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Conservation Publications & Resources

Bio-swales for Natural Stormwater Treatment > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from roads, parking lots, and other impervious surfaces in urbanized areas. Bioinfiltration swales offer a natural stormwater treatment solution in many are . . . . . more details

Conservation Tillage in a Winter Wheat - Fallow System, Ron Jirava (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
Ron Jirava's approach to conservation tillage helps his farm to remain economically viable. Learn more in this farmer-to-farmer case study. Authors: Georgine Yorgey, Kristy Borrelli, Kathle . . . . . more details

Enhancing Crop Diversity: Steve and Becky Camp (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
Steve and Becky Camp farm near LaCrosse, Washington, in an area receiving about 12-14 inches of annual precipitation. In this publication, the Camps discuss their strategy for diversifying and intensi . . . . . more details

Flex Cropping: Bill Jepson (Farmer to Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
Bill Jepson farms in northeastern Oregon, in an area receiving 12 inches or less of annual precipitation. In this publication, Bill Jepson discusses his operation's strategy for flex cropping to make . . . . . more details

From Weeds to Flowers: Creating Sustainable Wildflower Meadows in Arid Climates > HTML
Wildflower meadows have the potential to benefit homeowners, public land managers, and commercial property caretakers in numerous ways. They can beautify landscapes, simplify maintenance, strengthen s . . . . . more details

Grazing management that achieves multiple-use goals, Russ Stingley (Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study series) > PDF
This publication is part of the Rancher-to-Rancher Case Study Series: Increasing resilience among ranchers in the Pacific Northwest. Authors: Tipton D. Hudson, Sonia A. Hall, J. Shannon Nei . . . . . more details

Highway Districts Protecting Clean Water > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from roads, including tire wear dust, drips of oil and other fluids, and plastic trash that’s tossed aside. But Idaho's Kootenai County regional highway dis . . . . . more details

Introduction to Clean Water Video Series > Video
Want to learn about how you can protect clean water in our lakes, streams and aquifers? This University of Idaho Extension video introduces ways to protect clean water and includes information on ripa . . . . . more details

Northern Idaho Fertilizer Guide: Grass Seedings for Conservation Programs > PDF
This publication offers fertilizer guidelines based on relationships between soil tests and yield responses. The fertilizer rates suggested are based on research results and are designed to produce . . . . . more details

Performance of Forage and Conservation Grasses in Northern Idaho > PDF
This publication summarizes the methods and results of two University of Idaho multi-year grass studies that aimed to evaluate the productivity of various perennial, cool-season grasses for commerci . . . . . more details

Performance of Hard Red Winter Wheat in Late-Planted Fallow > PDF
This publication describes results of field research on the performance of hard red winter wheat cultivars in a late-planted fallow system in the low-precipitation zone of Oregon and Washington. . . . . . more details

Phosphorus Fertilization of Late-Planted Winter Wheat in No-Till Fallow > PDF
This publication describes results of applied research on phosphorus fertilization of late-planted winter wheat in no-till fallow in the low-precipitation zone of Oregon and Washington. Aut . . . . . more details

Planning and Implementing Cross-boundary, Landscape-scale Restoration and Wildfire Risk Reduction Projects > PDF
This guide describes the process the Klamath-Lake Forest Partnership (KLFHP) has used to plan and implement cross-boundary restoration projects to achieve improved forest health conditions on large la . . . . . more details

Potato Irrigation Management > PDF
Efficient irrigation management can increase marketable yield while reducing production costs by conserving water, energy, and nitrogen fertilizer and while reducing potential groundwater contaminat . . . . . more details

Protecting Streams and Lakes in Idaho: A Landowner's Guide > PDF
“Riparian” lands along the edges of lakes and rivers are home to many plants that, together, act as a buffer and first line of defense to protect local waterways and lakes. This brochure-style guide d . . . . . more details
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Riparian Vegetated Buffers Protect Land and Streams > Video
The best and cheapest way to protect your land from eroding away and protect clean water and fish habitat is to maintain streamside and lakeshore vegetation. This University of Idaho Extension video e . . . . . more details

Russian Thistle: Management in a Wheat-Fallow Crop Rotation > PDF
Russian thistle is the most economically important summer-annual broadleaf weed found in the low-precipitation zone of the inland Pacific Northwest. This weed causes serious management problems in whe . . . . . more details

Seven Popular Myths about Livestock Grazing on Public Lands, 2d edition > PDF
Provides factual, well-documented information on the harvest of livestock forage on western public lands. Its objective is to aid and promote decision-making based on facts, dispelling seven popular m . . . . . more details

Strip-tillage for Onions and Sweet Corn, Lorin Grigg (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
Lorin Grigg grows onions and sweet corn under sprinkler irrigation in Quincy, Washington. In this publication, Grigg discusses his strategy for cover cropping to protect seedlings from windblown sand . . . . . more details

Strip-tilled and Direct-seeded Vegetables Integrated with Cattle Grazing, Eric Williamson (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
Eric Williamson integrates direct seeding, strip tillage, and raising cattle into his farm near George, WA: learn more in this farmer-to-farmer case study. Authors: Georgine Yorgey, Kristy . . . . . more details

The Care and Maintenance of Wood Shingle and Shake Roofs > PDF
Wood shingles and shakes can provide years of service if properly installed and maintained. Learn what kinds of wood make the best roofing material; how to protect against fungus, moss and lichen; and . . . . . more details

Trees for Southwestern Idaho Landscapes: Selection and Irrigation > HTML
To paraphrase a Chinese proverb, it’s always a good time to plant a tree, but the dry southwestern Idaho climate might give you second thoughts. This bulletin will restore hope. Learn how to choose th . . . . . more details

Urban Farming For Healthy Water > Video
Community-based agriculture and home rain gardens can help protect water with soil conservation and wise water use. In this University of Idaho Extension video, the Gathering Garden stands as a highli . . . . . more details

Urban Forests and Protecting Lakes and Streams > Video
Urban Forests have a large positive impact on stormwater pollution and volume. In this University of Idaho Extension video, we will explore how cities' street trees can absorb pollution and slow down . . . . . more details

Urban Greenspaces for Clean Water > Video
Stormwater runoff carries lots of pollution from parking lots and other impervious surfaces in urbanized areas. Greenspaces offer an opportunity to filter and treat stormwater through natural processe . . . . . more details

Wastewater Treatment Plants Removing Phosphorous > Video
Small increases in phosphorous, a plant nutrient, can start big changes in aquatic nuisance plant life. This University of Idaho Extension video explains how phosphorous removal by wastewater treatmen . . . . . more details

Watering Home Lawns and Landscapes > PDF
Wise water use saves homeowners money, enhances property values, and supports a watershed. This publication details the liabilities of incorrect watering and the benefits of proper irrigation by discu . . . . . more details

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