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Agricultural Economics Publications & Resources

2014 Farm Bill Crop Commodity Program Payments in Idaho > HTML
The 2014 Farm Bill initiated revenue support programs for crop farmers (ARC-CO, ARC-IC, and PLC). This study determines whether or not the bill functioned as expected. It investigates how ARC-CO and P . . . . . more details

A Community-based Response to Flooding, Jay Gordon (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
After recent frequent and severe flooding events, dairy farmer Jay Gordon has been working with others in his community to develop a strategy for lessening the impacts of future flooding in their wate . . . . . more details

An Industry Amidst Conflict and Change: Practices and Perceptions of Idaho's Bluegrass Seed Producers > PDF
Reports the findings of a survey of northern Idaho bluegrass farmers about their willingness and ability to adopt potential nonthermal production technologies. Also reports on the social and economic . . . . . more details

Break-even Analysis of Small-Scale Production of Pastured Organic Poultry > PDF
Data from five years of trials at Washington State University were used to compare costs and returns for pastured organic broilers using two strains of Cornish Cross meat birds, the industry standard. . . . . . more details

Business Management Guide for Grazers > PDF
Describes the management process for management-intensive grazing (MiG) as a series of three recurring operations—strategic, tactical, and operational. Provides sample enterprise budgets and informati . . . . . more details

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): A Marketing Strategy for Small Acreage Producers in Idaho > PDF
For some small-acreage producers, a CSA program is a valuable marketing strategy that contributes to whole farm sustainability. This 7-page publication helps growers think through whether CSA is right . . . . . more details

Contribution of Agribusiness to Idaho's Economy, 2010 > PDF
In 2010, Idaho agribusinesses sold more than $15 billion of goods and services, generated $3.4 billion in gross state product, and created 50,000 Idaho jobs. It was Idaho's largest base industry by sa . . . . . more details

Contribution of Agribusiness to the Idaho Economy, 2011 > PDF
In 2011, Idaho agribusiness contributed $24 billion (20%) of total Idaho sales, over $8.3 billion (14%) of the state's GSP, and over 123,000 (14%) Idaho jobs, according to a base analysis that takes i . . . . . more details

Contribution of Agribusiness to the Idaho Economy, 2013 > HTML
In 2013, Idaho agribusiness contributed more than $27 billion (20%) of total Idaho sales, over $10 billion (16%) of the state's GSP, and over 126,000 (14%) Idaho jobs, according to a base analysis tha . . . . . more details

Contribution of Agribusiness to the Magic Valley Economy, 2010 > PDF
Taking into account the ripple effects of exports from Magic Valley agribusinesses in 2010, agribusiness in the Magic Valley contributed close to 60% of the region's sales, 45% of its gross regional p . . . . . more details

Contribution of Agribusiness to the Magic Valley Economy, 2013 > HTML
Agriculture in the Magic Valley has grown from family farmsteads into a giant agribusiness industry, providing jobs for the valley’s residents and food for national and international markets. In 2013, . . . . . more details

Contribution of Agribusiness to the Magic Valley Economy, 2018 > HTML
Agriculture in the Magic Valley has grown from family farmsteads into a giant agribusiness industry, providing jobs for the valley’s residents and food for national and international markets. In 2018, . . . . . more details

Contribution of the Grape and Wine Industry to Idaho's Economy > PDF
The grape and wine industry is one of the fastest growing in the United States and while Idaho's grape and wine industry is relatively small, it is beginning to grow, gaining in both regional and nati . . . . . more details

Contributions of Agriculture to Idaho's Economy: 2006 > PDF
Agriculture makes the biggest contribution to Idaho's economy, more than any other economic sector. This 12-page illustrated publication, intended for laymen and policy makers details the difference b . . . . . more details

Cost and Returns Baseline for the Dryland Grain Annual Cropping Region of the Pacific Northwest for 2011–2015 with a 2016 Comparison > PDF
How do growers know what to grow — what will be profitable for their operation? This publication provides benchmark estimates for farm-level costs and returns for the dryland crops typically produced . . . . . more details

Costs and Returns for Irrigated Organic Russet Burbank Potato Production in Southern Idaho > PDF
This study compares economic costs and returns for producing organic potatoes on farms of two sizes, a relatively small farm with 30 to 50 acres in potatoes and a larger farm with about 100 to 120 acr . . . . . more details

Country of Origin Labeling and Livestock Producers > PDF
Provides background information on the new Country of Origin Labeling Law, how it might affect sales of U.S. meat, and how producers can track and provide documentation regarding the country of origin . . . . . more details

Cover Crops for Grazing Use in Idaho > HTML
This publication will help crop and livestock producers in Idaho or other high-desert systems to select, plant, and manage cover crop species and mixtures that can also serve as livestock forage. Topi . . . . . more details

Economic and Environmental Impact of Nematode Research and Extension Program on the Idaho Agricultural Industry > PDF
This publication outlines the beneficial environmental and economic impact of nematode research on the Idaho agricultural industry. It has information on the historical perspective of research, variou . . . . . more details

Economic Contribution of Idaho Agribusiness > PDF
The agribusiness sector accounts for a greater share of the state economy in Idaho than in all of its neighboring states and the United States as a whole. This publication details the economic contrib . . . . . more details
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Economic Development Challenges for Small Towns in Idaho's Butte, Custer, and Lemhi Counties > PDF
Small towns in Idaho's Butte, Custer, and Lemhi counties face particular challenges because of their rugged remoteness and also because of the area's biggest, most famous employer--the Idaho National . . . . . more details

Economics of Yellow Mustard in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This publication addresses the economic feasibility of producing mustard in the Pacific Northwest. Specific topics reviewed include yield potential, supply and demand considerations, markets and pri . . . . . more details

Estimating Long-Term Idaho Hay Prices Using Multiple Data Sources > HTML
The dairy industry can substantially affect markets for other agricultural commodities, particularly those like alfalfa hay, which is used in dairy feed. In other words, hay and milk prices move toget . . . . . more details

Ethanol in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Ethanol: Where does it come from? How is it used? Learn the background of ethanol as a transportation biofuel and the important role it plays in the PNW. Authors: Noelle M. Hart, Keaton L. . . . . . more details

Exploring Organic Grain and Forage Production as a Profitable Enterprise for Palouse Farmers > HTML
Demand for organic grain has outpaced actual US grain production in recent years. Yet little is known about organic grain production in the Palouse, likely because it comprises a small portion of tota . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: An Overview and Introduction > PDF
This revision summarizes benefits, drawbacks, and requirements of several direct marketing options, including farmers markets, farm or roadside stands, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), U-pick, w . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Costs and Enterprise Selection > PDF
This revision covers how to do a general budget analysis for your farm-direct enterprise. Includes how to identify fixed and variable costs and do a breakeven analysis. Author: Larry Lev . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Financial Management > PDF
This revision looks at several aspects of a successful farm-direct enterprise, including benefits of good farm financial planning, explanation of important terms used in financial planning, keys to su . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Location and Facilities for On-farm Sales > PDF
This revision discusses aspects of good location and facilities for a farm-direct marketing business, including location, site selection, parking, and types of facilities (such as a roadside stand or . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Merchandising and Pricing Strategies > PDF
This revision discusses the strategies direct marketers use to make sales. It includes making a merchandising plan, display and packaging, customer service, pricing strategies and techniques, and prom . . . . . more details

Farm-direct Marketing: Personnel Management > PDF
This revision includes information on complying with labor laws, ways to find good employees, employee orientation and training, employee policies, and employee management. Author: Christy . . . . . more details

Idaho Agricultural Global Exports, 2018 > HTML
In 2017, Idaho’s foreign exports totaled almost $3.9 billion. The second-largest category of exports was food and agricultural products, which contributed 22% of Idaho’s total exports. This publicatio . . . . . more details

Idaho Crop Profiles: Apples > PDF
This publication is an overview of commercial apple production including production regions, production practices, pest management, weeds, and diseases. Information includes a description of the pot . . . . . more details

Marketing Alternatives for Specialty Produce > PDF
Describes marketing and farm business management for Pacific Northwest vegetable and fruit growers as well as a snapshot of practices used in specialty agriculture. Authors: Larry Burt, Cur . . . . . more details

Potato Cost of Production for Idaho: 2016 With Comparisons to 2015 > PDF
Get an accurate estimate of the 2016 cost of producing potatoes in three Idaho regions (southwestern, south central, and eastern) by reviewing annual potato yields (plus historical comparisons), fumig . . . . . more details

Potato Production Systems (softcover)
Originally $89.95, now $20.00. (While supplies last.) Experts in all phases of potato production collaborated on this comprehensive potato production manual. With informati . . . . . more details
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Premiums and Discounts for Market Beef Cows and Bulls Sold at Auction > PDF
The results of the beef quality audits reported here will help beef producers to optimize the value of their market (cull) beef cows and bulls with the ultimate goal of improving the quality and consi . . . . . more details

Public Attitudes and Perceptions of Air Quality and Bluegrass Seed Residue Burning in Northern Idaho > PDF
The Pacific Northwest produces about three-quarters of all agricultural production of grass seed in the United States. But its processing has generated controversy. Some Idahoans question the practice . . . . . more details

Scheduling the Final Irrigation for Wheat and Barley > HTML
Water management during grain formation is more important than ever, particularly with urban expansion and the subsequent increase in municipal water use. By investigating crop water–use patterns and . . . . . more details

Seven Popular Myths about Livestock Grazing on Public Lands, 2d edition > PDF
By the 1990s, widespread disapproval of range policies prevailed, fueled largely by the general public’s lack of knowledge about the condition of the country’s rangelands. This early response from 199 . . . . . more details

Southern Idaho Dryland Winter Wheat Production Guide > PDF
Wheat is an important crop throughout Idaho, especially in the dryland cropping areas of southern Idaho. However, the region’s rolling landscape with high- wind and water-erosion potential plus low pr . . . . . more details

The Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture: 2018 > HTML
Summary of the financial condition of Idaho agriculture in 2018. Includes net farm income, cash receipts, revenue from livestock and crops, and the overall contribution of agribusiness to Idaho’s Econ . . . . . more details

The Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture: 2019 > HTML
Summary of the financial condition of Idaho agriculture in 2019. Includes net farm income, cash receipts, revenue from livestock and crops, and the overall contribution of agribusiness to Idaho’s Econ . . . . . more details

The Financial Condition of Idaho Agriculture: 2020 > HTML
This comprehensive yet concise annual report, often relied upon by state legislators, summarizes the financial condition of Idaho agriculture. The categories covered for 2020 include net farm income, . . . . . more details

The Role of Agricultural Processing in Idaho’s Economy: Status and Potential > PDF
Idaho food manufacturing accounts directly for 16,000 Idaho jobs (2% of the total), $8.5 billion in sales (7.3% of the total), and $1.2 billion of Idaho's gross state product (2% of GSP). T . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: Episode 1, Why Trade and What to Trade? > Video
In this episode, we answer two fundamental but very important questions in international trade: why do countries want to trade with each other and how do countries decide what to produce? To explore t . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: Episode 2, World Supply and Demand > Video
In Episode 1, our friend Joe Vandal exports potato chips to Mars and imports memory chips from Mars. What happens if you own a small farm like Roger and produce potato chips for the domestic market? D . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: Episode 3, What is a Trade Deficit? > Video
In this video, we look at an accounting issue: “What is the balance of payments among countries?” We often hear the term “trade deficit” in the news. But what exactly is a trade deficit? Is a trade de . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: Episode 4, Winners and Losers of Trade > Video
This is the last video in the series on “Understanding International Trade: The Basic Ideas.” If you recall in Episode 1, we showed that countries benefit from free trade. So, if trade is good, why ar . . . . . more details

Understanding International Trade: The Basic Ideas > Video
Welcome to the video series, Understanding International Trade: The Basic Ideas. This video provides a brief overview and introduction to the video series. International trade affects both consumers a . . . . . more details


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