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Forage Crops and Pasture Publications & Resources

Alfalfa Nematodes in Idaho > PDF
This publication offers information for the alfalfa grower on various parasitic nematodes that affect their crops. It covers the distribution, life cycle, symptoms, impact, and management strategies f . . . . . more details

Applying Adaptive Grazing Management > PDF
Grazing management requires flexibility to adapt to ever-changing climatic conditions, and changes in grazing management for public lands may be required because of endangered or threatened species. I . . . . . more details

Best Management Practices for Constructing Sand-based Athletic Fields for Football and Soccer > PDF
Sand-based, natural turfgrass and synthetic surfaces are the best options for athletic fields in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Sand-based, natural turfgrass fields, when compared to synthetic surfaces, . . . . . more details

Best Management Practices for Maintaining Sand-based Natural Grass Athletic Fields > PDF
This publication recommends specific ways to manage sand-based fields, which will require more frequent fertilization, irrigation, and cultivation for proper maintenance than native soil fields. This . . . . . more details

Buying and Selling Hay on the Stump > HTML
This publication provides a five-step process and lists several online business tools that will empower buyers and sellers to successfully establish a fair price for hay on the stump. The steps includ . . . . . more details

Clover Root Curculio in Alfalfa: Identification, Biology, and Management > HTML
This publication helps growers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to identify clover root curculio infestations and to design an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for managing clover root curculi . . . . . more details

Cover Crops for Grazing Use in Idaho > HTML
This publication will help crop and livestock producers in Idaho or other high-desert systems to select, plant, and manage cover crop species and mixtures that can also serve as livestock forage. Topi . . . . . more details

Curlycup Gumweed > HTML
Curlycup gumweed (Grindelia squarrosa) (Pursh) Dunal is native to North America except in the southeastern United States. This forb (herbaceous broadleaf plant) is commonly found along roadsi . . . . . more details

Double-Cropped Winter Forages > PDF
Double cropping winter forages with corn silage increases total forage available to livestock operations while also removing more phosphorus from the soil. This 13-page bulletin with 14 figures helps . . . . . more details

Estimating Long-Term Idaho Hay Prices Using Multiple Data Sources > HTML
The dairy industry can substantially affect markets for other agricultural commodities, particularly those like alfalfa hay, which is used in dairy feed. In other words, hay and milk prices move toget . . . . . more details

Exploring Organic Grain and Forage Production as a Profitable Enterprise for Palouse Farmers > HTML
Demand for organic grain has outpaced actual US grain production in recent years. Yet little is known about organic grain production in the Palouse, likely because it comprises a small portion of tota . . . . . more details

Genetically Engineered Alfalfa and Feral Alfalfa Plants: What Should Growers Know? > PDF
Alfalfa is the world's most important forage crop, and the western US is its most important production area. Feral alfalfa is common and can potentially lower the genetic purity of alfalfa seed and cu . . . . . more details

Grazed Cover Cropping, Drew Leitch (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
An Inland Northwest farmer has been trialing spring and fall-seeded cover cropping for cow-calf grazing and the effects on the following grain crops. Authors: Georgine Yorgey, Kristy Borrel . . . . . more details

Idaho Forage Handbook (third edition) > PDF
This comprehensive information source for anyone who grows forage in Idaho or neighboring states covers topics from species and variety selection to pest control to harvest management, hay storage, an . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Alfalfa Variety Testing Report > PDF
Thirty-three varieties of alfalfa were field-tested in in U of I Extension variety trials conducted in northern Idaho during 2013–2016 crop seasons. The variety trials were located in cooperators’ fie . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Alfalfa > PDF
This publication offers fertilizer guidelines based on relationships between soil tests and yield responses for alfalfa. The fertilizer rates are designed to produce above-average yields. It offers in . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Grass Pastures > PDF
This publication offers fertilizer guidelines based on relationships between soil tests and yield responses for grass pastures. The fertilizer rates are designed to produce above-average yields for bo . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Grass Seedings for Conservation Programs > PDF
This publication offers fertilizer guidelines based on relationships between soil tests and yield responses. The fertilizer rates suggested are based on research results and are designed to produce ab . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Legume and Legume-Grass Pastures > PDF
This publication offers fertilizer guidelines based on relationships between soil tests and yield responses. Information is offered for established non-irrigated legumes and legume-grass mixtures, est . . . . . more details

Nutrient Management for Field Corn Silage and Grain > PDF
Adequate nutrition is essential if productive new corn hybrids are to realize their full yield potential. This publication provides fertilizer guidelines based on university research and a special s . . . . . more details

Nutrient Management Guide for Dryland and Irrigated Alfalfa in the Inland Northwest > PDF
This full-color illustrated guide for optimizing alfalfa production according to the growing conditions common throughout Idaho and east of the Cascades in Oregon and Washington provides specific reco . . . . . more details

Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest > PDF

The comprehensive resource for anyone who manages livestock on pastures in the Northwest, this 214- page book offers pasture managers information and tools to enable their past . . . . . more details


Pasture Principles for Smaller Acreages > HTML
Ranchettes and small farms are cropping up in rural landscapes across Idaho, spurring demand for information on pasture management. This updated publication addresses the most common concerns (scripti . . . . . more details

Performance of Forage and Conservation Grasses in Northern Idaho > PDF
This publication summarizes the methods and results of two University of Idaho multi-year grass studies that aimed to evaluate the productivity of various perennial, cool-season grasses for commercial . . . . . more details

Performance of Perennial Forage Legumes in Northern Idaho > PDF
This publication summarizes the methods and results of a University of Idaho study that collected data from three growing seasons and assessed the productivity, seasonal growth distribution, and longe . . . . . more details

Predicting Alfalfa Forage Quality in Southern Idaho > HTML
So that growers can meet certain goals or marketing criteria, it’s important to know how to determine the quality of alfalfa hay. Indeed, producers who raise dairy quality hay can expect higher return . . . . . more details

Procedures for Planting Dryland Grasses for Small Acreage Landowners in Southeastern Idaho > PDF
Current and future small-acreage owners in southeastern Idaho can use this 9-page publication to help establish and maintain small acreage pastures with reduced irrigation water. With properly estab . . . . . more details

Proper Sampling (Coring) of Hay Bales and Stacks > PDF
Bad nutrition diminishes any herd’s productivity. Forage sampling is thus a key strategy that helps livestock producers to maintain or optimize their operation’s output. This four-page bulletin shows . . . . . more details

Sampling the Moisture Content of Alfalfa in the Windrow: A New Tool Helps > PDF
Production of high-quality hay is vital for the dairy industry. Because forage moisture content determines its quality, producers need to know how to accurately measure the amount of water in alfalfa. . . . . . more details

Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Irrigated Alfalfa > PDF
Fertilizer improves plant growth and productivity. An entry in the southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide series, this four-page publication offers fertilizer guidelines for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, . . . . . more details

Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Irrigated Pastures > PDF
Irrigated pastures in southern Idaho are primarily composed of grasses or grass-legume mixtures. An entry in the southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide series, this five-page publication explains the nutrien . . . . . more details

Spring Annual Forage Hay Production in North-Central Idaho > HTML
Cattle producers in north-central Idaho need quality feed for their herds. But to satisfy that need, you need to do your homework. This publication helps growers and cattlemen understand how to use nu . . . . . more details

Teff Grass for Forage: Nitrogen and irrigation requirements > PDF
Teff is an ancient grain, made popular recently as more growers turn to teff for its high yields of high-quality hay. New research outlined here shows that teff requires less nitrogen fertilizer and i . . . . . more details

The Western Oregon and Washington Pasture Calendar > PDF
This publication describes—by climatic zone—perennial pasture plant growth and how management actions can affect growth, both positively and negatively. Optimal management of forages by season is the . . . . . more details

What Are Your Forages Worth? > PDF
Because it improves milk production and the overall health of livestock, feeding quality forages raises the productivity of livestock operations. This timely publication helps you to calculate the cos . . . . . more details


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