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Short-Season, High-Altitude Gardening Publications & Resources

Choosing and Growing Adapted Vegetable Varieties > PDF
Recommended vegetable varieties for short-season, high-altitude regions, including cool-season hardy vegetables; cool-season tender vegetables; and tender warm-season vegetables. Authors: S . . . . . more details

Gardening Strategies for Short-Season, High-Altitude Zones > PDF
Part of the short-season, high-elevation gardening series, this publication covers plant selection, plant placement, management of plant growth rate and maturity, season-extending techniques, and wint . . . . . more details

Growing Small-Fruit Crops in Short-Season Gardens > PDF
Choosing hardy and early maturing small-fruit varieties is critical to gardening success as is using proper maintenance techniques. Part of the Short-Season, High-Altitude Gardening series, this pub . . . . . more details

Growing Tomatoes in Cool, Short-Season Locations > PDF
Part of the short-season, high-altitude gardening series, this publication provides tips and strategies for growing tomatoes in harsh climates. Authors: Michael Bauer, Danny L. Barney, Jo . . . . . more details

Growing Tree Fruits in Short-Season Gardens > PDF
Part of the Short-Season, High-Altitude Gardening series, this publication lists adapted varieties of apples, apricots, cherries, pears, and plums and gives critical tips for successfully producing . . . . . more details

Hardy Roses for Harsh Climates > PDF
Do you live in a cold high-elevation Idaho location? Don't worry. You can still have beautiful roses that will thrive. Stephen L. Love has tested dozens of rose varieties bred especially for harsh col . . . . . more details

Herbaceous Ornamentals: Annuals, Perennials, and Ornamental Grasses > PDF
How to obtain, plant, and care for flowers, grasses, and bulbs for the short-season garden. Includes detailed tables listing hardy annuals, perennials, bulbs and grasses suitable for short-season, h . . . . . more details

Introduction to Short-Season Gardening in Idaho > PDF
Part of the short-season, high-elevation gardening series, this publication describes Idaho's three short-season climates (high desert; cool, moist locations typical of the Idaho panhandle; and high-e . . . . . more details

Landscaping with Native Plants > PDF
Information on designing and establishing landscapes using plants that are native to the Intermountain West. Includes lists of trees, shrubs, vines, perennials, and grasses suitable for high desert . . . . . more details

Lawn Care in Short-Season, High-Altitude Zones > PDF
This publication explains how to maintain a healthy lawn in Idaho's short-season, high-altitude areas by selecting suitable grasses and modifying management practices typically used at lower elevati . . . . . more details

Managing Soils in Short-Season, High-Altitude Zones > PDF
Part of the short-season, high-elevation gardening series, this publication describes the three basic soil types in Idaho's short-season, high-elevation gardening zones and offers management guideli . . . . . more details

Selecting, Planting, and Caring for Trees, Shrubs, and Vines > PDF
Detailed tables and descriptions of a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and vines suitable for short-season, high-altitude regions. Also includes information on planting and caring for woody landscape . . . . . more details

Short-Season Vegetable Gardening > PDF
Pacific Northwest gardeners often find the climate too short to grow certain vegetables. Two horticulturists explain how to maximize a gardener's chances for success in the face of the vagaries of . . . . . more details

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