategias de control para los gusanos de los insectos picudos (las larvas) en los céspedes de Idaho. Las estrategias sin el uso de los productos químicos . . . . . más detalles

Controlling Billbug Grubs in Lawns > HTML
This publication describes symptoms and control strategies for billbug grubs (larvae) in Idaho lawns. Nonchemical strategies include growing grass varieties that are resistant to billbug feeding and a . . . . . more details

Core Aeration of Lawns—Benefits and Procedures > HTML
Two issues that commonly reduce the health and attractive appearance of a lawn are soil compaction and the development of a thick thatch layer. Core aeration offers a solution. In this Idaho Green Thu . . . . . more details

Curlycup Gumweed > HTML
Curlycup gumweed (Grindelia squarrosa) (Pursh) Dunal is native to North America except in the southeastern United States. This forb (herbaceous broadleaf plant) is commonly found along roadsi . . . . . more details

El control de las avispas y de los avispones en Idaho > PDF
Aprenda a reconocer las avispas chaquetas amarillas bravas, los avispones cariblancos, y las avispas papeleras de Idaho y a controlarlas con o sin los productos químicos. Autores: Stuart C. . . . . . más detalles

Empiece las semillas adentro con éxito > PDF
Empezando las semillas adentro comienza con la programación para asegurar que sus trasplantes están listos para irse para afuera cuando el jardín está listo para recibirlos. Esta hoja de datos cubre l . . . . . más detalles

Flowering Rush > HTML
Flowering Rush is an invasive, aquatic, perennial weed listed as a "noxious" weed by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA). This fact sheet provides basic information on identification, hab . . . . . more details

Growing Food Safely in Idaho School Gardens > HTML
This guide is created for teachers, parents, volunteers, school administrators, food-service professionals, and everyone else engaged in youth gardening projects in Idaho. It is meant to serve as a gu . . . . . more details

Hobo Spiders in Idaho > HTML
This Idaho Green Thumb How-to fact sheet covers identification and control of hobo spiders, mistakenly referred to as "aggressive house spiders." These spiders can bite, but are no longer thought to b . . . . . more details

La enfermedad "slime flux" de los árboles > PDF
"Slime flux," o madera húmeda bacteriana, comúnmente afecta a los siguientes árboles de Idaho-álamo de Norteamérica (cottonwood), sauce, olmo, y álamo. Aprenda los síntomas de "slime flux," los microb . . . . . más detalles

La mancha de la hoja del álamo temblón y del álamo > PDF
Esta hoja de datos para los jardineros caseros cubre los síntomas, el ciclo de vida, y las medidas de control para la mancha de hoja, una enfermedad común y ocasionalmente severa de los álamos temblo . . . . . más detalles

Leaf Spot of Aspen and Poplar > HTML
This fact sheet for home gardeners covers symptoms, life cycle, and control measures for leaf spot, a common and occasionally serious disease of aspen and poplar trees caused by fungi in the genus . . . . . more details

Managing Boxelder Bugs Around Your Home > HTML
A common nuisance pest in Idaho, boxelder bugs can become intolerably numerous. Learn their appearance, hosts, and life cycle and ways you can manage them with and without insecticides. Aut . . . . . more details

Managing Elm Seed Bugs around Your Home > HTML
The elm seed bug (Arocatus melanocephalus) in Idaho invades homes in July and August from surrounding landscapes where elm trees grow. Posing no direct threat to plants or people, they can still becom . . . . . more details

Managing Pocket Gophers in Idaho Lawns and Landscapes > HTML
One of Idaho's most prevalent and destructive vertebrate pests, pocket gophers can be controlled by restricting their access to high-value plants, flooding gopher burrows, trapping, and poisoning.
. . . . . more details


Managing Voles in Idaho Lawns and Landscapes > HTML
Voles can be managed without chemicals or with chemicals called "rodenticides." Nonchemical approaches include eliminating vole habitat, excluding voles from sensitive areas, and trapping. Toxic baits . . . . . more details

Nuez blanca > PDF
Una mala hierba venenosa "noxious," la nuez blanca crece rápidamente y puede sofocar y matar a los árboles pequeños y arbustos. Aprenda sus características y cómo identificarla y controlarla. . . . . . más detalles

Slime Flux of Trees > HTML
If not caught early, slime flux (bacterial wetwood) create unsightly stains on and disagreeable odors around a number of Idaho trees, typically cottonwood, willow, and elm. Worse, it can also kill tre . . . . . more details

Spotted Spurge (Chamaesyce maculata; Synonym: Euphorbia maculata) > HTML
Spotted spurge is a summer weed that grows close to the ground in sidewalk cracks, roadsides, gardens, or drought-stressed lawns. Its presence can be helpful, because it often indicates an underlying . . . . . more details

Spring Vegetable Planting Guide for Idaho > HTML
Idaho's diverse climate makes it a challenging place to grow vegetables, so if you’re planning to start a vegetable garden this spring, this planting guide is for you. It provides basic, crucial infor . . . . . more details

Start Seeds Indoors with Success > HTML
Starting plants at home from seed is economical and rewarding. There’s more variety from which to choose, which allows you more flexibility in planning your garden. Part of the Idaho Green Thumb How-T . . . . . more details

Training Young Shade Trees > HTML
Learn how to nurture the development of a healthy tree structure in young shade trees in this Idaho Green Thumb How-to on pruning. After a brief overview, an Extension specialist discusses the necessa . . . . . more details

Vermicomposting at Home > HTML
Vermicomposting relies on worms to produce nutrient-dense vermicast from recycled organic food waste and other natural materials. The project takes up very little space, making it a convenient and eff . . . . . more details

Wasp and Hornet Control > HTML
If you’re interested in learning how to recognize Idaho's stinging yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets, and paper wasps, check out this helpful Idaho Green Thumb How-To. You’ll also glean a brief review . . . . . more details

White Bryony > HTML
A poisonous noxious weed, white bryony grows rapidly and can smother and kill small trees and shrubs. Learn its characteristics and how to identify and control it in this profile of the viny member of . . . . . more details

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