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Water Quality Publications & Resources

Bio-swales for Natural Stormwater Treatment > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from roads, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces in urbanized areas. Bioinfiltration swales offer a natural stormwater treatment solution in many are . . . . . more details

Design and Construction of Earthen Embankments for Animal Liquid-Waste Containment > PDF
Properly designed earthen embankment facilities for animal liquid-waste containment will have adequate storage capacity and be constructed to ensure minimal seepage from the sides and bottom of the la . . . . . more details

Forest Water Quality
A companion to the book Idaho Forestry Best Management Practices Field Guide, the video contains two parts. Part 1 describes how water moves through the forest, how our forest activities can . . . . . more details
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Grass Seeding Forest Roads, Skid Trails, and Landings in the Inland Northwest > PDF
Sediments are one of the main nonpoint sources of pollution for lakes, rivers, and streams in the Inland Northwest. This 8-page publication (including cover) shares strategies for protecting waters by . . . . . more details

Groundwater and Wellhead Protection in the HUA > PDF
The Idaho Snake-Payette Rivers Hydrologic Unit Area (HUA) Water Quality Project was one of 74 projects funded nationally by the U.S. Department of Agriculture designed to protect and improve water q . . . . . more details

H20 to Go—Staying Hydrated Safely! > HTML
Because drinking water is a requirement for human survival, it is important to know the basic facts so you can maintain your general health. Along with telling you how much water to drink each day, th . . . . . more details

Highway Districts Protecting Clean Water > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from roads, including tire wear dust, drips of oil and other fluids, and plastic trash that’s tossed aside. But Idaho's Kootenai County regional highway dis . . . . . more details

IDAH2O Master Water Stewards Handbook > PDF
The official handbook for University of Idaho Extension's Master Water Stewards trained to conduct water quality monitoring in Idaho lakes and streams. The handbook explains the program and provides s . . . . . more details

IDAH2O Playing Cards - Cleaner. Water. Faster.
For grades K-12, this complete deck of playing cards includes grade-specific mini-lessons on watershed science topics in Idaho. Use them in classrooms and out-of-school settings. For more i . . . . . more details
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Idaho's Nitrate Areas of Concern > PDF
Idaho's major agencies that deal with water have identified 25 geographic areas within the state that have elevated concentrations of nitrates in aquifers (groundwater). This publication offers an o . . . . . more details

Introduction to Clean Water Video Series > Video
Want to learn about how you can protect clean water in our lakes, streams and aquifers? This University of Idaho Extension video introduces ways to protect clean water and includes information on ripa . . . . . more details

Iron in Drinking Water > PDF
Iron in drinking water, though harmless, can result in poor tasting unattractive water that stains both plumbing fixtures and clothing. PNW 589 discusses four types of iron in water and seven option . . . . . more details

Nitrate and Groundwater > PDF
The Quality Water for Idaho series discusses ways farmers and homeowners can ensure the present and future safety of ground and surface waters in Idaho. Authors: Robert L. Mahler, B.A. Lo . . . . . more details

Protecting Streams and Lakes in Idaho: A Landowner's Guide > PDF
“Riparian” lands along the edges of lakes and rivers are home to many plants that, together, act as a buffer and first line of defense to protect local waterways and lakes. This brochure-style guide d . . . . . more details
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Public Attitudes about Water Quality in the HUA > PDF
The Idaho Snake-Payette Rivers Hydrologic Unit Area (HUA) Water Quality Project was one of 74 projects funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture implemented in the 1990s to protect and improve wate . . . . . more details

Riparian Vegetated Buffers Protect Land and Streams > Video
The best and cheapest way to protect your land from eroding away and protect clean water and fish habitat is to maintain streamside and lakeshore vegetation. This University of Idaho Extension video e . . . . . more details

Urban Farming For Healthy Water > Video
Community-based agriculture and home rain gardens can help protect water with soil conservation and wise water use. In this University of Idaho Extension video, the Gathering Garden stands as a highli . . . . . more details

Urban Forests and Protecting Lakes and Streams > Video
Urban Forests have a large positive impact on stormwater pollution and volume. In this University of Idaho Extension video, we will explore how cities' street trees can absorb pollution and slow down . . . . . more details

Urban Greenspaces for Clean Water > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from parking lots and other impervious surfaces in urbanized areas. Greenspaces offer an opportunity to filter and treat stormwater through natural processe . . . . . more details

Wastewater Treatment Plants Removing Phosphorous > Video
Small increases in phosphorous, a plant nutrient, can start big changes in aquatic nuisance plant life. This University of Idaho Extension video explains how phosphorous removal by wastewater treatmen . . . . . more details

Water and Rural Living: What Idaho Homeowners Need to Know > PDF
This guide provides practical and legal information for Idaho homeowners, home buyers, and realtors about rural residences and water-permitting processes. Along with explaining the basics about how ru . . . . . more details

Water Testing > PDF
Testing your water supply is a serious decision because it safeguards your and your family’s health. Indeed, your water should be safe to drink and acceptable for all household uses. However, some wat . . . . . more details


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