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Irrigation Publications & Resources

Center Pivot Irrigation for Corn: Water Management and System Design Considerations in Southern Idaho > PDF
This bulletin describes the water requirements of the corn crop and explains how to manage a center pivot irrigation system to deliver enough water to the crop at the right times. It focuses on three . . . . . more details

Deficit Irrigation of a Diverse Irrigated Rotation: Jake Madison (Farmer-to-Farmer Case Study Series) > PDF
In our Farmer-to-Farmer Cast Study Series, explore innovative approaches that regional farmers are using to increase their resilience in the face of a changing climate. In this case study, . . . . . more details

Estimating Water Requirements of Hard Red Spring Wheat for Final Irrigations > PDF
This publication teaches how to use the soil "feel and appearance method" and information on crop stage and soil type to determine whether and how much to irrigate. Authors: Roger Ashley, L . . . . . more details

Evaluating LESA Irrigation Systems in Potato Production in Southern and Eastern Idaho > PDF
Low-elevation spray application (LESA) is an irrigation modification that places nozzles 1–2 ft aboveground. The lower nozzle height in LESA enables water droplets to spend less time in the air, which . . . . . more details

Irrigation Scheduling Using Water-Use Tables > PDF
Poor irrigation management can reduce crop yields, degrade crop quality, foster disease, and increase pumping costs. This publication has information on using water-use tables to irrigate crops prop . . . . . more details

Irrigation Systems for Idaho Agriculture > PDF
Discusses and compares agricultural irrigation systems: surface systems, sprinkler systems, and micro- irrigation and drip irrigation systems. Author: Howard Neibling 8 pages . . . . . more details

Irrigation Uniformity > PDF
Irrigation uniformity, or how evenly an irrigation system distributes water over a field, can have major effects on yield, quality, and gross receipts. This publication describes how to manage diffe . . . . . more details

Managing Irrigation Water Quality for Crop Production in the Pacific Northwest > PDF
Learn how to use water analyses to choose appropriate water treatment and water management practices in irrigated agriculture. The publication covers kinds of tests, sample collection, interpretation . . . . . more details

Potato Irrigation Management > PDF
Efficient irrigation management can increase marketable yield while reducing production costs by conserving water, energy, and nitrogen fertilizer and while reducing potential groundwater contaminat . . . . . more details

Scheduling Irrigation with a Pressure Chamber (Part 1) > Video
How to use a pressure chamber as a tool to help you schedule irrigation in wine grape vineyards. The two most important questions you need to answer for irrigation scheduling are “How much?” and “When . . . . . more details

Scheduling Irrigation with a Pressure Chamber (Part 2) > Video
Step by step instruction on how to use a pressure chamber as a tool to help you schedule irrigation in wine grape vineyards. Dr. Alexander Levin walks through the steps of using a pressure chamber to . . . . . more details

Scheduling the Final Irrigation for Wheat and Barley > PDF
Optimum irrigation management during grain formation sustains agronomic and economic productivity while reducing the water applied and the risk of water related diseases. The purpose of this bulletin . . . . . more details

Spatial Variability Considerations in Interpreting Soil Moisture Measurements for Irrigation > PDF
Detailed examination of the effects varying soil types have on irrigation practices and how to determine the appropriate volume of irrigation for those soil types. Authors: Bradley A. Kin . . . . . more details

Sugarbeet Irrigation Management Using Watermark Moisture Sensors > PDF
Explains how to install soil moisture sensors and use them to schedule irrigations more efficiently. Growers who have used them have reduced water use and sometimes improved yields. Color photos. . . . . . more details


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