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Dairy Cattle Publications & Resources

A Community-based Response to Flooding, Jay Gordon (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
After recent frequent and severe flooding events, dairy farmer Jay Gordon has been working with others in his community to develop a strategy for lessening the impacts of future flooding in their wate . . . . . more details

Anaerobic Digestion Basics > HTML
Anaerobic digestion offers the dairy and food-processing industries a way to address environmental concerns associated with waste, generate renewable energy, cut bedding-material costs, reduce pathoge . . . . . more details

Biofilters in Animal Agriculture > HTML
Biofilters can reduce odor emissions from concentrated livestock facilities. This publication discusses what they are and how they work, describes different types, and discusses important factors affe . . . . . more details

Dairy Ammonia Control Practices > PDF
"Rules for the Control of Ammonia from Dairy Farms," established by the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality in 2006, requires Idaho dairy farms that may emit more than 100 tons of ammonia per ye . . . . . more details

Dairy Compost Production and Use in Idaho: On-Farm Composting Management > PDF
This publication describes composting management practices starting from compost material preparation and ending with the evaluation of the finished product. Authors: Lide Chen and Mario de . . . . . more details

Dairy Compost Production and Use in Idaho: The Composting Process > PDF
This publication explains what composting is, how it occurs, and how various factors affect it. First in a series on composting dairy wastes in Idaho and using dairy compost on the farm. Au . . . . . more details

Dairy Manure Field Applications: How Much is Too Much? > PDF
Dairy manure can increase crop yields and improve soil. However, manure can also cause an excess of certain nutrients, which can damage waterways and crops. This publication presents background inform . . . . . more details

Dehorn Calves with Paste/Descornar Terneras con Pasta > PDF
Of the various methods for dehorning calves that will live in confined areas, dehorning with paste is easy, effective, economical, and low stress to the animals. This illustrated sheet covers the main . . . . . más detalles

Design and Construction of Earthen Embankments for Animal Liquid-Waste Containment > PDF
Properly designed earthen embankment facilities for animal liquid-waste containment will have adequate storage capacity and be constructed to ensure minimal seepage from the sides and bottom of the la . . . . . more details

Double-Cropped Winter Forages > PDF
Double cropping winter forages with corn silage increases total forage available to livestock operations while also removing more phosphorus from the soil. This 13-page bulletin with 14 figures helps . . . . . more details

Ensiling Pressed Beet Pulp > PDF
Ensiling pressed beet pulp for dairy feed is a relatively new practice in the U.S. This publication summarizes storage alternatives, guidelines for ensiling pressed beet pulp, and tips for evaluatin . . . . . more details

Estimating Long-Term Idaho Hay Prices Using Multiple Data Sources > HTML
The dairy industry can substantially affect markets for other agricultural commodities, particularly those like alfalfa hay, which is used in dairy feed. In other words, hay and milk prices move toget . . . . . more details

Estimating the Efficiency and Cost of an On-Farm Centrifuge Separator > HTML
Cows generate huge amounts of manure annually on Idaho farms, organic waste that demands effective management. Centrifuges offer a more efficient system, though many state producers rely on others, li . . . . . more details

Getting the Most Feed Nutrient for the Dollar > PDF
This publication describes a process livestock producers should use to determine the value of a feed that will provide energy or protein to balance a forage-based ration. Authors: Glenn She . . . . . more details

Idaho Environmental/Nutrient Management Program (E/NMP) Basics > HTML
Nutrient management is not a game. It verifies the health of your livestock operation and thus requires a documented plan (called an Environmental/Nutrient Management Program), assembled by a certifie . . . . . more details

Livestock Care for Beginning and Small-Scale Producers > HTML
Owning and caring for livestock involves a lot of responsibility and exposes producers to a steep (and fast) learning curve, especially for those just starting out and/or who run small-scale enterpris . . . . . more details

Manure and Wastewater Sampling > PDF
A review of samples from 42 dairies in Idaho showed that nitrogen (N) and phosphorous (P) in wastewater lagoons vary greatly between farms and from year to year. So manure should be tested as close to . . . . . more details

Mitigating High-Phosphorus Soils > PDF
According to Idaho law, livestock operators must make sure their operations are not dumping excess phosphorus into the soil, which could then contaminate surface water or groundwater. This publicati . . . . . more details

Odor Control Practices for Northwest Dairies > PDF
Large confined dairy cow feeding operations have increased recently in the Pacific Northwest. They produce huge quantities of manure, odors from which can bring conflicts with neighbors. This 23-pag . . . . . more details

Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest > PDF

The comprehensive resource for anyone who manages livestock on pastures in the Northwest, this 214- page book offers pasture managers information and tools to enable their past . . . . . more details


Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 1 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series addresses thi . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 3 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series offers tools . . . . . more details

Risk Assessment and Decision-Making Guidelines for Dairy Risk Management: Part 2 > PDF
Dairy farmers, particularly those who run small- and middle-sized enterprises, face significant economic challenges. Financial guidance is more critical than ever. This three-part series offers tools . . . . . more details

Sampling Agricultural Odors > PDF
Agricultural odors can be quite problematic for livestock producers, particularly when the neighbors begin to complain. Monitoring these unpleasant smells can help producers to gauge their severity an . . . . . more details

Sampling Dairy Manure and Compost for Nutrient Analysis > PDF
Testing the nutrient content of dairy manure or compost reveals nutrient value and determines the application rate, but it must be done correctly. This six-page guide shows you how to conduct a proper . . . . . more details

Should Producers Test Solid Dairy Manure and Dairy Manure Compost Before Land Application? > HTML
Idaho’s dairy industry generates substantial amounts of manure each year. Consequently, the state is a prolific producer of natural and nutrient-rich fertilizer. University of Idaho researchers take a . . . . . more details

Spring Annual Forage Hay Production in North-Central Idaho > HTML
Cattle producers in north-central Idaho need quality feed for their herds. But to satisfy that need, you need to do your homework. This publication helps growers and cattlemen understand how to use nu . . . . . more details

The Role of Agricultural Processing in Idaho’s Economy: Status and Potential > PDF
Idaho food manufacturing accounts directly for 16,000 Idaho jobs (2% of the total), $8.5 billion in sales (7.3% of the total), and $1.2 billion of Idaho's gross state product (2% of GSP). T . . . . . more details

The Veterinary Feed Directive: The Why, What, and How Guide for Livestock Producers > HTML
Since 1996, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken regulatory action via the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) to ensure that drugs used to treat bacterial diseases in all food-producing anima . . . . . more details

What Are Your Forages Worth? > PDF
Because it improves milk production and the overall health of livestock, feeding quality forages raises the productivity of livestock operations. This timely publication helps you to calculate the cos . . . . . more details

Worksheet for Calculating Biosolids Application Rates in Agriculture > PDF
Biosolids are a byproduct of municipal wastewater treatment. Raw sewage solids must be processed to meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards before they can be called biosolids. This worksh . . . . . more details


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