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Insects Publications & Resources

2021 PNW Insect Management Handbook > HTML
A comprehensive guide to insect management in commercial crops and environments and in home landscapes and gardens in the Pacific Northwest. Covers pesticide safety and toxicity, protecting . . . . . more details

Alaska Field Guide to Potato Pests and Beneficial Insects in English and Russian > PDF
This 128-page pocket-sized manual helps potato field workers scout for and identify economically important diseases, insects, and weeds in potato crops in Alaska. Each pest or beneficial insect is ass . . . . . more details
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Barley Thrips Biology and Control > PDF
The barley thrips is a pest in Idaho that has caused economic damage in barley crops. This publication covers the damage, description, distribution and biology of barley thrips as well as treatment in . . . . . more details

Bed Bugs in the Classroom > HTML
What do you do if you find a bed bug in school? This fact sheet for educators and families covers prevention, identification and best practices for treating an infestation. Authors: Dawn H. . . . . . more details

Biology and Management of the Potato Tuberworm in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Since 2000, potato tuberworm, a difficult-to-control insect pest, has been detected in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. This publication describes its distribution, hosts, identifying characters, and bi . . . . . more details

Boxelder Bug: Nuisance Management for Homeowners > PDF
Although not particularly harmful, these insects can be aggravating when they wander indoors to spend the winter. Learn about the insect's seasonal biology, landscape features that increase pest probl . . . . . more details

Cereal Leaf Beetle > PDF
A pest of small grains, the cereal leaf beetle now occurs in 29 Idaho counties. Learn about its host plants, appearance, life cycle, damage, and control recommendations. Five color photographs picture . . . . . more details

Clover Root Curculio in Alfalfa: Identification, Biology, and Management > HTML
This publication helps growers in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington to identify clover root curculio infestations and to design an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for managing clover root curculi . . . . . more details

El control de polillas: Las Bolas de Naftalina y Otros M > PDF
Spanish version of PNW 606: Mothballs: Proper Use and Alternative Controls for Clothes Moths. Authors: David Stone, Tim Stock 2 pages . . . . . más detalles

Encouraging Beneficial Insects in Your Garden > PDF
Discusses how to use beneficial insects for controlling garden pests, including how to protect beneficials, create habitat for them, and buy and release them. Includes drawings of common beneficials a . . . . . more details

Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest Vineyards
To produce high-quality wine and juice grapes, effective pest management is essential. The second edition of Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest Vineyards addresse . . . . . more details

Grasshopper Management in the Pacific Northwest > HTML
Grasshoppers are common plant-feeding insects in the Pacific Northwest but large numbers of them can devastate crops like alfalfa, cereals, corn, potatoes, and grasses. This publication will help you . . . . . more details

Haanchen Barley Mealybug: A New Pest of Barley Emerges in Idaho > PDF
A new pest in at least four varieties of barley, the Haanchen barley mealybug, was found for the first time in southern Idaho's Bingham, Bonneville, Caribou, Jefferson, and Madison counties in 2003. T . . . . . more details

Hobo Spiders in Idaho > HTML
This Idaho Green Thumb How-to fact sheet covers identification and control of hobo spiders, mistakenly referred to as "aggressive house spiders." These spiders can bite, but are no longer thought to b . . . . . more details

Homeowner Guide to Centipedes and Millipedes > HTML
Centipedes and millipedes are many-legged relatives of insects that thrive in damp, dark yard and garden habitats. Sometimes they accidentally wander into homes, creating minor concern as a pest. This . . . . . more details

Homeowner Guide to Pill Bugs and Sow Bugs > HTML
Pill bugs and sow bugs are multilegged insects attracted to moist places. They are relatively harmless though can be nuisances if they accidently wander into your house. Stay ahead of any infiltration . . . . . more details

Homeowner Guide to Scorpions and Their Relatives > PDF
This publication helps you identify scorpions and pseudoscorpions and understand the threats they pose. Full color. Authors: Edward John Bechinski, Dennis J. Schotzko, and Craig R. Baird . . . . . more details

Identification and Habits of Key Ant Pests in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This publication describes the 12 most common ants characterized as structural pests in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. Drawings and descriptions follow an introduction to ants and their general biolog . . . . . more details

Identifying the Corn Blotch Leafminer > PDF
Large populations of corn blotch leafminer, a pest recently discovered in Idaho, can lead to crop losses similar to those caused by hail. This publication describes the pest and its impacts on corn le . . . . . more details

Integrated Pest Management for Ants in Schools > HTML
Ant species are often beneficial in landscape settings. They aerate the soil, distribute seeds and play an important role in recycling organic matter. But the same ant species obtain pest status when . . . . . more details

Integrated Pest Management for Ants in the Classroom > HTML
Ants invading school buildings is a commonly reported pest problem in the Pacific Northwest. Many ant species are remarkably capable of finding food and moisture and highly efficient at harvesting and . . . . . more details

Integrated Pest Management for Bed Bugs in Schools > HTML
While schools are generally inhospitable to bed bugs, it's not uncommon to encounter bed bugs in school settings. Bed bugs sometimes stow away on articles being returned to school or drop off a person . . . . . more details

Integrated Pest Management for the Wheat Head Armyworm Complex in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
The wheat head armyworm complex is comprised of two armyworm species, Dargida diffusa (Walker) and Dargida terrapictalis (Buckett), which caused recent and sporadic damage to cereal . . . . . more details

Invertebrate Pest Management for Pacific Northwest Pastures > PDF
Several species of insects (arthropods and gastropods) live in pastures of the Pacific Northwest, but unfortunately many of them can reduce its productivity. This well-illustrated publication describe . . . . . more details

Large Raspberry Aphid (Amphorophora agathonica) > PDF
Large raspberry aphid, Amphorophora agathonica, is an important pest in red and black raspberries in the Pacific Northwest. It transmits plant viruses that cause decreased cane vigor and frui . . . . . more details

Large Yellow Underwing: A Cutworm Pest in Idaho > HTML
Noctua pronuba (pronounced knock-TOO-ah pro-NEW-bah) is an accidentally introduced cutworm known as the large or greater yellow underwing for its distinctively colored adult moth stage. Learn . . . . . more details

Leafhoppers in the Landscape > HTML
Leafhoppers are small, winged insects that cause damage to trees and shrubs and are a nuisance for homeowners in Idaho. This publication describes the four common species of leafhoppers found in Idaho . . . . . more details

Management of White Pine Weevil in Spruce > PDF
In the West the white pine weevil, Pissodes strobi, almost exclusively attacks spruce rather than pine trees. Of major concern to homeowners, nurseries, and landscape businesses, the weevil c . . . . . more details

Managing Boxelder Bugs Around Your Home > HTML
A common nuisance pest in Idaho, boxelder bugs can become intolerably numerous. Learn their appearance, hosts, and life cycle and ways you can manage them with and without insecticides. Aut . . . . . more details

Managing Elm Seed Bugs around Your Home > HTML
The elm seed bug (Arocatus melanocephalus) in Idaho invades homes in July and August from surrounding landscapes where elm trees grow. Posing no direct threat to plants or people, they can still becom . . . . . more details

Mothballs: Proper Use and Alternative Controls for Clothes Moths > PDF
Learn the right ways to use mothballs-chemical fumgiants-to protect your clothes and your health. Authors: David Stone and Tim Stock 3 pages . . . . . more details

Natural Insecticides > PDF
This publication addresses the common misconceptions associated with products labeled "natural" and "organic," and describes related insecticides intended for home gardening. Categories include biolo . . . . . more details

No Such Thing as a "Murder Hornet": Asian Giant Hornet, an Invasive Species to Monitor > HTML
In 2019, an Asian giant hornet was spotted in Washington State, as well as in British Columbia, Canada. The invasive insect’s siting, given its appetite for honeybees and its kill strategy (which incl . . . . . more details

Organic Management of Flea Beetles > PDF
Flea beetles are common garden pests found throughout the Pacific Northwest. Flea beetle feeding on plants in the Brassicaceae and Solanaceae families can scar foliage and potato tubers, leading to re . . . . . more details

Pantry Pest Guide: Common Insect Culprits in Homes and Kitchens of the Pacific Northwest > PDF
The purpose of this guide is to help residents in the Pacific Northwest to identify common insect pests that occur in pantries and kitchens. This guide is not meant to be all inclusive, but is meant t . . . . . more details

Potato Tuberworm: A Threat for Idaho Potatoes > PDF
Potato tuberworm has damaged potato crops in Oregon and could threaten Idaho potatoes. This publication describes the pest, its life cycle, and the damage it causes and goes into ways to manage the pe . . . . . more details

Red Firebug—A New Idaho Invader? > HTML
The red firebug, Pyrrhocoris apterus (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae), is an introduced and invasive true bug with a vividly colored red and black body. Since its introduction and establishment, . . . . . more details

Sugar Beet Root Aphids: Identification, Biology, and Management > HTML
Sugar beet root aphids are well named because they are a common pest of the popular vegetable. They attack the roots, in severe cases reducing tonnage and sucrose levels by more than 30%. Yet few inse . . . . . more details

Sugar Beet Root Maggot: Identification, Biology, and Management > HTML
The sugarbeet root maggot is a serious pest in southern Idaho. Learn how to manage this harmful insect by designing an integrated pest management (IPM) program. The IPM approach combines cultural cont . . . . . more details

Tuxedo Bug: A New Home-Invading Insect in Idaho > PDF
The tuxedo bug has become a significant nuisance pest insect in some areas of Idaho. Although harmless, their massive numbers, particularly during the fall, makes them an intolerable pest for homeowne . . . . . more details

Twospotted Spider Mite on Sugar Beet: Importance, Identification and Management > HTML
Since 2012, sugar beet production in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington has seen a significant increase in twospotted spider mites (TSSM) populations. This publication outlines the symptoms of a TSSM pest . . . . . more details

Using Entomopathogenic Nematodes for Crop Insect Pest Control > PDF
Nematodes (nonsegmented, elongated, and colorless roundworms) can be beneficial or harmful to crops and other plants. The former (entomopathogenic nematodes) attack soilborne insect pests but are not . . . . . more details

Wasp and Hornet Control > HTML
If you’re interested in learning how to recognize Idaho's stinging yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets, and paper wasps, check out this helpful Idaho Green Thumb How-To. You’ll also glean a brief review . . . . . more details

Western Corn Rootworm in Eastern Oregon, Idaho, and Eastern Washington > PDF
Western corn rootworm (xDiabrotica virgifera virgifera) is a notorious corn pest for much of the continental United States. Although it isn’t as abundant in the Pacific Northwest, isolated in . . . . . more details

Wireworm Biology and Nonchemical Management in Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Wireworms are among the most destructive soil insect pests, particularly of potatoes, corn, cereals, and carrots. Worse, their numbers are resurging in the Pacific Northwest and Montana. This full-col . . . . . more details

Wireworms in Idaho Cereals: Monitoring and Identification > PDF
Wireworms are among the most destructive soil insect pests, particularly of potatoes, corn, cereals, and carrots. Worse, their numbers are resurging in the Pacific Northwest and Montana. This publicat . . . . . more details


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