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Lawns Publications & Resources

Controlling Billbug Grubs in Lawns > HTML
This publication describes symptoms and control strategies for billbug grubs (larvae) in Idaho lawns. Nonchemical strategies include growing grass varieties that are resistant to billbug feeding and a . . . . . more details

Core Aeration of Lawns—Benefits and Procedures > HTML
Two issues that commonly reduce the health and attractive appearance of a lawn are soil compaction and the development of a thick thatch layer. Core aeration offers a solution. In this Idaho Green Thu . . . . . more details

Lawn Care in Short-Season, High-Altitude Zones > HTML
Curious about how to maintain a healthy lawn in Idaho's short-season, high-altitude climates? It’s a bit more challenging to do than in other areas of the state. Learn how to navigate their limiting f . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Northern Idaho Lawns > PDF
Fertilization done incorrectly can result in diseased lawns, weedy lawns, or lawns that adversely impact water quality. This guide is for homeowners who wish to improve the quality of their lawn thr . . . . . more details

Southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Southern Idaho Lawns > PDF
Improper fertilization can result in diseased or weedy lawns. An entry in the southern Idaho Fertilizer Guide series, this six-page publication will help homeowners grow a healthy lawn. It discusses f . . . . . more details

Starting a Home Lawn > PDF
Lawns are one of the simplest groundcovers to maintain and enjoy, but they require a good soil foundation. Find out how to establish one in this classic publication. Along with providing guidance abou . . . . . more details

Thatch Prevention and Control in Home Lawns > PDF
Nearly every homeowner wants to have a well-maintained lawn. But thatch can build up over the years, degrading a lawn’s beauty. Learn how to prevent its buildup by fertilizing at well-timed intervals, . . . . . more details

Turfgrass Seeding Recommendations for the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Based on data gleaned from Pacific Northwest (PNW) turfgrass variety evaluation trials, this 2010 publication provides recommendations regarding turfgrass blends, mixtures, and rates for PNW homeowner . . . . . more details

Watering Home Lawns and Landscapes > PDF
Wise water use saves homeowners money, enhances property values, and supports a watershed. This publication details the liabilities of incorrect watering and the benefits of proper irrigation by discu . . . . . more details

Watering Home Lawns: How Much and How Often > PDF
Watering a lawn properly is more complicated than most homeowners realize. Avoid underwatering or overwatering your lawn by using a five-step method that takes into account soil texture, water-applica . . . . . more details

Weed Control in Idaho Lawns > HTML
Weeds are opportunistic and readily invade stressed or unhealthy lawns. Many weeds found in Idaho lawns can be prevented and controlled by following some basic management principles, including underst . . . . . more details


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