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General (Fertilizers and Soils) Publications & Resources

2016 Dryland Field Day Abstracts > PDF
This publication is a compilation of the 2016 abstracts from dryland field days for Washington State University Extension, University of Idaho Extension, and Oregon State University Extension. Include . . . . . more details

2017 Dryland Field Day Abstracts > PDF
This publication is a compilation of the 2017 abstracts from dryland field days for Washington State University Extension, University of Idaho Extension, and Oregon State University Extension. Include . . . . . more details

2018 Dryland Field Day Abstracts > PDF
This publication is a compilation of the 2018 abstracts from dryland field days for Washington State University Extension, University of Idaho Extension, and Oregon State University Extension. Include . . . . . more details

2019 Dryland Field Day Abstracts > PDF
This publication is a compilation of the 2019 abstracts from dryland field days for Washington State University Extension, University of Idaho Extension, and Oregon State University Extension. Include . . . . . more details

Acidifying Soil for Crop Production: Inland Pacific Northwest > PDF
Explains the relationship between high soil pH and nutrient deficiencies in crop plants. Color photos illustrate symptoms of pH-induced nutrient deficiency. Authors: Donald Horneck, Donald . . . . . more details

Advances in Dryland Farming in the Inland Pacific Northwest (REACCH Handbook) > HTML
Farmers make tough decisions all the time—it comes with the territory. When that territory includes the dryland region of the inland Pacific Northwest, decisions can be even more challenging. Fluctu . . . . . more details

Best Management Practices for Minimizing Ammonia Volatilization from Fertilizer Nitrogen Applications in Idaho Crops > HTML
Nitrogen fertilizer applications in areas of intensive agricultural production of Idaho can result in loss of nitrogen by ammonia volatilization. However, effective use of best management practices ca . . . . . more details

Biosolids in Dryland Cropping Systems > PDF
This publication reviews the long term benefits of municipal biosolids applications on soil health in dryland cereal and pasture cropping systems east of the Cascades. Biosolids were an especially eff . . . . . more details

Compost: Production, Quality, and Use in Commercial Agriculture > PDF
The livestock industry produces large quantities of manure that must be disposed of in a way that prevents contamination of water resources. Composting is an efficient way to deal with manure, reducin . . . . . more details

Cover Crops for High-Desert Farming Systems in Idaho > HTML
This guide presents optimal cover crops for high-desert farming systems in the intermountain West under irrigated or low-moisture conditions. Species included were selected for cold hardiness, biomass . . . . . more details

Cultural Management of Clearwater Russet Potatoes > HTML
The Clearwater Russet is a russet-skinned potato variety developed by the Pacific Northwest Variety Development Program that was released in 2008. Its excellent processing quality helped to popularize . . . . . more details

Dairy Compost Production and Use in Idaho: On-Farm Composting Management > PDF
This publication describes composting management practices starting from compost material preparation and ending with the evaluation of the finished product. Authors: Lide Chen and Mario de . . . . . more details

Dairy Compost Production and Use in Idaho: The Composting Process > PDF
This publication explains what composting is, how it occurs, and how various factors affect it. First in a series on composting dairy wastes in Idaho and using dairy compost on the farm. Au . . . . . more details

Dairy Manure Applications in Irrigated Wheat Production Systems > PDF
Discover best management practices for irrigated wheat production systems receiving dairy manure applications. Recommendations are based on field research conducted in southern Idaho. Grain protein co . . . . . more details

Dairy Manure Field Applications: How Much is Too Much? > PDF
Dairy manure can increase crop yields and improve soil. However, manure can also cause an excess of certain nutrients, which can damage waterways and crops. This publication presents background inform . . . . . more details

Date, Rate, and Place: The Field Book for Dairy Manure Applicators > PDF
This publication provides recording keeping sheets and examples for manure applications on dairy farms. Examples are provided for a number of different manure handling systems. Authors: And . . . . . more details

Double-Cropped Winter Forages > PDF
Double cropping winter forages with corn silage increases total forage available to livestock operations while also removing more phosphorus from the soil. This 13-page bulletin with 14 figures helps . . . . . more details

Estimating Plant-Available Nitrogen Release from Cover Crops > PDF
A key benefit of cover crops is their ability to supply plant-available nitrogen (PAN) for the following crop. This publication is based on cover crop research done in the Willamette Valley of Orego . . . . . more details

Fertilizer Placement > PDF
Discusses the relative strengths of broadcasting, banding, and pop-up fertilizer applications, especially with respect to protecting water quality and maximizing yields. Also discusses placement of sp . . . . . more details

Fertilizer Primer: Terminology, Calculations, and Application > PDF
Essential for anyone trying to make sense of the often confusing terminology surrounding fertilizers, this publication defines fertilizer terminology, describes the various forms of commercial fertili . . . . . more details

Fertilizing with Biosolids > PDF
Focuses on how biosolids can be used to supply nutrients to crops. Describes the nutrient content and fertilizer replacement value of biosolids and the relationship between biosolids nutrient inputs a . . . . . more details

Fertilizing with Manure and Other Organic Amendments > PDF
Description: Are you thinking about using manure to fertilize your farm but want more information? Properly managed manure applications recycle nutrients to crops, improve soil quality, and protect wa . . . . . more details

Improving Nitrogen-Use Efficiency in Idaho Crop Production > HTML
This publication summarizes the most current applied scientific information on practices and methodologies available to growers for improving nitrogen-use efficiency. Topics include leaching and runof . . . . . more details

Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilization Affect End-Use Quality of Spring Wheat of Three Market Classes > HTML
Water and nitrogen are key ingredients in successful cropping systems, particularly in the challenging climates of the semiarid and arid regions of the western United States. This publication provides . . . . . more details

Know the Demographic Trends: The Findings of a Three-Year Survey on Nitrogen Management and Precision Agriculture Adoption in Southern Idaho > HTML
Between 2015 and 2017, a grower survey was conducted to gather data on the demographic trends underlying the use and nonuse of high-tech devices and procedures on farms. Targeted were a small but dive . . . . . more details

Liming Materials > PDF
With the continuing pH decline of agricultural soils in northern Idaho, growers need to consider applying soil amendments to increase soil pH. This publication provides information about materials a . . . . . more details

Mitigating High-Phosphorus Soils > PDF
According to Idaho law, livestock operators must make sure their operations are not dumping excess phosphorus into the soil, which could then contaminate surface water or groundwater. This publicati . . . . . more details

Monitoring Soil Nutrients Using a Management Unit Approach > PDF
This publication focuses on how to design a soil nutrient monitoring strategy using management units or zones for soil testing and nutrient application. The management unit approach is designed to pro . . . . . more details

Nitrate and Groundwater > PDF
The Quality Water for Idaho series discusses ways farmers and homeowners can ensure the present and future safety of ground and surface waters in Idaho. Authors: Robert L. Mahler, B.A. Lo . . . . . more details

Nitrogen Management for Hard Wheat Protein Enhancement > PDF
With a focus on irrigated wheat in the Pacific Northwest, this bulletin discusses the many factors that govern wheat protein. It draws from regional research that addresses the nitrogen management r . . . . . more details

Nitrogen Management in Field Crops with Reference Strips and Crop Sensors > HTML
Learn how crop sensors and reference strips work and how to use them to fine-tune nitrogen (N) fertilizer applications to cut costs and increase revenues and yields. The techniques can be used in pota . . . . . more details

Nitrogen Uptake and Utilization by Pacific Northwest Field Crops > PDF
This publication is geared to promoting an understanding of the timing and pattern of biomass accumulation and nitrogen (N) uptake for crops in the Pacific Northwest. Proper use of N-based fertilizers . . . . . more details

Nutrients Plants Require for Growth > HTML
Plants require 17 essential elements for growth: carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, calcium, magnesium, boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, . . . . . more details

Pasture Principles for Smaller Acreages > HTML
Ranchettes and small farms are cropping up in rural landscapes across Idaho, spurring demand for information on pasture management. This updated publication addresses the most common concerns (scripti . . . . . more details

Phosphorus in the Calcareous Soils of Southern Idaho: A Literature Review with Implications for Crop Production, Manure Management, and Water Quality > PDF
This publication summarizes research on the chemistry and movement of agricultural phosphorus in southern Idaho, where calcareous soils and a large supply of dairy manure create a unique situation f . . . . . more details

Quick Facts — Idaho Sugar Beets > HTML
This compact fact sheet summarizes recommendations for growing sugar beets in Idaho, with pointers or information on soil sampling/testing, fertilization, irrigation, tillage, cropping history, and pe . . . . . more details

Sampling Dairy Manure and Compost for Nutrient Analysis > PDF
Testing the nutrient content of dairy manure or compost reveals nutrient value and determines the application rate, but it must be done correctly. This six-page guide shows you how to conduct a proper . . . . . more details

Soil and the Environment: A Land and Homesite Evaluation Handbook and Training Guide > PDF

Land and homesite evaluation allows individuals to make wise soil and land management decisions as well as conserve Idaho’s most valuable natural resource—soil. The official . . . . . more details


Soil Fertility in Organic Systems: A Guide for Gardeners and Small Acreage Farmers > PDF
Managing soil fertility is challenging because it requires considerable focus—you must consistently pay attention to the source, timing, rate, and placement of nutrient applications. This publication . . . . . more details

Soil Testing to Guide Fertilizer Management > HTML
Regularly testing your soil will allow you to accurately spot problem areas and thus provide sustainable soil nutrient management. This updated version of a 1997 bulletin provides the basic informatio . . . . . more details

Soil-Testing Procedures for Southern Idaho Soils > HTML
Crops require seventeen nutrients to thrive. To make sure your soil is providing them, soil sampling and testing are critical. This bulletin provides a brief overview of both by discussing how researc . . . . . more details

Understanding Factors Controlling Ammonia Volatilization from Fertilizer Nitrogen Applications > HTML
Nitrogen is the soil nutrient needed in the largest quantity by plants. Because most plants cannot make or "fix" nitrogen on their own, it must be applied as fertilizer, most often in the forms of amm . . . . . more details

Using Soil Test Results For Garden Fertilization - A Guide for Fertilizing Home Landscapes and Gardens in Idaho > PDF
Once home gardeners test their soil, what should they do with the results? This 8-page publication demystifies the numbers on most fertilizer labels—such as 15-15-15 or 21-0-0-24—and helps you to make . . . . . more details

Worksheet for Calculating Biosolids Application Rates in Agriculture > PDF
Biosolids are a byproduct of municipal wastewater treatment. Raw sewage solids must be processed to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards before they can be called biosolids. This worksh . . . . . more details


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