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Forestry Publications & Resources

After the Burn: Assessing and Managing Your Forestland after a Wildfire > PDF

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American Chestnut > PDF
Whether you are planning one American chestnut in your yard or planning to establish a plantation with hundreds of trees, there are some basic planning, planting and maintenance activities you should . . . . . more details

Basic Forest Inventory Techniques for Family Forest Owners > PDF
An inventory is a cornerstone of forest stewardship planning that not only ensures your forest is healthy and productive, but can meet your objectives as a landowner for years to come. This manual wil . . . . . more details

Black Cherry > PDF
Whether you are planning one black cherry tree in your yard or planning to establish a plantation with hundreds of trees, there are some basic planning, planting and maintenance activities you should . . . . . more details

Black Walnut > PDF
Black Walnut is one of the most-highly prized North American hardwoods. A tasty nut crop and aesthetically pleasing characteristics make black walnut an attractive choice for Idaho landowners with the . . . . . more details

Carpathian Walnut > PDF
Carpathian Walnut is known for its outstanding nut qualities and fine wood and aesthetic characteristics. Whether you are planning one tree in your yard or planning to establish a plantation with hund . . . . . more details

Enhancing Reforestation Success in the Inland Northwest > PDF
This publication highlights vegetation management strategies to improve conifer seedling survival and growth. It compares vegetation management methods such as scalping, mulch mats, and herbicides for . . . . . more details

Evaluating Wildlife Habitat for Managing Private Forest Ecosystems in the Inland Northwest

To order, please visit our online Marketplace: UI Ext . . . . . more details


Field Guide to the Bark Beetles of Idaho and Adjacent Regions

This practical guide for forest owners and managers, entomologists, and natural history enthusiasts allows anyone with a basic knowledge of Idaho trees to seek out and ident . . . . . more details


Field Guide to the Willows of East-Central Idaho > PDF
Willow identification is difficult for land managers and professional botanists alike because existing floras emphasize short-lived flower and fruit characteristics not present during much of the fiel . . . . . more details

Forest Water Quality

A companion to the book Idaho Forestry Best Management Practices Field Guide, the video contains two parts. Part 1 describes how water moves through the forest, how . . . . . more details

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Grass Seeding Forest Roads, Skid Trails, and Landings in the Inland Northwest > PDF
Sediments are one of the main nonpoint sources of pollution for lakes, rivers, and streams in the Inland Northwest. This 8-page publication (including cover) shares strategies for protecting waters by . . . . . more details

Hardwood Plantations for the Inland Northwest > PDF
Addresses considerations when establishing a high-value hardwood plantation including cost, location, time and maintainence. Covers planning your plantation, site preparation, planting your plantation . . . . . more details

Hardwoods 101: Planning, Planting, and Maintenance > PDF
Whether you are planning one hardwood tree in your yard or planning to establish a plantation with hundreds of trees, there are some basic planning, planting, and maintenance activities that will bene . . . . . more details

I Want to Log "Selectively" > Video
While many forest landowners are interested in cutting trees to improve forest health, generate income, or other reasons, they are often reluctant to alter the appearance of their forest too dramatica . . . . . more details

Idaho Forestry Best Management Practices Field Guide: Using BMPs to Protect Water Quality > PDF

This practical guide will help forest landowners, managers, and operators apply Idaho's mandatory forestry BMPs. Contents include (1) the science related to forests, forest h . . . . . more details


Idaho's Forest Products Industry: Current Conditions and Forecast 2010 > PDF
A new report from the University of Idaho's College of Natural Resources will benefit anyone with an interest in the Idaho forest products industry. The report examines the Idaho forest products indus . . . . . more details

Land Survey and Mapping: An Introduction for Woodland Owners > HTML
Discusses types of plane surveys, including property surveys and cadastral surveys. Briefly sketches the history of the rectangular survey system in the United States and describes how the rectangular . . . . . more details

Logging Selectively

To order, please visit our online Marketplace: UI Ext . . . . . more details


Major Wood Decays in the Inland Northwest

Describes examples of wood decay compiled from herbarium, laboratory and field specimens. Descriptions, photographs and keys help readers identify types of decay in lay terms . . . . . more details


Management Planning for the Family Forest Owner > PDF
Leads you through the steps of preparing a useful management plan for your forest property. Includes numerous sources of further information. Authors: Randy Brooks and Ron Mahoney
. . . . . more details


Managing Organic Debris for Forest Health: Reconciling fire hazard, bark beetles, wildlife, and forest nutrition needs > PDF

This 60-page publication, with over 80 full-color photographs, tables, and charts, will help forest owners and those who work with them to maximize forest health and minimize p . . . . . more details


Managing Woodland Roads > HTML
A full-color field guide to building and maintaining unpaved roads in woodland environments. Contains information on road shapes and surfaces, cross-drainage structures, stream crossings, wet-weather . . . . . more details

Oaks > PDF
Excellent wood qualities, adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions, superb wildlife value, and vivid fall coloration all make Oaks an attractive selection for alternative tree crops for Idah . . . . . more details

Paulownia > PDF
Royal Paulownia has very special physical and cultural needs. But with the right site and cultural practices, paulownia could be a successful alternative tree crop for Idaho private landowners. Whethe . . . . . more details

Planning and Implementing Cross-boundary, Landscape-scale Restoration and Wildfire Risk Reduction Projects > PDF
This guide describes the process the Klamath-Lake Forest Partnership (KLFHP) has used to plan and implement cross-boundary restoration projects to achieve improved forest health conditions on large la . . . . . more details

Planning and Planting a Five-Row Windbreak > PDF
A properly designed and maintained windbreak provides many benefits to you and the environment including home energy conservation, improved crop yields, snow drift control, and more. Read about these . . . . . more details

Plant Your Seedlings Right > PDF
In order to ensure the highest level of success in planting seedlings, there are many practices you will want to consider. This publication covers the correct ways to handle, plant, and care for your . . . . . more details

Protecting and Landscaping Homes in the Wildland/Urban Interface > PDF

Despite the specter of climate change, housing developments in wildfire-prone communities (areas where houses sit within or directly adjacent to natural vegetation) have steadi . . . . . more details


Pruning Western White Pine: A Vital Tool for Species Restoration > PDF

Once the primary tree in the Inland Northwest, by 2006 western white pine inhabited less than 5% of its historical range. White pine blister rust, a fungus that forms eruptive, . . . . . more details


Reducing Fire Risk on Your Property > PDF
Can your forested property survive a wildfire? If you’re not sure, this 41-page 2010 booklet is a definite must-read. Along with describing fire behavior, Extension foresters from the tristate region . . . . . more details

Return of the Giants > PDF

Western white pines, Idaho’s state tree, used to be forest giants of the Inland Northwest, but no longer. By discussing white pine ecology, recounting the tree’s demise in th . . . . . more details


Russian Olive Trees: Control and Management in the Pacific Northwest > HTML
Russian olive trees are fast-growing plants that since the 1950s have become invasive throughout many areas of the Inland Pacific Northwest, particularly in riparian ecosystems. They form impenetrable . . . . . more details

Selling Logs from Your Property: A Curriculum Package for Educators in the Western U.S. > PDF
Selling logs is one of the most important decisions a landowner can face. This curriculum package for forestry educators brings together consulting foresters, log buyers and loggers to teach participa . . . . . more details

Special Forest Products > PDF
Markets for special forest products in Idaho (edible wild mushrooms, fresh floral greens, dried flowers, wild berries, seeds, roots, bark, and other plant parts) have expanded considerably since 1992, . . . . . more details

Sugar Maple > PDF
Maple syrup and brilliant fall colors—that’s what sugar maples are best known for. With the right site choice and management, you too can grow sugar maples and reap the many benefits of this magnifice . . . . . more details

The Care and Maintenance of Wood Shingle and Shake Roofs > PDF
Wood shingles and shakes can provide years of service if properly installed and maintained. Learn what kinds of wood make the best roofing material; how to protect against fungus, moss and lichen; and . . . . . more details

Thinning-An Important Timber Management Tool > PDF
Thinning a dense stand of trees can increase a forest’s health and scenic beauty while improving your property’s value. Along with explaining how seedlings grow into mature trees, how stands of trees . . . . . more details

Ties to the Land: Succession Planning for Property Owners > HTML
Whether you own a farm, forest or rangeland, you care about your property and what happens to it. That's why you need a succession plan to help guide its transition to future owners. Ties to the Land . . . . . more details

Tree Growth, Forest Management, and Their Implications for Wood Quality > PDF
Targeted at foresters and wood products manufacturers, this publication summarizes wood formation—what influences wood quality and why. After describing the biology of tree growth, the author explains . . . . . more details

Trees Against the Wind > PDF
Learn how to plan, establish, and care for windbreaks, shelterbelts, and living snow fences in this 48-page booklet. Along with covering windbreak design, the authors (two foresters) discuss how to in . . . . . more details

Western Larch: A Deciduous Conifer in an Evergreen World > PDF
Western larch is a unique conifer. It is deciduous, resistant to many pests, and exceptionally adaptable, with wood that is strong, hard, and durable. Its strength and consistency thus make it an idea . . . . . more details

Wild Trees of Idaho > PDF
Idaho is a tree state, where even along streams, in clefts in rocks, along irrigation ditches, and in a variety of other special habitats they thrive. This 200+-page book is about wild trees—native, e . . . . . more details

Working with a Professional Forester > PDF
(Includes Idaho Natural Resource Consultant Directory) Forest management effects can be long lasting, so it is appropriate to do some research and make thoughtful decisions. Different types . . . . . more details


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