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Plant Diseases Publications & Resources

2021 PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook > HTML
A comprehensive guide to plant disease management in the Pacific Northwest. Includes materials and tactics suitable for organic production and homeowner use as well as for commercial produc . . . . . more details

Alaska Field Guide to Potato Pests and Beneficial Insects in English and Russian > PDF
This 128-page pocket-sized manual helps potato field workers scout for and identify economically important diseases, insects, and weeds in potato crops in Alaska. Each pest or beneficial insect is ass . . . . . more details
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Apple Scab > PDF
Particularly troublesome where rainfall and relative humidity are high, and under overtree irrigation, apple scab can defoliate trees and blemish fruit to a point where it is unmarketable. Learn the s . . . . . more details

Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus in Idaho Cereal Crops > PDF
Describes the symptoms, method of spread, and control measures for barley yellow dwarf, a viral disease spread by aphids. Color photos. Authors: Juliet M. Marshall and Arash Rashed . . . . . more details

Beware Signs of White Rot in Garlic and Other Allium Crops > HTML
White rot is a very serious disease of garlic and onion. This three-page Green Thumb publication will help you to identify the disease and prepare a defense against its growth in your garden, includin . . . . . more details

Blossom-End Rot in Tomatoes > HTML
Any gardener gets discouraged when they see a dark, leathery patch develop on the bottom end of their vine-ripened tomatoes. The blemish indicates blossom-end rot, a calcium-deficiency disorder that o . . . . . more details

Cleaning and Disinfecting Potato Equipment and Storage Facilities > PDF
One important step in preventing the spread of potato diseases from field to field is the careful cleaning of equipment used in potato fields and by the effective cleaning of storage facilities before . . . . . more details

Controlling Ascochyta Blight of Chickpea > PDF
This publication covers the background of the fungal blight and information on how to sustain profitable chickpea production. Topics covered include rotating crops, choosing crop varieties, using cert . . . . . more details

Controlling Iron Deficiency in Plants in Idaho > PDF
One of the most common problems for Idaho growers, landscapers, and home gardeners is plant iron deficiency, or chlorosis. Leaves turn yellow while the veins remain green. This publication describes m . . . . . more details

Controlling Root and Crown Diseases of Small Grain Cereals > PDF
This publication describes practices to manage and minimize losses from root and crown diseases of wheat and barley throughout the Pacific Northwest. Authors: Richard Smiley, Timothy Paulit . . . . . more details

Corn Smuts > PDF
Two types of smut attack corn in the Pacific Northwest: common smut and head smut. This publication provides descriptions of symptoms and the disease cycle, and management strategies (which differ con . . . . . more details

Diagnosis and Management of Potato Storage Diseases > PDF
Learn how to identify the major storage diseases of potatoes and how to manage them through prevention, storage disinfection, and management of temperature, humidity and airflow during storage. Contai . . . . . more details

Early Blight Biology and Control in Potatoes > PDF
With a focus on Idaho conditions, this publication describes the symptoms and disease cycle of early blight in potatoes and recommends control measures including cultural control, resistant cultivars, . . . . . more details

Field Guide for Diagnosing Common Wheat Maladies of the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This field guide provides an overview of basic plant pathology concepts that are relevant to disease identification in wheat. It introduces tools to help distinguish between biotic and abiotic injurie . . . . . more details

Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest Vineyards
To produce high-quality wine and juice grapes, effective pest management is essential. The second edition of Field Guide for Integrated Pest Management in Pacific Northwest Vineyards addresse . . . . . more details

Karnal Bunt > PDF
Karnal bunt, or partial bunt, is a fungal disease of wheat, durum wheat, rye, and triticale. This publication includes information on the history, impact, symptoms, disease cycle, and control of karna . . . . . more details

Management of Corky Ringspot Disease of Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This 6-page publication covers symptoms, causes, and spread of corky ringspot disease; testing your soil for stubby-root nematodes, which carry the disease; options for controlling the disease; and ti . . . . . more details

Management of White Mold of Beans > PDF
Describes the symptoms, disease cycle, and management of white mold in beans, including prelanting considerations, cultural control, and chemical control. Full-color photographs picture white mold as . . . . . more details

Managing Late Blight on Irrigated Potatoes in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Discusses symptoms of late blight and biology of the late blight organism. Integrated pest management strategies cover between-season management, current-season management, and harvest and storage . . . . . more details

Pink Root Disease of Onion — Biology and Control > HTML
Pink root is one of the most significant diseases of onion in the Treasure Valley of Idaho and Oregon. Nearly one-quarter of susceptible onion losses are due to it. Learn what the symptoms are, what c . . . . . more details

Portable Test Kits for Diagnosing Potato Diseases > HTML
University of Idaho scientists evaluated commercially available portable test kits for diagnosing potato diseases, finding them generally accurate and easy to use. This publication discusses the impor . . . . . more details

Potato Psyllid Vector of Zebra Chip Disease in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
This publication addresses the emergent issue in the PNW of a potato infection called zebra chip disease, vectored by the potato psyllid. Includes information on the bacterium, the biology of the vect . . . . . more details

Potato Seed Certification and Selection in Idaho > HTML
The selection of high-quality seed potatoes is essential to produce a profitable commercial potato crop. This publication explains the steps you need to take do to get your seed potato certified, as w . . . . . more details

Powdery Mildew on Sugar Beet: Importance, Identification, and Control > PDF
Powdery mildew on sugar beets can be particularly severe in arid climates, causing sugar yield losses of up to 35%. This publication describes the pathogen, its symptoms, disease cycle and epidemiolog . . . . . more details

Quick Facts — Idaho Beans > HTML
This two-page fact sheet offers recommendations for growing dry beans in southern Idaho, with pointers on soil sampling and testing, fertilization, irrigation, and insect, weed and disease control. It . . . . . more details

Rhizoctonia on Sugar Beet: Importance, Identification, and Control in the Northwest > PDF
In the 2000s, the incidence of root rot, which causes major sugar beet damage, increased in Idaho’s Magic Valley. Learn about the different kinds that exist and which ones to look out for in the Pacif . . . . . more details

Rhizoctonia Stem Canker and Black Scurf of Potato > HTML
Various types of rhizoctonia stem canker and black scurf affect Idaho potatoes, often because farmers rotate sugar beet and tubers. Learn about their symptoms and disease cycle, as well as the best cu . . . . . more details

Rhizomania on Sugar Beet: Importance, Identification, Control > PDF
First detected in Idaho in 1992 near Rupert, rhizomania is the most serious disease that afflicts sugar beets worldwide. This five-page publication will help you to detect and deal with the disease, i . . . . . more details

Silver Scurf Management in Potatoes > PDF
Silver scurf, a fungal disease that causes blemishes that make potatoes appear “dirty,” has plagued North American potato production for the past thirty years. Its unsightly appearance dis . . . . . more details

Slime Flux of Trees > HTML
If not caught early, slime flux (bacterial wetwood) create unsightly stains on and disagreeable odors around a number of Idaho trees, typically cottonwood, willow, and elm. Worse, it can also kill tre . . . . . more details

Superficial Growth on Potatoes > HTML
In some circumstances, nonpathogenic fungi and bacteria grow on the surface of a potato. This publication describes its growth, explains the factors that promote it, and provides some management pract . . . . . more details

Wheat streak mosaic virus Management in Idaho Cereals > HTML
Wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV) is a serious disease that damages wheat production in Idaho. Transmitted by the wheat curl mite, WSMV infects winter and spring wheat and can also infect barl . . . . . more details

White Mold of Potatoes > PDF
With a focus on Idaho conditions, this publication describes the symptoms and disease cycle of white mold in potatoes and recommends cultural, biological (with Conithirium minitans), and chem . . . . . more details

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