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Potatoes Publications & Resources

Best Practices for CIPC Residue Sampling of Potatoes and Storage Facilities > HTML
Provides a uniform, documented method for residue sampling of CIPC, a potato sprout inhibitor, in potatoes stored in commercial potato storages and a protocol for surface swabbing to detect CIPC resid . . . . . more details

Biofumigant Cover Cropping in Potatoes: Dale Gies (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > HTML
Dale Gies grows potatoes, wheat, and seed crops for vegetables and cover crops under irrigation near Moses Lake, Washington. In this publication, Gies discusses his experiences using a biofumigant cov . . . . . more details

Biology and Management of the Potato Tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Since 2000, potato tuberworm, a difficult-to-control insect pest, has been detected in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. This publication describes its distribution, hosts, identifying characters, and bi . . . . . more details

Chateau Herbicide for Use in Potatoes > PDF
Chateau can be used in a weed management program to provide hairy nightshade control. The publication discusses mode of action, herbicide characteristics, application rate and timing, weeds suppressed . . . . . more details

Cleaning and Disinfecting Potato Equipment and Storage Facilities > PDF
One important step in preventing the spread of potato diseases from field to field is the careful cleaning of equipment used in potato fields and by the effective cleaning of storage facilities before . . . . . more details

Commercial Application of CIPC Sprout Inhibitor to Storage Potatoes > PDF
For potato storage managers, this publication describes how CIPC works and when and how it is applied. Discusses causes of sprout inhibition failure. Authors: Michael Lewis, Michael Thornto . . . . . more details

Continuing to Manage Foreign Material For Quality Idaho Potatoes
Foreign material is any material that is not the potato tuber. It is "trash" or "garbage" in potatoes. Many foreign materials originate in the field, but others enter the product stream through equipm . . . . . more details
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Costs and Returns for Irrigated Organic Russet Burbank Potato Production in Southern Idaho > PDF
This study compares economic costs and returns for producing organic potatoes on farms of two sizes, a relatively small farm with 30 to 50 acres in potatoes and a larger farm with about 100 to 120 acr . . . . . more details

Cull and Waste Potato Management > PDF
Potatoes that are unusable for fresh market, processing, or dehydration because they do not meet minimum size, grade, or quality standards, or potatoes disposed because of low market value due to over . . . . . more details

Cultural Management of Blazer Russet Potatoes > PDF
Four pages of information about growing and storing Blazer Russet potatoes, an early maturing variety notable for high yields of long to oblong tubers. It is resistant to sugar-ends, tuber malformatio . . . . . more details

Cultural Management of Classic Russet Potatoes > PDF
Reports the findings from research studies on the cultural management of Classic Russet potatoes in southern Idaho. Growers can use the results in developing management guidelines for their own locale . . . . . more details

Cultural Management of Clearwater Russet Potatoes > HTML
The Clearwater Russet is a russet-skinned potato variety developed by the Pacific Northwest Variety Development Program that was released in 2008. Its excellent processing quality helped to popularize . . . . . more details

Cultural Management of Ranger Russet Potatoes > PDF
This publication provides management tips for producing high-quality Ranger Russet potatoes in southern Idaho. Growers should adapt this information to their own situations. Information includes seed . . . . . more details

Cultural Management of Russet Norkotah Potatoes > PDF
Russet Norkotah, an early-maturing variety with long to oblong tubers and dark russet skin is well adapted for the fresh market, but not well-suited for processing due to low specific gravity. Publica . . . . . more details

Diagnosis and Management of Potato Storage Diseases > PDF
Learn how to identify the major storage diseases of potatoes and how to manage them through prevention, storage disinfection, and management of temperature, humidity and airflow during storage. Contai . . . . . more details

Early Blight Biology and Control in Potatoes > PDF
With a focus on Idaho conditions, this publication describes the symptoms and disease cycle of early blight in potatoes and recommends control measures including cultural control, resistant cultivars, . . . . . more details

Evaluating LESA Irrigation Systems in Potato Production in Southern and Eastern Idaho > HTML
Low-elevation spray application (LESA) is an irrigation modification that places nozzles 1–2 ft aboveground. The lower nozzle height in LESA enables water droplets to spend less time in the air, which . . . . . more details

Field Guide to Potato Pests in English and Spanish
This 130-page pocket-sized manual helps potato field workers scout for common diseases, insects and weeds which can impact potato yields. Scouting is an important part of Integrated Pest Management. B . . . . . more details
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Handling Potato Waste for Beef Cattle Feeding > PDF
Feeding potato waste to beef cattle requires good feed management and certain precautions. This publication covers the storage and feeding of different forms of potato waste including filter cake an . . . . . more details

Herbicide Drift and Carryover Injury in Potatoes: Recognizing the Symptoms
Fifty-two full color photographs show symptoms of herbicide carryover and drift in potato tubers, roots, and leaves. Discusses factors affecting carryover and drift and describes injury symptoms fro . . . . . more details
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Management of Corky Ringspot Disease of Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This 6-page publication covers symptoms, causes, and spread of corky ringspot disease; testing your soil for stubby-root nematodes, which carry the disease; options for controlling the disease; and ti . . . . . more details

Managing Late Blight on Irrigated Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Discusses symptoms of late blight and biology of the late blight organism. Integrated pest management strategies cover between-season management, current-season management, and harvest and storage . . . . . more details

Matrix in Weed Management Systems for Potatoes > PDF
Provides information on Matrix's mode of action, its effectiveness on various weed species, and how to use it to maximize its strengths and avoid hazards of misuse. Authors: Pamela Hutchi . . . . . more details

Measuring Potato Dry Matter Content on the Farm > HTML
This publication describes three on-farm methods for measuring potato dry matter that provide similar results to commercial laboratory tests. Knowing the dry matter of cull potatoes is important to po . . . . . more details

Monitoring Tools for a Potato Bruise Prevention Program > HTML
Potato bruising is costly. It lowers the quality of a crop, leading to customer rejections or direct waste. It’s thus critical to quickly identify what is causing the injuries in your operation. This . . . . . more details

Nitrogen Uptake and Utilization by Pacific Northwest Field Crops > PDF
This publication is geared to promoting an understanding of the timing and pattern of biomass accumulation and nitrogen (N) uptake for crops in the Pacific Northwest. Proper use of N-based fertilizers . . . . . more details

Nutrient Management Guidelines for Russet Burbank Potatoes > PDF
Efficient potato nutrient management systems are designed to ensure that all essential plant nutrients are available in appropriate amounts and at the most beneficial time to provide for optimal vine . . . . . more details

Organic and Alternative Methods for Potato Sprout Control in Storage > PDF
This publication reports results of a series of projects conducted at the University of Idaho Potato Storage Research Facility in Kimberly to evaluate alternative potato sprout suppression product e . . . . . more details

Organic Potato Production in Idaho: Nutrient Management and Variety Selection > PDF
Topics in this publication include selecting varieties that may be suited for organic production; adapting fertilizer recommendations intended for conventionally grown potatoes; selecting organic nutr . . . . . more details

Outlook Herbicide for Weed Control in Potatoes > PDF
Describes mode of action, use rates, application methods, weeds controlled, potato variety tolerances, and follow-crop restrictions. Provides UI research data on percentage control of various weeds . . . . . more details

Portable Test Kits for Diagnosing Potato Diseases > HTML
University of Idaho scientists evaluated commercially available portable test kits for diagnosing potato diseases, finding them generally accurate and easy to use. This publication discusses the impor . . . . . more details

Potato Cost of Production for Idaho: 2016 With Comparisons to 2015 > PDF
Get an accurate estimate of the 2016 cost of producing potatoes in three Idaho regions (southwestern, south central, and eastern) by reviewing annual potato yields (plus historical comparisons), fumig . . . . . more details

Potato Irrigation Management > PDF
Efficient irrigation management can increase marketable yield while reducing production costs by conserving water, energy, and nitrogen fertilizer and while reducing potential groundwater contaminat . . . . . more details

Potato Production Systems (softcover)
Originally $89.95, now $20.00. (While supplies last.) Experts in all phases of potato production collaborated on this comprehensive potato production manual. With informati . . . . . more details
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Potato Production with Limited Water Supply > PDF
Research-based guidelines for irrigation, nutrient, and cultural management practices for producing potatoes when water supplies are limited are presented in this publication. Authors: Br . . . . . more details

Potato Psyllid Vector of Zebra Chip Disease in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This publication addresses the emergent issue in the PNW of a potato infection called zebra chip disease, vectored by the potato psyllid. Includes information on the bacterium, the biology of the vect . . . . . more details

Potato Seed Certification and Selection in Idaho > HTML
The selection of high-quality seed potatoes is essential to produce a profitable commercial potato crop. This publication explains the steps you need to take do to get your seed potato certified, as w . . . . . more details

Potato Seed Management: Seed Size and Age > PDF
Discusses impact of seed size and physiological age on seed performance and the implications for management. Authors: William H. Bohl, Phillip Nolte. Gale E. Kleinkopf, Michael K. Thornton< . . . . . more details

Potato Tuberworm: A Threat for Idaho Potatoes > PDF
Potato tuberworm has damaged potato crops in Oregon and could threaten Idaho potatoes. This publication describes the pest, its life cycle, and the damage it causes and goes into ways to manage the . . . . . more details

Preventing Potato Bruise Damage > PDF
This publication covers information on types of bruising (skinning, blackspot, shatter bruise, and pressure bruise), bruise prevention before and after harvest, bruise prevention in potato piling, r . . . . . more details

Rhizoctonia Stem Canker and Black Scurf of Potato > HTML
Various types of rhizoctonia stem canker and black scurf affect Idaho potatoes, often because farmers rotate sugar beet and tubers. Learn about their symptoms and disease cycle, as well as the best cu . . . . . more details

Silver Scurf Management in Potatoes > PDF
Silver scurf, a fungal disease that causes blemishes that make potatoes appear “dirty,” has plagued North American potato production for the past thirty years. Its unsightly appearance dis . . . . . more details

Specialty Potato Production and Marketing in Southern Idaho > PDF
US customers are increasingly willing to pay higher prices for gourmet or specialty potatoes that come in a variety of colors and sizes. According to marketing surveys, eight specialty cultivars—Carib . . . . . more details

Storage Management for Summit Russet Potatoes > PDF
Summit Russet is a 2002 late-maturing russet-skin potato cultivar that produces a high percentage of marketable tubers. Based on three years of research conducted at the University of Idaho Kimberly R . . . . . more details

Storage Management for Umatilla Russet Potatoes > PDF
Umatilla Russet is a potato cultivar that was developed in 1998 for the frozen processing market. Based on three years of research trials conducted at the University of Idaho Kimberly Research and Ext . . . . . more details

Storage Management of A93157-6LS Potatoes > PDF
A93157-6LS (6LS) is a 2006 multipurpose, mid- to late-maturing potato variety that has very high resistance to cold sweetening in storage. Based on three years of storage research at the University of . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Alpine Russet Potatoes > PDF
Alpine Russet is a high-yielding, late-maturing potato with long, lightly rusted tubers whose long-term storability is a special advantage. Based on three years of research at the University of Idaho . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Alturas Potatoes > PDF
Alturas is a 2002 multipurpose, late-maturing, high-yielding potato variety that produces russeted tubers with high specific gravity. Based on a three-year study at the University of Idaho’s Kimberly . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Blazer Russet Potatoes > HTML
Blazer Russet is an early maturing, high-yielding potato that produces oblong to long tubers with a medium-russet skin. Its name refers to its earliness—it blazes the way for a potato harvest. Based o . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Classic Russet Potatoes > HTML
Classic Russet is an early to midseason russet potato variety that is one of the most widely grown tubers in the United States. Based on three years of storage studies, this five-page publication comp . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Clearwater Russet Potatoes > HTML
Clearwater Russet is a dual-purpose potato variety released in 2008 by the USDA-ARS and the agricultural experiment stations of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Based on three years of research conducte . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Mountain Gem Russet Potatoes > HTML
One reason Idaho potato acreage devoted to the Russet Burbank has declined in recent years is because of the development of new cultivars, including Gem Russet. Based on three years of research conduc . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Payette Russet Potatoes > HTML
Payette Russet is a full-season potato variety released in 2015 by the USDA-ARS and the agricultural experiment stations of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Based on three years of storage data collecte . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Teton Russet Potatoes > HTML
Teton Russet is a dual-purpose potato variety released in 2011 by the USDA-ARS and the agricultural experiment stations of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Based on a three-year study conducted at the U . . . . . more details

Storage Management of Western Russet Potatoes > PDF
Western Russet is a multipurpose potato variety released in 2004 by the USDA-ARS and the agricultural experiment stations of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Based on a two-year study conducted at the U . . . . . more details

Superficial Growth on Potatoes > HTML
In some circumstances, nonpathogenic fungi and bacteria grow on the surface of a potato. This publication describes its growth, explains the factors that promote it, and provides some management pract . . . . . more details

The Role of Agricultural Processing in Idaho’s Economy: Status and Potential > PDF
Idaho food manufacturing accounts directly for 16,000 Idaho jobs (2% of the total), $8.5 billion in sales (7.3% of the total), and $1.2 billion of Idaho's gross state product (2% of GSP). T . . . . . more details

Vine Kill and Long-term Storage of Ranger Russet Potatoes > PDF
University of Idaho scientists at the Kimberly Research and Extension Center spent three years studying the best time to harvest Ranger Russet potatoes to maintain best processing quality during stora . . . . . more details

Weed Control and Potato Crop Safety with Metribuzin > PDF
Effective use of metribuzin, a triazinone herbicide for weed control in potato fields, has evolved since our last publication a decade ago. This twelve-page update provides recommendations for metribu . . . . . more details

White Mold of Potatoes > PDF
With a focus on Idaho conditions, this publication describes the symptoms and disease cycle of white mold in potatoes and recommends cultural, biological (with Conithirium minitans), and chem . . . . . more details

Wireworm Biology and Nonchemical Management in Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Wireworms are among the most destructive soil insect pests, particularly of potatoes, corn, cereals, and carrots. Worse, their numbers are resurging in the Pacific Northwest and Montana. This full-col . . . . . more details


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